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    When I was a little boy, my DAR grandmother showed me a huge genealogy chart with my name on a little outer sprig. I was mostly impressed with the number of people, but she pointed out to me that the couple at the top were great-grandparents of Thomas Jefferson and great-great-grandparents of John Marshall. I [...]

  • The way he handled the public option was like an athlete making a deal to throw a game, then appearing at pep rallies to encourage the fans. It doesn’t seem like a good strategy for him to keep bringing it up.

    The only times he seems emotionally engaged at what he’s saying is when he sneers at the people who trusted him.

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    There’s a practical consideration that failure to use gloves and discard them after each “pat-down” can result in transmission of diseases, including herpes. Use of the same glove for multiple examinations could cause a small epidemic.

    How many cases of genital herpes in children does Marcus consider appropriate?

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    1 blue glove = 200 herpes cases

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    1 glove = 200 herpes cases