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  • Asking who these people serve is asking the wrong question: they’re not interested in serving anyone. This is, I think, more of what we’ve come to expect from too many politicians, most of whom seem to be Republicans: pandering to the worst in their constituents in order to maintain their own power. A society in which people are free to live their lives as they choose, free to examine new ideas, free to exercise their rights (within those limits necessary to maintain order), is not something they see as contributing to their own continued well-being.

    They’re also really big on punishment.

  • First, don’t think they care about the money: it’s not coming out of their pockets, and if by some odd chance their constituents actually demand an accounting, well, “We’re required to defend the law.” (Which is not true. They’re just grandstanding for the base.)

    Second, they’re relying on all the district court judges to be as credulous and lazy as Antonin Scalia. It’s the kind of thinking they’re used to: don’t ask questions, and don’t fact-check us, just do as you’re told.

    And being well on the way to fossilization, they don’t react very quickly when things don’t meet their expectations — witness the fact that they keep trotting out the same arguments and keep getting shot down. (Of course, the problem on that score is that they don’t have any decent arguments in the first place.)

    Until they start losing on election day, they’re not going to change their tactics. And even then, it’s going to take them a while to figure it out.

  • Just another self-styled “Christian” with his head stuck up his Leviticus. He should try reading the Gospels.

    I don’t think he has anywhere near the influence that his father had, for which we can be grateful.

  • I’d be a little stronger in my conclusion: It’s not that FRC doesn’t care about the safety of students; FRC wants LGBT students to be bullied and harassed. It’s my own feeling that Dan Savage was too easy on Tony Perkins — it’s not just that Perkins goes to his office and sits on a pile of dead queer kids, it’s that he enjoys it because it makes him feel powerful.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but FRC is one of the most vile organizations out there in my opinion.

  • Unfortunately, Franken is the exception rather than the rule. I wish more senators and representatives would bother to learn something about the subject before they held hearings.

    Distorting scientific research — or fabricating “studies” that support their positions — is a necessity for the anti-gay right, since there’s nothing in real science — or the real world — that supports their position.

    And don’t forget that they also cite irrelevant studies — the “children do best” meme used against same-sex parents is actually founded on studies comparing children of stable straight couples with children of single parents — knowing full well that most people are not going to check them out.

  • Let’s use what we have been given to educate and to break the connection between religion and homophobia.

    Well, given that the basis of most, if not all homophobia is religion, that’s going to be hard. I think what you mean is to call out the cafeteria Christians with their heads stuck up their Leviticus as frauds.

  • It’s not that the media pays attention to Starnes — he is the media. His job is to stoke the paranoid far right’s persecution complex, and that’s what he does. And since he’s as lacking in originality as any of his peers, he uses gay civil rights as the threat, because every right winger knows that civil rights are a zero-sum game: if gays get equal rights, then someone has to lose something. And like the rest of the “Christians” who get air time, he’s a liar. I think the rationale there is that it’s in the service of a Higher Truth (TM), so it’s not really lying — it’s just a weapon in the ongoing war against the Devil and his minions, which is everyone who’s not just like them.

    And I doubt that Starnes is as ignorant as we would like to believe — but his audience is, and that’s what he’s banking on (literally). Since they have no clue as to what the legal framework is in this country and the attention span of drunken gnats, he can get away with claiming that the government is going to outlaw the Bible in the same breath as claiming that the First Amendment guarantees their right to discriminate against whoever they want, because Jesus.

    Take him as an example of what the “Christian” right is — and perhaps not that extreme an example, when you consider the likes of Linda Harvey or Janet Mefferd, or even Bryan Fischer. He just serves to crystallize and publicize the mantras that the others have been throwing around on Radio for the Righteous, or whatever they call their hermetically sealed networks.

  • Word for word what I was going to say.

  • I really think that we need to start referring to Ssempa as “Pastor Poo-Poo.” Always. Or, alternatively, Martin “Poo-Poo” Ssempa.

    And what a surprise to learn that he’s just a venal and corrupt as it’s possible to be.

  • Peter LaBarbera has a long history of sniffing around under rocks and licking what he finds there.

    As for Hampton, he’s a tool, and it looks like he’s a willing tool. Sorry he’s had a crappy life, but that’s where my sympathy ends — he’s just as vicious and dishonest as LaBarbera.

  • I think the impact is much broader — as much as the professional gay-bashers rail against “Hollywood elites,” people do pay attention to them (more people than pay attention to the gay-bashers — sour grapes, maybe?). To have this performance by this group highlighting a major awards ceremony, including the weddings, is huge. It says to everyone that in fact we are celebrating “One Love.”

  • “He comes across as self-righteous, ignorant, and highly deluded,”

    You forgot self-absorbed, arrogant, dictatorial. . . .

  • The point is, the federal judiciary is not supposed to be under anyone’s control — that’s why federal judges are appointed for life.

    Brown obviously needs to take a course in Remedial Civics — again.

  • The circular logic hurts the head. The nice person before you said:

    Tony Perkins is not only a liar and a bully, but a coward

    Does that make him those things?

    The difference is that I can back up my statement with evidence. And I don’t even have to magnify it or distort it.

  • I believe the technical term is “whistling past the graveyard.”

    So, Tony Perkins is not only a liar and a bully, but a coward as well. Why am I not surprised?

  • Before you decide to pity LaBarbera, read these comments:

    The man is pretty vicious.

  • Hunter commented on the blog post The ugly collusion between ‘religious faith’ and bigotry

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    The two camps are even more basic: “Us” and “Them.” Even among the proselytizing religions — Christianity, Islam, Buddhism — converts become “Us” and half the time turn around and start hating “Them.”

  • Hunter commented on the blog post The ugly collusion between ‘religious faith’ and bigotry

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    And another thought: no moral grounding, but a great deal of arrogance and self-absorption.

  • Hunter commented on the blog post The ugly collusion between ‘religious faith’ and bigotry

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    My response has always been: “So your religion gives you permission to be a bigot. You know what that means? You’re still a bigot.”

    And it occurs to me that those who practice this particular kind of deception have no real moral grounding: all they have is the 3,000 year old tribal taboos of a bunch of Middle Eastern nomads (among which they have picked and chosen which to require others to follow). That’s just a set of rules — that’s not morality.

    I suppose it should come as no surprise, given that, that they’re all pretty dishonest.

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