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  • Romberry commented on the blog post Public Thinks Their Top Problem is Their Government

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    No mention of the NSA? Constant war? Drones? How about Wall Street coddling and bankster bailouts? I’m a liberal and I believe that government can be a power for much good, but this government? Yeah, I think it’s not just our biggest problem but an actual danger to a large part of the world and that includes its own citizens. Anyway, there’s much more than Jon’s short list, and the issue is much more than just divided government. The biggest issue and one that I think many have yet to come to grips with is that the Democrats and the Republicans on matters of war, Wall Street, spying and much more are really just not very far apart (regardless of any lip service they pay to their constituents concerns. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say.)

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    Factoring inflation…lessee here….40 bucks and ounce for *really good* Colombian red in the late 70′s….that ought to put the fair price at somewhere between 120 and 150 an ounce today for *really good* smoke. So that’s where I’d price it. And at that price, it leaves plenty for the state, plenty for the growers and is cheap enough that it would put a big old dent in the black market.

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    Not at all. You can spend a lot of money growing lettuce or marijuana, especially if you’re hydroponic and under artificial lights, but at least with marijuana that is really unnecessary. Marijuana *is* a weed in the wild. It’s quite prolific and colonizes river and stream banks naturally. Plant it in decent soil, get it some water and leave it be. Hard to get cheaper than that.

  • Maybe some of those former Democratic leans have figured out what the prhase “high deductible junk insurance” means. Witness this article in the NY Times: Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor

    Broke, in need of health care, paying premiums…and facing thousands of dollars in deductibles after that monthly premium expense before that “insurance” kicks in. But remember, this was exactly the plan. The high deductibles are a feature, not a bug.

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    Give me a “grow for personal use” provision in any law. I know that’s not the point of this diary, but man, for some us it’s simply not economically possible to pay such high rates of tax as those in Washington state. If states really want to shut down the black market, they’re going to have to make sure their laws don’t price the approved/legitimate market and those who would use it right on out of the picture.

  • No, that ain’t it at all. What has slashed the deficit is increases in revenue from the kinda/sorta recovery from the depths of the bust in 2008. Don’t be an idiot.

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    I am a pre-Obama Democrat myself. Obama has taken the scales from my eyes. I know now for a fact that today’s Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class, unions or economic policy that benefits the masses rather than the few. And militarily, even “good on economics” Dems like Elizabeth Warren are hawks, defenders of Israeli atrocities and really hard to stomach.

    Once again this year the Dems will rely on “Vote for us, because we aren’t Republicans”, and partisan Dems everywhere will screech that meme over and over and over.

    I may vote for a Democrat in individual races **if and only if** the Democratic candidate actually represents a change for good and is not merely “not quite as evil.” My days of voting for lesser evils are over. I will vote for actual good, and lacking that option in any race, I will decline to vote in that race, or perhaps write in a candidate.

    I’m 53 years old. A former life-long Dem. I really believed that mantra that all we had to do was take back the White House, the Senate and the House and we would finally see what the Dems really were about. And in 2008, we did. And we did. And what I saw and continue to see was and is awful when it comes to most everything I care about (which is most everything to do with the New Deal, the Fair Deal, a non-imperialist foreign policy, actual due process rather than secret Star Chambers of death, indiscriminate spying/information gathering on Americans — and really everyone –, “free trade” pacts that trade American jobs for more dollars to line oligarch pockets, etc.)

    The Dems are, as the Black Agenda Report famously said of Obama, “the more effective evil.” And they are because when they are in power, the Dem opposition when the Dems engage in pursuing essentially Republican economic policies/waging endless war basically melts away. “But they MEAN well!” and other manure like that is what I hear. And remember all the O-man fans telling us how in his second term, we’d see what a “true liberal” Obama actually was? (Ironically, they were right. We did see. We saw the opposite. But what we saw and continue to see is the “liberal” Obama is…which of course he isn’t at all.

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    Dithers? You want the US to go to war over the frickin’ Ukraine? Know about the coup there which toppled the elected government, a coup backed by the US and its allies? Understand the promise of the US to not expand NATO into Eastern Europe? Ukraine is pretty far east…as in on the Russian border. How do you think the US would react if Canada or Mexico wanted to host Russian forces?

    Someone is gonna have to explain to me why it is that Ukraine and its Nazis (yes, Nazis) are something the US needs to support.

  • You just looking for excuses to do nothing or what? Sorry, but that comment was ridiculous. You go on living in fear and cowering, looking for any excuse. Some of us had rather see things actually get better.

  • The greatest used car salesman that ever lived…

    …is in the White House as president right now. Compared to Obama, Clinton is a piker.

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    …since it would not necessarily address the most egregious of problems with the present system.

    That’s some list. No indication at all that the list has a damn thing to do with reality though. (Hint: It does not. You may as well yell “Tort reform!”…which also has next to nothing to do with reality.)

  • …are we capable of taking in all those in the world threatened with violence, with no limits?

    Straw man alert!

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    “Most of the “Left” is first and foremost part of the Democratic party or wants to work with the party.”

    Says who? What you stated is an assertion. I’m not the least convinced that assertion is supportable. From my independent liberal/former Democrat position, what I’ve come to feel is that no one who is actually on the “Left” (as in “liberal”) wants a damn thing to do with the Democratic Party. I sure as hell don’t. I woke up to the fact that the Dems are engaged in protecting the status quo, that the party has gone back to being warmongering protectors of wealth and power and that it can’t leave the principles of the New Deal and protecting the least among us fast enough for those actually running things. Now that out of the way…

    Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, is not Bill Clinton…or Barack Obama for that matter. None of the three are what I’d ever call left or liberal.

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    One more thing. In bizarro Obamaland, does the fact that Obama is asking Congress for money and process changes to “speed the deportation of unaccompanied minor children” who make their way to the US from Central America mean that Obama actually doesn’t want money and process changes to speed the deportation of these children? Because if I follow PW’s “reasoning” in this diary, that’s exactly what it ought to mean. Anyone wanna try and make that case, or is the silliness of it clear?

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    Hillary may or may not be the next “Slick Willy”, but President Barack Obama is the current holder of that title.

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    Still giving credit where none is due. The delusion of 2008 is awfully hard for some folks to let go of.

  • While it may well be true that Warren picked a “pay-for” she knew would not pass, has it occurred to anyone that this sort of thing is:

    1. How you move the Overton Window of political possibility** and

    2.Saying that a different “pay-for” would stand “a better chance” of winning over the GOP does not mean that a different “pay-for” would win over the GOP?

    I don’t know what to think about Warren. I followed her from well before the time she first dipped her toe into politics (and the corrupting influence that being in the belly of the DC beltway beast certainly is) back when she first gained some attention for the book she co-authored with her daughter, The Two-Income Trap, and began speaking out against bankruptcy reform deform and lobbying (then) First Lady Hillary Clinton heavily to work against inside the Clinton White House. I’m not a naive true-believer in anyone, but there is part of me here which really considers that this proposal is designed to move the window just a smidgen. The Republican playbook is to continue offering up essentially the same plan that was defeated, sometimes with cosmetic changes, until the debate becomes old hat and moved from close to acceptable to sensible and then, later, policy.

    **See The Overton Windows Illustrated for full overview, the window of political possibility is a long game, played by Republicans for decades, and it basically goes like this for policy proposals:

    - Unthinkable
    - Radical
    - Acceptable
    - Sensible
    - Popular
    - Policy

  • Given all the high hopes he raised to get elected, and given the fact that he’s supposed to be a constitutional scholar, President Obama during 2nd administration has now taken the title away from the Dim Son, AKA George W. Bush: Worst. President. Ever.

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    Kennedy said we were opposed to

    “…a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and [...]

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    You folks with the gun obsession…to the degree that you can’t even talk about the actual point…please give it a rest already. When you’re advocating the arrest and imprisonment of someone for committing the heinous act of journalism independent of the OK of government power, you’re advocating doing violence to that person, The firearm is [...]

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