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  • Bill, I have so much admiration for you and Glenn because of your passion and the high standards you set.

    My question is about the value of running a primary opponent against Obama to get more visibility for the issues we will discuss tonight and call Obama to account where he has gone far astray from his rhetoric and campaign promises. By not having an opponent, the Republicans with all their fraud, propaganda and considerable framing skills will get all the attention. The real criticism that Obama needs to receive that has been so well laid out by Glenn, Jane and others will further recede into the noisy background.

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    There have been plenty of statements official and sourced by government officials that clearly indicate that we will be in Afghanistan for at least ten more years. Gen Petraeus wants his counter insurgency “genius” to be be proven and that would fail if we pull out sooner. The War Machine spokesman are already saying that [...]

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    Has there been local coverage on this? If there is, and there sure should be, someone could start a website titled “Dickish Alert”. In fact that would be a good name for a national site for who can be the Biggest Dick of the Day. Hard to believe how many prime candidates show up every [...]

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    I bet if Obama’s mom were still alive, she would have given exactly the same wise advice as your mom. Unfortunately, he probably wouldn’t have listened to her because his driving priority is to do whatever is necessary to get reelected. Unlike your mother, he won’t draw any lines in the sand and stand on [...]

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    It’s the right subject and even more pertinent because no one wants to talk about it in the M$M or life. Brutality on this scale in or out of war is hard to comprehend for people with compassion and empathy. I can’t envision how power can be so desired that anything goes and something this [...]

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    Time magazine is reporting on a resolution today that doesn’t sound that likely, but it also talks about a meeting in Oman last week between American and Pakistani military officers: Raymond Davis Case Tests U.S.-Pakistan Intelligence Ties “If the deal comes together, the Pakistanis would hand over Davis to the United States. The U.S. government [...]

  • Rethink Afghanistan wants Lt. General Caldwell to resign or be fired and has a petition seeking signatures which if they get 10,000 will be sent to the WH and Congress.

  • Ooop, correction. Bates is the Executive Editor of Rolling Stone. As all of you probably already know, Michael Hastings wrote the article.

  • Here was the interview with Bates on Morning Joe

  • Another important post Jim that hopefully will require more followup posts from you and others. How much coverage the M$M gives to this and the reaction from Congress will be key to how significant it becomes. In a morning MSNBC News interview with Sen. Reed from Rhode Island, this Dem was too busy protecting himself [...]

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    Maybe a good sign but peanuts compared to the other cuts that need to be made. Take just one, updating our nuclear arsenal which will cost between $200-300B and which the Air Force and Navy are pressing hard on. I thought Ronny told us the Cold War was finished. We’re doing this without any real [...]

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    Thanks ondelette for continuing to keep us informed on Dr. Saddiqui even though it tears my heart out every time you tell us about her. I also scream at Obama since he became president as loud as I did at Dubya because our Democratic president who looks forward and not back, could care less about [...]

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    I agree about the need for a movie. If a screen writer not knowing anything about this real tragedy came up with a script that had all of the horrific truth in it but it was of course total fiction, I doubt he could find anyone to fund or produce it because of being so [...]

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    While I don’t disagree with your criticism of NYT, the coverage would have been very different if we had a president like FDR instead of Wimp Obama. Rachel Maddow last night showed the comparison and it wasn’t pretty:

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    Great evaluation and critique of our M$M. I have a really bad cold and it didn’t help my voice any to have to keep yelling at Kroft. The sad thing is Kroft really believes he did his homework and was acting as a devil’s advocate instead of acting as an advocate for the first amendment, [...]

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    I don’t have time to read all the comments, but knowing the quality of FDL commenters no doubt with 104 comments I won’t say anything new. I deeply thank you for speaking for all the great men and women who made America what it is at its core. Unfortunately, the men in suits are destroying [...]

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    This should be sent to Rep. Elijah Cummings and he should jump all over this before the first committee meeting takes place and then his first comment every time he takes his turn to speak should be framing how Issa is in bed with the corporate lobbyists and could care less about the Middle Class they are working to eliminate. “It’s not Obama and the Dems who are corrupt, it’s Issa and he buddies who are sleeping with the corrupt CEOs.”

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    I don’t support what Issa is doing in any way. However, I don’t see him as “not very bright” or “stupid”. From what I have seen on c-span, he is quite intelligent. He just uses that intelligence in ways to fill his narcissistic needs and selfish agenda. I doubt that he believes hardly anything he [...]

  • I will always remember what a Pakistani American said to me at a protest event, “The number one thing you have to understand about my country is the corrupt military that runs everything. They are our biggest problem and obstacle to making things better. Until something is done about that, you can forget about any [...]

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    Thanks for alerting us to that ondelette. It’s a crazy world when no one with nukes wants to use them, there is no military threat from any nation, including Iran if they ever obtained the capability, that has any intention to initiate an attack and yet no one will say let’s get rid of all [...]

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