• ThumbnailI interviewed Alan Grayson on my radio show on March 18th. The link to the podcast is  here and this was originally posted to my blog, opednews.com, here.

    This segment of the transcript of the interview covers our discussion of TPP and globalization trade deals. It’s not pretty. Rob Kall: And welcome to the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show [...]
  • Rob Kall commented on the diary post Can We Really Blame Sociopaths? by David Swanson.

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    You raise some great ideas here David. But you are restricting your focus on psychopaths and sociopaths who have been highly visible. Remember, an estimated one percent of the population are psychopaths and eight to twelve percent are sociopath, narcissist or other predator disorders who hurt people. You are suggesting ideas similar to Chomsky– set [...]