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  • These religious hypocrites are more comical than anything else. Here worship a guy who knocked up another man’s wife and never provided any child support. God is a Dead Beat Dad.

  • I guess we have to look toward 2016 to vote for a progressive. 2012 is lost either way you look at it, whether Obama stay or goes. I’ll concentrate on Congress since thats the only hope for stopping the Runaway Conservative Train of which Obama is a willing passenger. Obama has been the biggest traitor to the progressive/liberal cause since I’ve benn able to vote, if only because he gained our trust only to betray us once he obtained the Presidency.

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    This is Obama’s Justice Department. So where’s the Justice? The people have been abandoned by our politicians, notice I didn’t call them Representatives since they don’t represent any of us.

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    I think that time was about three debates ago. It just another reality show with Donald Dick as head PIC (prick-in-charge.
    This something Donald Dick put together cause he wasn’t getting enough attention.

  • insipid or may I call you Barak, you are either blind stupid or both, Obama was more bush than bush. More Marijuana Clinics, more deportaions more deprivation of american’s civil rights. Obama HAS caved. You want better prsident obviouls his predecessor could get more done with a smaller majority than Obama had at the begining of his administration, and that guy was an idiot. And as far as being a motherfucker-FUCK YOU asshole. Maybe incest is common in your family but not so with the rest of us.

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    Change is…..Obama when its close to election time. Broken up more immigrant families than Bush, closed more medical marijuana clinics than Bush, delayed DADT decision after hundreds of careers were ruined. colluded with big business to give away billions of tax payer money, Telecom immunity, gutted healthcare bill pandered to the right, abandoned Democratic values and became “Caver-in-Cheif” in negotiating for a better America. He suck for three years now gets off his weak ass and tells people to “fight” for his election. He needed to fight for the people who elected him, but he didn’t.

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    Change is…Jon HUntsman in the White House in 2012. At least he doesn’t pander to wierdos in the GOP adn is willing to put country before party. I think the man, rather than party, should get a vote.

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    Change is….Obama’s intention of keeping his campaign promises to advocate Democratic Values after he wins an election.

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    NEWT GRingrich happened in 94. He coached his new congressmen to accuse and state falsehood since no one “will remember the retractions only the accusations”. That was the begining of the end for our civil discourse in politics

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    Maggie has my vote. Her loyalty is beyond question and her judgement will be a vast improvement from what we’ve seen in D.C. for decades. She’s probably been treated for fleas so dealing with congress won’t bother her. “Maggie 2012″ Ilike it.

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    kuvsz, why are you such an asshole? He mande a simple statement, wrong or right it was just a sstaemwnt. I(f you’re going to be set off for a simple comment don’t read it. no need to act like a prick, or was this not n act?

  • OH, in response to your question, They are RICH & POWERFUL!

  • I was baptised and raised a Catholic. My mother loved the church, my father didn’t. He would spout about them being homosexuals and we all thought he was just spouting his opposition to thier interference in our family issues. In hindsight this father of three boys didn’t care what he sounded like he wasn’t going to let us boys get “pulled” into the Church to be victims. Thanks Pop for sticking to your convictions.

    The Catholic church is a con. Who should know God better than they, yet they sin in huge ways. Why don’t they fear GOD? Because its a con!

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