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    Water for golf! I had thought that golf courses around Palm Springs use 5 million gallons a day. Wrong! It is 124 million gallons a day!
    Read this:

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    This is what Rahm Emanuel wants for Chicago. Charter schools.

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    This is from The Onion, right?

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    I know, you’re egging us on, and I’m the one to fall for it. Okay: “…mistakes people make in there writing.”

    All through my schooling (1950′s) we were taught that English came from Latin. Now I understand that it’s from German. Could be there was lingering bias after WWII. But I do recall that some uppity linguists were insisting that only ‘Latinized’ English was proper.

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    Granted, the 1% has accumulated and is holding obscenely huge amounts of money. But how to get that money out of their vaults and into the mainstream is the problem, especially when they own the body politic.

    If the Tea Party would only wake up to exactly what has taken control of our government and redirect their energy accordingly, then we might see results. As it stands progressives don’t have the verve, spokespeople, or talent for making headlines.

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    Hilarious…. and spot on.

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    Emanuel got in due to his connections with the president. Star power. If he thinks the ‘machine’ will back him, it ain’t gonna happen. The secret to the machine isn’t that it’s comprised of big shots but of ordinary people. I went to city hall during the original Mayor Daley’s time and was surprised to see that the employees were not the hip in-crowd with connections but people who would probably not have jobs were it not for the mayor. When he said: “Get out the vote” they got out the vote. That was the so-called machine.

    When Dan Walker first ran for governor of Illinois he had an enormous grass roots volunteer organization of idealistic followers. I was one of them. Thousands of us went door to door, did the legwork, and he got elected. Then it became evident that he was just another sleazy politician. Next time he ran for office nobody on the ground was there for him and he lost.

    No way will Emanuel have an organization of any size backing him. What has he done for the little guy, the union worker, and so on? Nothing. I doubt that many of his BMW driving Izod wearing minions will soil their shoes in the hoods. He should be impeached. It would serve his neocon ass right.

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    Thanks, Phoenix Woman!
    See also Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address for more such wisdom.

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    As I recall, the propaganda we were given regards advantages to shale oil included: lower prices at the pump, national security, and making us independent of foreign oil.
    Now the US is exporting oil, the prices are going up, and security never was part of the equation.

  • Hmm… why not Environmental pollution terrorism? Drunk driving terrorism?

    All kidding aside, to label freeing animals as terrorism, indeed, that such an idea exists on the books, really does prove that corporations are our rulers. It is 1775 all over again: we have been colonized by big business.

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    Lincoln, in his 2nd inaugural address, mentioned powerful interests (slave owners) that would destroy this nation rather than be prevented from expanding their interests to new territories. Obama is the flip side of Lincoln. If he were president in Lincoln’s place he would have given those powerful interests the entire country. What a scamming neocon [...]

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    Which is it that makes you doubt ‘truthers’, the extreme right or anarchists?

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    I’ve been wondering why the bad guys never die off. I won’t name names (we all know who they are) because our erstwhile guardians of freedom might put me on a list of wrongful thinkers.

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    I hear great things about the International Red Cross, and horrible things about the American Red Cross.
    Is the ARC affiliated with the IRC or are they totally separate entities?

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    Regard ‘Seven Myths’ about the radical Sunni advance in Iraq:
    It is now clear that the MSM is giving us mimeograph government news, e.g. propaganda, but why?

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    Two things:
    First, why would ISIS videotape themselves slaughtering people unless to garner outrage and create resistance to themselves? That seems a little murky. Perhaps something else is afoot?

    It seems that the US is bungling things around the world due to placing business (corporate) interests ahead of all other concerns. Diplomacy? Humanitarianism? Freedom and democracy? Those things are not profitable, therefore they don’t matter.

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    When you say “depraved indifference” regards the 1%, I think of Mitt Romney (Bain Capital), who is indifferent to the suffering caused by bankrupting a going company and throwing untold numbers of hard working people on the street, for that is truly depraved. That is, to my logic, so depraved that it should not be [...]

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    I’ve decided that ANYTHING our government tells us is for the sake of neocons, e.g. not to be believed. This sudden surge of ISIS (or ISIL) is mighty strange. As is all the propaganda, er, news, about Iran and Syria.

  • Seeing photos of long ISIS columns of (very new looking) pickup trucks bristling with weaponry and ISIS fighters in uniform, I gotta ask:

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