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  • RodL2 commented on the diary post CIA on Trial in Virginia for Planting Nuke Evidence in Iran by David Swanson.

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    When something of this magnitude (that Iran’s ‘nuclear bomb’ program is a CIA invention to justify another war) is ignored by the MSM, that is more than a little scary, that is horrifying! Because it means the MSM is in cahoots with the warmongers just as they were leading up to Afghanistan and Iraq.

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    Thank you. I most certainly will. Writing a diary about the process of painting this picture will be a great experience. Thank you for the suggestion! This opens many doors!

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    I am going to use “People Of The Book,” as a theme for a painting. Thank you!
    (I can almost see it now.)

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    That is also, believe it or not, and despite the histrionics of the media, an important part of Islam. Read The Battle For God: A History of Fundamentalism by Karen Armstrong.

    And THANK YOU for posting!

  • I’ve been saying and saying; apathy among Democrats is due to our president having no backbone, favoring corporations over people. Right-wing money notwithstanding: remember Meg Whitman in California? Despite dumping $135 million dollars into her campaign, she lost.
    This election disaster can’t be blamed on Republicans outspending Democrats.

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    What do you mean, “since Obama it is pigs at the trough”? Not that I am a fan of Obama, but Bush & Co. were total hogs, themselves.

    Otherwise: since Clapper can break some laws, so can Alexander. Fair is fair.

  • The privileged need only say: “Sorry,” or: “I asked God to forgive me.” but the rest of us? Forget it.

    It’s amazing that the MSM isn’t mentioning Hunter Biden’s finger in the Ukraine oil pie. Let’s not forget that Kerry’s step-sop, Christopher Heinz, is also a Ukraine energy executive.

    So much for our leaders not being neocons. Fie.

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    It is understandable that the Bush gang would turn a blind eye to the ‘disappearance’ of the money, for they are the crooks who (in my opinion) garnered most of it for themselves.

    But for the Obama administration to do NOTHING about it is inexcusable. So much for hope and change. Nothing has changed and there is no hope.

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    Couldn’t help but notice that handy little euphemism for taxing the middle class: “Boost revenue overall.”

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    After a quick glance I thought: “What, no Newt Gingrich?” But then upon further review I saw that he is on CNN.
    Why does anybody listen to him? He is a liar and serial adulterer. He has no integrity. So why?

  • I think another problem is that prosecuting attorneys (DA’s) use a high conviction record to help them look tough on crime when they run for political office. Innocence be damned.

  • “I have often referred to defense counsel as liberty’s last guardian…”

    So who was the inept defense lawyer in this case? That person should be disbarred or at least forced to give Mellen 17 years of wages Mellen lost.

  • So our “Democracy and Freedom” government is keeping an innocent man in prison. Why is this man, Dhiab, still in prison?

    It is as wrong of Obama to not go after the the Bush mafia as it was for them to round up and torture people in the first place.

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    “The difference here with ‘Western’ capitalism is that our rulers have neither the power nor the inclination to pressure the 1% to do right by the 99%.”

    That says it all.

  • What with wondering how Beijing would handle this in PR terms I plum forgot about the age old dependable ‘agent provocateur’ factor. The sh*t is about to hit the fan. So sorry.

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    I didn’t know about this. I’ve lost all respect for the WaPo and LA Times.
    Mimeograph hack journalism, furthermore JEALOUS mimeograph hack journalism.

  • RodL2 commented on the blog post Ray McGovern Triumphs over State Department

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    Thanks for the photo. This is absolutely unacceptable at what is ostensibly a civilized gathering in a civilized society.

    That the identity of the man who ordered it done was redacted can only mean that he is part of Clinton’s inner circle, and such redaction was done to protect her sterling image.

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    So while Our Ms. Clinton was speaking, security personnel charged into the crowd to wrestle an elderly man off to the sidelines, creating what was presumably quite a spectacle of violent roughhousing that would have–should have–shocked and appalled everybody in attendance.

    How exactly did Ms. Clinton respond to this? Did she react at all or say anything, or did she simply wait until Mr. McGovern was dragged out of sight, out of mind, and continue with her speech as though nothing had happened?

    That’s what this inquiring mind wants to know. It would say a lot about her, her people, and her ethics. And I have to say, how she would run the country given the chance.

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    Emma Watson speaking at the UN… expect commentary by Rush Limbaugh any minute now.

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    Am I right on this?
    Instead of taxing everybody directly to finance war activity (which nobody would stand for), BORROW THE MONEY from the rich, pay it back with interest, and call it THE NATIONAL DEFICIT, which everybody else winds up paying off.

    Or is that too simplistic?

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