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  • robbep commented on the blog post Phil Robertson’s Happy Happy Happy Day

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    Your rant is much to do about nothing. I am constantly amazed by the reaction of gays and lesbians when someone repeats the bible’s position on homosexuality and sex outside of marriage btwn a man and a woman. Robertson repeated what is in the bible, if you dont like it fine but dont make the man out to be a bigot simply bcz he repeated what the bible says about homosexuality. As far as his comments on blacks are concerned, give me a break, he clearly said from his experience he didnt see any difference btwn how poor whites and blacks were treated. That does not mean your statistics are not true but they are not what he personally witnessed. How can you condemn him for that? How does saying that blacks were happy and God fearing slight black people?

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    Ha, I see he got you this time like he almost got me. Obama is not being firm, he is playing the same games that he always play. He is using this manufactured crisis to find a way to cut ssi and medicare. Obama isnt weak he is devious.

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    I am sure the disabled are next on Obama’s hit list.

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    The libruls at MSNBC talk about the republicans so much because it shifts the attention from the democrats. Why on earth wld the so called opposition party be so obsessed with the goings on of its rival party? Listening to Rachel and brother Al whine about what the republicans need to do lets me know [...]

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    Not trying to avoid anything bro, just dont agree with you. You want the church to accept and approve of your lifestyle even if it means ignoring what the bible says about that lifestyle. In other words take the Alvins of the worlds point of view over the written word of God. For those of us who dont believe the bible your point of view is feasible, but for those of us who do, your point of view is something we have to reject.

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    The Bible itself is simply a book and should not be held in such high esteem that one forgets that it is supposed to be a conduit to God. It is simply impossible to follow the Bible word-for-word as a guide for your life.

    Brother Alvin, I think this comment tells us all we need to know.If you believe that the bible is just some words in a book then its possible to justify any kind of behavior you want. If however, you believe the bible is the inspired word of God you have to decide if you want to live by it or ignore it. If you choose to live by it, you have to accept that some of the things you want to do are out of bounds with God ,and changes have to be made. I would love to fornicate frequently without reservation, but doing so puts me in violation of God’s Word. And because I believe the bible is God’s word I try not to fornicate. They dont call it discipleship because its easy, its called discipleship because its hard. I dont do what I want to do because the Word of God says its wrong. And since I am not God ,and I believe in God, I try and do what the bible says do and dont do what it says not to do.

    This is what I mean by saying its not personal, for the most part people in church are not condemning you for being gay, they are condemning homosexuality not because they think its a sin, but because the bible says its a sin. And they condemn it just like any other sin. Which leads to your dilemma, you cant expect those of us who believe the bible to ignore a church member who lives an openly homosexual lifestyle. Instead of railing against the black church for believing the bible is the Word of God and opposes homosexuality, why not find a church that supports your gay lifestyle? Besides, if the bible is just a book why go to church at all? I sure wouldn’t.

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    Your response is a perfect example of the intolerance to any opinion outside of your own being allowed to be discussed. Never once did I say I agreed with the church’s point of view. I just gave you their perspective of it. If I were cussing and calling you names because you were gay I would be called homophobic, yet its perfectly ok for you to call people names and cuss them simply because they dont agree with your point of view? I happen to be a christian who supports same sex marriage because in my opinion it is unconstitutional to block gay couples from marriage. However, I do think that the institution of the church has the right to insist that the bible and their intepretation of it be respected by its members. I believe if you are gay and you want to go to church go to one who supports a gay lifestyle. As far as your comparison of the Civil Rights is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. The message then was to confront those opposed to you in love, calling people pieces of shit was not how they got it done. Again, this is not personal just a different point of view that is different from yours. Hopefully, you will grow up before you comment on public posts again.

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    You act as though the minister does not do the same thing when he talks about the christian still watching porn, or living with their lover instead of being married, or doing recreational drugs, the word does not approve of these things either and according to your point of view the preacher is being a hyprocrit when he speaks out on these things. The ministers role is to speak what the bible says about these issues, not worry if his words are going to hurt people who are engaging in activities that the bible calls sin. When the preacher speaks on fornicating, he is talking to me, when he talks about not being honest or spending time with God, he is talking to me. If he/she is speaking on these issues from a bibilical perspective I have the choice of lining up my life in accordance to the bible or not. I certainly cant expect the bible to line up to me.
    Again, if you want to live an openly gay lifestyle go to a church that does not discriminate against you.

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    Not sure where your going with this, the black church is against homosexuality because the bible ( remember that little book they read and believe in) says its a sin and an abomination against God. Nothing personal, their religion just teaches that homosexuality is sinful. Their religon also teaches that adultery, fornication, cheating, lying, etc. are also sins, and they have members that commit all those sins as well. The big difference is that many of those sinful members who may or may not be on the choir, or on the usher board, want to stop the sin and may be struggling in doing so. The advocate of a homosexual lifestyle sees no need for the sinful behavior ( bibles words not mine) to stop. What advocates of homosexuality are basically telling the church is to disregard what their bible says and let them live the way they want to and still be a member of that church. In my humble opinion, if you want to live an openly gay lifestyle and go to church, find one that accepts your lifestyle instead of trying to force those who dont to accept it.

  • While President Obama dedicated a significant portion of his State of the Union speech to deficit reduction is not totally unexpected, it is truly disappointing.

    JW, your a good guy and a helluva writer but I cant believe your still capable of being disappointed by this president. He is so not ready to lead this country out of this economic malaise.

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    Better than Romney would have been for sure, So not true, Obama is worse because he is going to do what Romney would have done and he wont get any resistance from the left for doing it. If this were a republican president the left wld be in a blaze, but because its the left [...]

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    Despite an electoral mandate and compelling evidence to the contrary, President Obama seems determined to push for austerity. Why remains unclear.

    Why? Because that is what he has intended to do all along. Obama is doing what the people who selected him for president wants him to do, he just needed our votes to do it. WS knew that an attack on the social safetynets from a republican would be met with fierce resistance by progressives, so they found someone to pretend he was a progressive to do their dirty work for them.

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    Just because your hosting a show on tv does not mean you know what you are talking about. Mika’s comparison of the deficit crisis with climate change was priceless. A little bit of knowledge, a loud mouth, and your own tv show can be a dangerous thing.

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    President Clinton repealed Glass Stegal and he approved NAFTA, that says it all.

  • The sky is always falling on this site.Your reading way too much into what he said yesterday, since when did he ever match his tough talk with tough action against the GOP? Besides, if the republicans shut down the government and people dont get their ssi checks, including the majority of those who vote for republicans, the republicans will have hell to pay.Obama knows that not paying bond holders is not going to have the same impact as not paying people relying on their ssi and military checks. Trust me, once them good ole boys stop getting them guvment checks they despise they will turn on the congressional republicans right away. If the republicans want to play chicken with the economy this is the time to do it. Sometimes the only thing that brings change is a little pain. If the republicans cause millions to not get their ssi and military checks they will be a minority in 2014.

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    Very soon the Progressive Caucus will be asked to support Obama’s agreement to cut ssi, medicare, and medicaid, sadly, despite the lip service they will display on tv they all will agree to the cuts. The democratic party has become the ultimate go along to get along party and not doing what the minority leader [...]

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    Actually, allowing the payroll tax to go back to its original rate is better for social security in the long run. The president said income taxes not payroll taxes.

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    With the threat of a President Romney gone and the continuing scarcity of a progressive moral core in the Oval Office, millions of progressives who understood the tactical wisdom of supporting Obama’s re-election should now recognize that the time has come to renounce his leadership. Some of the goofiest shzzle I have read in a [...]

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    Aint that the truth. lol. No one shapes up and plays company man better that Ed.

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    I was telling my aunt the other day about how we are killing kids with drones in other countries and she said point blank I dont believe that. I asked her why not, and she said we are to decent to do something like that. I then asked my aunt who is African American, what [...]

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