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    CNN’s headline was “Israeli Killed in Heavy Shelling”. I’d be willing to bet that it was a Israeli/US missile that did the killing. I’m sure that the media still considers Palestinian rock throwing as “missile attacks”.

    The hundreds of Palestinian killed didn’t warrant mention at CNN. The MSM is owned by the 1%; not the facts.

  • If this doesn’t put the final nail in the coffin of “Democrats all good, Republican’s all bad (or vice versa)”, I don’t know what will. Money corrupts ALL and always will.

    It’s obvious to all that the Repub/Dem dichotomy is a tool being used against us. The lessor of two evils is ALWAYS evil.

  • No government entity would share information with with another. The recorded texts and conversations would never, EVER be crossed with the user, the number, the recipient, etc….

    Ask yourself how many top NSA officials might like to make money “betting” on the stock market… or with a bit of blackmail. There are far too many ways to use private information for fun and profit.

    Someone should explain to this judge that in a single fell swoop he can eliminate most strokes and heart attacks… just put all 50+ year olds to death. He seems to think by destroying privacy, that he can prevent human nature.

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    I just wish that journalists held the same values as Americans. Both of these people are working to cover-up the truth.

    MSM journalists appear as dead as this man’s conscious.

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    RE: Roger Waters. Please note that ALL forward-thinking people are are berated by their contemporaries and peers. Groupthink provides comfort; but, little truth.

  • “At least military spending requires workers and pays them well while food stamps depend on people not working or being paid poorly.” To be truthful, you should note that most American military personnel qualify for foodstamps, WIC, etc…. AND the military / contractors are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing… so the jobs AREN’T American. Silver linings [...]

  • Rule #1 – never celebrate a victory until it is won. We could easily be suckered into false faith, beliefs and hope.

    Note that the most common way prosecutors take political action is by charging criminals with the WRONG charges. It’s how from Banksters to Wallstreet to Zimmerman walk free after making a killing.

    Citizens MUST keep up the pressure in every way possible. This ruling give hope that our entire system is not corrupted; however, it doesn’t mean the corruption is going anywhere soon. Money CAN buy everything…eventually.

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    Bob Woodward pinned “sequestration” on President Obama and his team.

    True or not? Please post a link or two.

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    Love Grayson; dislike his barrage of emails that rarely are anything but fundraisers.

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    Now that the ship has sailed, our good Harry is distributing the tickets.

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    Reaping what you sow. More conservative than Richard M. Nixon.

    And how were we duped… human nature…


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    About the time Obama started surrounding himself with fake Christians, I knew I had been “had”. The was that single bright spot where Joe Biden beat him to the punch supporting equal rights; but other than that, Obama seems a slight copy of GW Bush. Everything for the 1% and hardship for 95%.

  • It is a bell-weather moment when doing “good” puts you on the wrong side of the law.

    Just put barbed wire fences around this nation to imprison us in this kafkasque nightmare.

  • When has invasion of foreign countries that have not attacked the US been considered “rescuers”?

    Rescued from sanity into corporate profit-centers?

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    Sen. Clair McCaskill has swallowed the neo-con koolaid regarding the unproven meme that CW was used by the government of Syria. (The official UN report says NO SUCH THING) “Thank you for contacting me regarding the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue, and I welcome the [...]

  • How many do you have to kill in order to be yelled at?

    When Petraeus pushed to escalate the war, thousands of thousands of additional people died – Americans AND Iraq.

    The deaths of those persons were preventable. Petraeus caused their death by increasing the war efforts – against good evidence that the war was already lost.

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    Can’t. Obama already has plans for giving them war – you know… as the Peace Prize winner!

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    Excellent idea! But, it would not allow the 1% FULL control of the United States. Yes, they own the media – lock, stock and barrel. And they own the corporations. And they own the spy networks – NSA, CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc…. Don’t forget their receipts for Congress, the Judiciary and the Presidency.

    But, this might allow for democracy. How can they allow that in this American Democracy – the “oldest Constitutional democracy*”

    (* Iceland, not considered valid as they have actual Democracy).

  • Remember Stone’s pathetic “W.”? It fed every single lie that Bush wanted or sought to have portrayed. I give Hollywood and “F” on every single movie based upon a political figure. Why would this be any different?

    Hollywood feeds their “public” exactly what their “public” wants to be fed. Expect grains of truth supporting every single piece of conventional wisdom. Don’t expect any truth and you will not be unsatisfied.

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    Diversity is a tough subject bcause of inherency. Sheeple are easy to wrangle, Tbogg, let’s not be so foolish as to ignore reality. LGBT individuals inherently have a different viewpoint; years of repression and societal scorn creates an environment for seeking justice. Sheeple don’t need justice, it’s coming their way naturally…generally have it and generally get it.

    Tbogg, it’s a swing and a miss. But don’t worry, we all knew that you don’t understand the game…you just like holding the bat.

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