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  • My guess is that the settleMENT was so small because Obama, Holder, Schneiderman and so on, you know each Senator and each Congressman and pussy Donovan all need a cut TO PAY THEIR HOUSE PAYMENT AND GET RE-ELCTED.

    $2000 for a homeowner that got foreclosed on will likely cause hime more grief with the IRS that it is worth.

    Citizens were sold OUT again. AG’s have no guts for sure and some must have been castrated them early in life.

    My guess is that most of the people foreclosed on would forego their $2000 just to see Jamie Dimon, Dick Fuld, Lloyd Blankfein and the krauts from Deutsche Bank IN JAIL.

  • WOW so a wrongfully foreclosed on homeowner — make that ex-homeowner gets $2000. That is lunch money for Jaimie Dimon. What a penalty. Put his ass in jail.

    Homes are underwater by more than $20,000 for sure — so how does this really help? That on a write down and 0% interest like the banks get put on a 50 year note might lower the payment to prevent foreclosure. BUT we all know that IF it costs the banks a nickel — they will not modifiy loans even though they tanked the economy and stole houses.

    By the way WHO does Jamie Dimon go to lunch with?? Is it Obama and Holder — Is that his “Stay out of Jail for Free Card” ??

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    I’ll give Jamie boy a better deal — I’ll put him in a nice jail cell that he shares with a big burly hairy guy that killed his last banker because he lost his home.

    That should make Dimon’s butt pucker.

    Obama and Holder should have jailed Dimon, Fuld, Blankfein, Mozzilo and others long ago.

  • At this point, what is purpose of a settlement???? The homeowners are not really getting anything. The AG’s should just charge the CEO’s and VP’s with criminal fraud and go after them personally.

    Obama SHOULD just then arbitrarily demand principal reductions and restituion on foreclosures. Play Hardball with the banks — give them some jail time. I want to see the ARROGANT ASSHOLE — AKA — JAIME DIMON BEHIND BARS. Much of the foreclosure that were crooked were by Deutsche — drag that kraut’s ass across the pond for some jail time.

  • Bank of America, Chase, JP Morgan, Goldman, Deutsche and so on. Each CEO and the underling VP’s should be put in JAIL and all of their property confiscated — just like they have been doing. All the while Obama and Eric Holder, the do nothing AG / Gun runner etc sat on his hands and let banks steal homes. No one followed the law AND no one wants to enforce it. Money, Money, Money is all that matters to a banker OR a politician.

  • Glad to see another AG supporting Schneiderman. Too bad our lazy as AG here in KS is totally invisible.

    F the banks, we all need to stick it to them. SUE their asses until they modify loans or give in to quiet title.

    I did not see Deutsche being part of the BIG lawsuit, are they??? They are one of the slimiest of them all. They are in bed with all of the big banks as a Trustee. They help hide the frauds.

    Baffling that our own US Government is so incompetent in pursueing the bank criminals. They are guilty of fraud, conversion, theft, forgery, lying to the FBI, lying to Congress, violation of Fair Lending Laws, Fraud on the courts, and more that I cannot think of. CEO’S SHOULD BE IN JAIL. JAMIE DIMON AT THE TOP.

    The bank regulators need to be there with them —JOHN WALSH OF OCC PARTICULARLY.

  • Miller has turned out to be a blow hard weasel. He was going to put the bankers in jail. Yeah right we are waiting on that.

    At least the NY AG under NY law has chance of doing that. Most these securitized pieces of crap are done in NY and under NY law. Let Schneiderman go after them and hang them by their balls from the Empire State building. Maybe he can make them do loan modifications, and return stolen homes to the homeless. I do not care how big they are, Dimon, Moniyhan, Fuld, Blankfien and others need to go to Sing Sing.

    I live in Kansas and I think the AG must be totally deaf and mute — he sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks NOTHING. He is a worthless bozo.

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