• Thumbnailhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo6KVh5xsJc Today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission strikes a devastating blow at the very foundation of our democracy. “No regular person can compete with Charles and David Koch.” This is truly a decision establishing plutocrat rights. The Supreme Court today holds that the purported right of a few hundred superrich individuals to [...]

  • Robert Weissman wrote a new diary post: We Still Need Medicare-for-All

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    It will take some time to digest the Supreme Court’s decision today , but it appears to have averted some terrible jurisprudence that might have very seriously restricted the government’s overall ability to regulate the economy and protect citizens. In upholding most of the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court lets stand legislation that offers some important [...]

  • Robert Weissman wrote a new diary post: The Transparently Secretive Chamber of Commerce

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    Well, the Big Business guys are transparent about one thing: They can’t stand the idea of the public holding them to account for their attempts to buy elections and influence policy, or even that they be prevented from corrupting the government contracting process through campaign spending. The latest: They are so terrified even of having [...]

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    Whether or not you’re an investor, it’s important to grasp the significance of what’s happened with the Facebook initial public offering (IPO). In the few days since its IPO, Facebook’s stock price has fallen almost 20 percent amidst news that underwriters led by Morgan Stanley and perhaps Facebook itself shared negative assessments of the company [...]

  • Robert Weissman wrote a new diary post: Corporate Greed or Healthy Babies?

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    Fact Number One : Exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months is best for infants and new mothers. Fact Number Two :  Hospital giveaways of infant formula samples to new mothers reduce the amount and length of breastfeeding. Given these two facts, why would hospitals serve as marketing agents for infant formula companies by giving away free samples of [...]

  • Sometimes, public outrage bubbles up, and forces Congress to take action to advance the public interest. The Big Business interests who normally count on the legislative process operating according to plan lose control. And that’s when they really set to work. And it’s when the public interest advocates and the public itself are tested: With [...]

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    Pity poor Newt Gingrich. Alright, I admit it’s hard to muster much pity for Gingrich. Still, he now stands as not the first, but the most recent, prominent victim of the Supreme Court’s abysmal decision in Citizens United v. FEC . So if you don’t have any sympathy for Gingrich, at least feel profound worry about the [...]

  • Thumbnail Where are the anti-tax activists when you need them? They should be protesting outside of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, denouncing the agency for failing to take action. And they should be applauding a new legislative proposal by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Right now, Wall Street speculators are imposing an enormous tax on consumers, and the [...]

  • Thumbnail It’s a modest notion. Companies that bid for government contracts should disclose their campaign spending, in order to diminish the likelihood that contracts are a payoff for political expenditures. The Obama administration has indicated that it plans to impose such a rule, through an executive order. Ideally, the rule would prohibit contractors and lobbyists from [...]

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    Thumbnail We are now having a major dispute about what kind of society America should be. Right now, the flashpoint in this controversy is Wisconsin, where tens of thousands of people are demonstrating every day in an effort to block Governor Scott Walker’s plan to all but end collective bargaining rights for public employees. But the [...]

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    “We do big things.” This was inspiring rhetoric from President Barack Obama in last night’s State of the Union address. Many of the president’s broad themes — especially the need to promote innovation, step up public investment, and preserve a vital, affirmative role for government — are important expressions of how the nation can do [...]

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    Compare: Justice Kennedy, majority decision in Citizens United , January 21, 2010:

    With the advent of the Internet, prompt disclosure of expenditures can provide shareholders and citizens wit the information needed to hold corporations and elected officials accountable for their positions and supporters. Shareholders can determine whether their corporation’s political speech advances the corporation’s interest in making profits, [...]

  • The nation’s great policy crisis – and the Obama administration’s political crisis – is the Great Recession and the fact that one in six Americans who would like a full-time job cannot get one. Why in the world is President Barack Obama selecting as his chief of staff a person who comes from the very [...]

  • Robert Weissman wrote a new diary post: Corporate Junk Economics Return to Capitol Hill

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    Watch out for corporate junk economics on Capitol Hill. Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee, has reportedly asked more than 150 trade associations, corporations and think tanks to provide a wish list of public health, environmental and other public protections that they would like to see eliminated. The purported rationale for [...]

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    Corporate crime and wrongdoing is an everyday fact of life in the United States and around the world. Still, the last year has been remarkable for a series of high-profile, deadly corporate disasters: the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that killed 11 workers and spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the [...]