• “He that lives upon hope will die fasting.” Benjamin Franklin

    Obama is Geryon in Dante’s 8th ring of Hell, Malebolg. Geryon represents fraud, with his face appearing to be that of an honest man…..

    The fraudulent—those guilty of deliberate, knowing evil—are located in a circle named Malebolg

  • The United States in comparison to the industrialized world has the largest income gap between rich and poor and by far the most unequal distribution of household income. An accident or deliberate? Economic warfare has been systematically waged upon the majority of United States since Ronald Reagan. We are living in an oppressive tiered class [...]

  • I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone that we are living a fraudulent Depression enforced upon the majority of the population? Is it possible that the hostile top one tenth of one percent created a false economic depression as we’ve witnessed the tripling of their incomes and wealth plus more massive tax cuts and perks [...]

  • Medicare Spending Slows Sharply; Zeke Emanuel Is Not Surprised

    “Medicare reimbursements are no longer accelerating at a break neck-pace. The new numbers should be factored into any discussion about healthcare spending: From 2000 through 2009, Medicare’s outlays climbed by an average of 9.7 percent a year. By contrast, since the beginning of 2010, Medicare spending has been rising by less than 4 percent a year. On this, both Standard Poor’s Index Committee and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) agree. (S&P tracks healthcare spending with the help of Milliman Inc., an independent actuarial and consulting firm.)

    S&P breaks down the spending: over the course of the year, Medicare’s reimbursements to hospitals crept up by only 1 percent, while payments to doctors and other professionals rose by 4.7 percent.

    The Congressional Budget Office confirms the trend. In June, CBO ‘s Monthly Budget review showed that over the 12 months ending in May, Medicare spending was growing at an annual rate of 3.8% — down from recent annual increases that ranged from 4.7% in 2010 to 15 percent in 2006…..”

    Obama has the figures, yet he has chosen the death march of social safety systems

  • Someone aught to remind Obama who pays his salary, provides a home for him and his family, pays for his meals, a private plan at his disposal, super duper car, security detail, etc…..Another ingrate that bites the hand that feeds him.

  • I’m referring to their preferential access to premier healthcare systems due to their “status”. Plus the preferential treatment after their tenure is over; the perk systems put in place specifically for them. Previous presidents, congressmen, vice-presidents just went home after their terms expired without perks. Nowadays they are provided via the taxpayers an endless bounty of freebies not including the corporate/consultant/speaking engagement/library donors revolving door of wealth for undermining the citizens of this country.

  • Absolutely. The Buffett’s of the world are cheapskates because they are Hoarders. They stiff you with the restaurant bill, pay their employees starvation wages, overcharge their customers, and demand tax incentives to do business in this country. They belly up to the societal freebies of tax handouts as if everyday is christmas. They’re a gang of parasites. Opt out of the best insurance programs; social security and medicare? I think not.

  • It’s a means test. Who’s gonna sign up for self-inflicted austerity measures? An article I read yesterday (can’t find it) stated medicare is not following the proposed trajectory of run away inflationary costs as predicted by the republicans and DINO’s. Rather the actual costs are rising modestly and may top out and start shrinking. As for social security the simple solution is lift the $106,000.00 income ceiling and/or remove it.

  • There’s a fairly simple solution rather than cutting medicare and SS. Citizens are given a choice to fill out a form attached to their IRS tax forms that allows you to opt out and/or modify the retirement age. So the pontificating anti-safety net republicans, DINO’s, and tea party gang can sign their John Hancocks and back up their rhetoric. The rest of us will not have to live the minority’s wetdream and keep what we have. Also, all executive government employees from Presidents to the last retired parasite living the good life via the taxpayers are switched to the healthcare and SS system that’s good enough for the rest of us.

    As for Obama I didn’t vote for him, I voted against McCain. At the time I foolishly believed there was a difference.

  • Public Transportation has been a starvation diet for the past 30yrs. The question is why? The poor don’t matter is the typical response. Cars are the City and state’s revenue gravy train. How I love thee let me count the ways: Sales tax on car purchases, license plates, city stickers, driving fines, parking fines, sales tax on gas purchases, drivers licenses, residential permits, parking garages, tollways, parking meters, etc. On the business side; gas stations, car dealerships, repair shops, auto parts shops, car washes, oil lube shops, suburban malls, etc… and that’s just a quick view.

    Public transportation is the ugly duckling that will not become the swan until cities and states find a horse of another color to replace car revenues.

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    Perhaps this will move you outta your seats to the reps office: Paying taxes your employer keeps Jul 19, 2011 13:53 EDT By David Cay Johnston Painful as it feels to have a lot of hard-earned income taken from your paycheck for taxes, a new Illinois law does something Americans may find surprising. It lets [...]

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    “Shared sacrifice” is captured language directed at us as they herd 99% of population into the alley to be beaten with a baseball bat and robbed again. We’ve been held at gunpoint in broad daylight by the profiteers backed by Congress; the banks, federal reserve, Wall Street, AIG, GM, Chrysler, Goldman Sachs, Buffett,BOA, Citigroup, plus [...]

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    The debt ceiling is inconsequential as is default yet both sides have conspired to engage us in a mythical debate of not “fulfilling” financial obligations. What country in the world has stopped doing business with the USA because of our debt obligations? What country will cut us off from their imports? What country will turn away our military protection? Time to Reset and let the bankers and global entities sacrifice their ill-gotten wealth

    Hypocrisy hath no bounds nor truth nor integrity.

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    The No Brainer Adjustment; Remove the cap on OASDI maximum earning wages (now at $106,000) and everyone pays SS taxes on their entire taxable income. Takes all the hot air out of the anti-social security discussion.

    The “debt ceiling” is a Con as is “default.” Will China, India, Europe, Mid-east, Asia, Mexico, South America…… stop importation? Do these economies (other than Europe) have economic living wages so the workers can buy the goods they produce and social safety systems? -NO- Will Europe and parts of the middle east risk the loss of US military protection? -NO- Many of the countries that export to the USA except Europe do not protect workers, pay living wages, and social safety programs, including China. China’s industrialization is due to USA WTO agreements and offshoring of our manufacturing plants. The deal always was buy our debt and you can export your enslaved labor made goods here.

    Default means foreign investments lose, global corporations, banking empires, and global entities lose……and so do the profiteers. US dollars will be of value to US citizens as the chosen means to barter for labor, goods, and services here. The USA is a living viable fertile land, resources, and population to meet our necessities and live good lives.

    So go ahead and reset and remove the greed and poverty to return to a balanced equilibrium. And eliminate the IMF. The IMF is the bankers and profiteers tool to enslave populations and steal their resources.

  • The debt ceiling is inconsequential yet both sides have conspired to engage us in a mythical debate of not “fulfilling” financial obligations. What country in the world has stopped doing business with the USA because of our debt obligations? What country will cut us off from their imports? What country will turn away our military protection?

    The debt ceiling is misdirection to gain power over the liberties and rights of the citizenry

  • “Despotic government supports itself by abject civilization, in which debasement of the human mind, and wretchedness in the mass of the people, are the chief criterions. Such governments consider man merely as an animal; that the exercise of intellectual faculty is not his privilege; that he has nothing to do with the laws but to obey them; and they politically depend more upon breaking the spirit of the people by poverty, than they fear enraging it by desperation….”Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice Essay

  • Boehner’s cognitive dissonance on cutting taxes and gutting public-financed social safety programs is amazing for a guy who’s been living on the taxpayer dole since 1990. We need to remind these “public servants” that “We The People” gave him his job and signed his paycheck via taxation for the last 21years. His expectations of the taxpayer upon retirement is his taxpayer funded pension, perks, and security detail. Do as you say Boehner and live the cause of no taxation and get off the dole and refuse taxpayer assistance programs. PS…and return all received taxpayer monies and perks. Hypocrisy hath no bounds nor truth

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    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing to slavery.” Thomas Jefferson, July 1774 The simple act of visiting your representatives local [...]

  • If you read one of my comments; the NO Brainer Adjustment, there will be no need to tinker or cut benefits. REMOVE the taxable earning maximum. An unlimited earnings taxation works. The anti-SS crew wants to direct the conversation. However, this simple solution is the answer.

  • the issue that is not being addressed are the corporations that have been rewarded by both parties in off-shoring jobs. These once upon a time american jobs paid into social security as well as many other programs and societal economic systems. So the question that must be asked, “has the off-shoring of jobs” that has resulted in high unemployment and under-employment been a deliberate plan by both parties to undermine our social programs, infrastructures, and the social welfare of the United States? Profiteers ravage systems in an effort to accumulate an unjustly share of property and wealth at the expense of society; underpaid workers; the producers of products and services. Privateers duplicitously benefit from societal infrastructures that have been paid by the public good.

    Without a civilized society and all the accoutrements of civilization, Bill Gates would’ve been another “Idea” guy climbing a coconut tree for supper.

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