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  • ronbon commented on the diary post Obama DemoPods Feed Tea-GOP Zombies, Keep Washington Monument Open by Scarecrow.

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    His permanent “residence” is in “Disneyland”….or is it “LaLa Land”. This guy is about as clueless as though he were a visiting spirit of a long-gone 19th Century village idiot. I voted for him twice in 2008….but I will NOT be making that mistake again. At the risk of further diminishing what was a GREAT [...]

  • On that “first Tuesday following the first Monday in November” of 2012, my mind will be functioning with lightning efficiency (even in its 88th year)….and that is NOT good news for Barack Obama. If he is the Democratic candidate, I will be FORCED to vote for a Repug-nican, my first since twice voting for Dwight Eisenhower (which, I might add, worked out VERY well).

    This time, however, my vote will not be a POSITIVE one as it was for “Ike”….but rather the MOST NEGATIVE I have ever case….which is quite a statement since I voted AGAINST Bush, Jr. twice.

    C’est la vie!

  • Clearly, the number one priority for 2012 needs to be, “OBAMA MUST GO!!!”

    Thus far, he has done absolutely NOTHING to enhance the deplorable conditions into which the Wall Street gangsters delivered America; in point of fact, he has enhanced ONLY the Wall Street gangsters themselves!

    He is a TRAITOR to our country and should be so charged, along with his predecessors who were equally culpable. Hell, he can’t even find the intestinal fortitude to charge those predecessors with the crimes which they so clearly committed.

    The American Democracy is in the balance, and I am not sanguine with regard to its future….or lack thereof. Given a second term, Obama may be able to lay claim to a new title…..The Terminator (of said democracy).

    All of which leads this WWII veteran to proclaim: “I AM CERTAINLY GLAD TO BE 85…..NOT 25!”

  • ronbon commented on the diary post Will Obama Find Those Shoes? by Michael Monk.

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    “Find those shoes”?????

    Hell, this guy can’t find his butt with BOTH HANDS!!!

    For the first time in over forty years, I plan to vote Repug-nican in “12…..and hold my nose all the way!

  • AMEN! The best way to deal with these “wingers” is the good, old fashioned BOYCOTT!!!

    I’m with you!!!

  • At this point in “The Sad, Comic Opera of the State of Wisconsin”, there needs to be a COORDINATED AND CONCERTED call….and follow-up campaign…to FORCE THE RESIGNATION of Scott Walker as Wisconsin Governor.

    He has becoma a CARICATURE….a COMIC FIGURE….and certainly NOT A PERSON OF INTEGRITY WHO CAN SERVE the citizens of Wisconsin. He is a demonstrably CORRUPT AND INEPT TROGLODYTE who answers to “His Master’s Voice” as reliably as the old RCA Victor logo!

    Is that the kind of Governor the people of Wisconsin WANT and DESERVE?? Hell, NO!!! OUT WITH THE PAID ASSASSIN!!! …..and if he REFUSES to GO….there may be “OTHER MEANS”~!!!

  • I have finally reached the point of no return.

    I HATE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with a fury and a passion that makes me hope that the “reasonable” people of the world (whoever they may be) will come to our shores and deliver a “death blow” which will make this colony of idiotic assholes cower and cringe…that will deliver a blow so devastating that the USofA will never recover, and will become a “vassal state” wherein EVERY American (MOST PARTICULARLY THE VACUOUS RICH..most notably NOT to include those who really try to solve our national problems) are so disenfranchised, so deprived, so totally without hope, and so reduced to groveling for even the least form of nutrition, that before they die their horrible deaths, they cower and cringe….and WONDER….how they ever GOT IS SO WRONG!!!

    Starting with the “great asshole” Ronald Reagan, this country has so departed from its DECENCY, its INTEGRITY, its HUMANITY….that I no longer have ANY respect for the self-important, self-aggrandizing, self-deprecating or “self-loathing” pieces of crap which constitute its population….or, more importantly, its POLITICAL “leadership” (now there’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one!)….and I nominate Barack Obama….for whom I voted twice in 2008 as its Chairman-In-Chief.

    Oh, and just to put a final point on the discussion….I am certainly glad that I am 85…..not 25!!!(I am really looking forward to my residence in that “province” where Franklin Delano Roosevelt is STILL calling the shots….and where Eleanor is “keeping score”!

  • …and just what is the difference between these “private security firms” and Hitler’s “Brownshirts” or Russia’s KGB???

    Every time I see one of these “pukes” on mainstream (a/k/a “subservient”) TV, I want to vomit….long and hard!

    Weasels, one and all….and they would sell out anyone, everyone….and their (or, more correctly, MY) country for a wooden nickel!!

    America….the once great and now worthless country…won WWII; but we made the fatal mistake of over-correcting for our pre-WWII lack of intelligence capability by creating a bloated, dysfunctional…and highly UN-dependable “spy network” which has had us on the BRINK of WWIII ever since!

    For a better perspective, THINK “Dick Cheney”; then think “Masturbation”. Then “prepare to leave the Planet”!

  • Welcome to the American Police State !!! A disgusting and disquieting spectacle which keeps getting worse DESPITE WHICH PARTY IS IN POWER!!

    And….just to think…..FOR THIS I FOUGHT WORLD WAR II!!! I only hope to still be alive when the axe falls on these assholes (of BOTH parties).

    But….I still am extremely glad to be 85…..NOT 25 !!!!!

  • How sad!

    If only we had more people like Ayn Rand…….we could ALL be living in caves!!!

  • ronbon commented on the blog post Gun Sight Ad Still Part of Palin’s YouTube Channel

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    Was that a “new” Teaparty approach coming from the TP Governor of Maine?

    If so (the most probable answer), WE’RE IN FOR A LONG WINTER !!

  • ronbon commented on the blog post Geithner Essentially Nullifies Need for Systemic Risk Council

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    ….and just who was it that appointed this idiot???

    One speech does not a President make. The crux of the problem is still…….???? Who????

    Of course, it’s still OBAMA. He is certainly no FDR or JFK; hell, he isn’t even an LBJ.

    If I have to vote for a Repug-nican in 2012, I will grit my teeth, hitch up my jock-strap and be the man I was sixty-five years ago coming home from WWII. Not until all young people (both sexes) are required to give something back….like their lives, if necessary….will we ever have a society which respects the dignity of ALL people, and the reality that EVERY ONE OF US may, at one time or another, need the help and support of the others. Growing up in the Great Depression and serving one’s country on a full-time basis for several years are wonderful lessons in humility and brotherhood.

    There is also nothing like a military DRAFT to motivate the people to tell their government to “stay the hell out of unnecessary, counterproductive wars!”

  • ronbon commented on the diary post Sharron Angle Rediscovers Her First Amendment Remedies by Scarecrow.

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    The entire “debate” (better known as a “charade”) over gun control (better known as “common sense”) is totally reminiscent of (and closely akin to) an old limerick:

    Our local movie emporium,
    Is more than a mere auditorium;
    It’s an un-intellectual,
    Mutual masturbatorium.

  • Wow! Get a load of “Boner’s gavel”!

    Anyone suspect him of suffering from “male insufficiency syndrome”?????

  • The time has come; the “torture of a thousand cuts” has run its course. And the patience of people who really….REALLY…believe in democracy has dismally expired.

    Now is the time for ACTION!!! Now is the time for the oppressed PEOPLE of an oppressed nation to take their revenge on the “Louis XVI mentality” so prevalent in our “SUPPOSED” DEMOCRACY(???).

    What a national disgrace!! What a human tragedy!!! What a colossal return to the world of Charles Dickens (not yet, but soon at current rates). As a citizen…and a “citizen soldier”….under the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY of this DISGUSTING country (FDR), I HAVE TOTALLY “HAD IT”!!!!!

    I recognize a “levelling factor” that few in this futile autocracy do…and that is that the U.S is losing its global “clout” at an only slightly lesser rate than a rock disappearing into the sea. HOORAY!!!

    This despicable country…for which I would have GLADLY given my life in 1943…has become such an abysmal, dismal, despicable, putrid, inhumane…..there are undoubtedly a few adjectives left unsaid….that I will CHEER….UNCONTROLLABY….EXUBERANTLY….when the “Third World” “eats your Fucking Lunch……think 2020, you idiots.

    If they massacre thousands….no, MILLIONS….of AMER-IKANNERS….hopefully, 99 and 44/100 percent REPUG-NICANS….I will rejoice in…..well, wherever I happen to be at the time!!!

    To paraphrase (with great sorrow) the wonderful man with whom I shared a birthday for some sixty-five years, his famous words:

    God FUCK America, Land of the “PIGS” !!!

  • It does appear conclusively (see election results in those states) that most hillbillies ARE Repug-nican.


  • The Obama “gang” (I refuse to term it an “administration”) continues to plough new ground in having the U.S.A. (which I currently believe stands for “United States of Assholes”) reach ever-new lows of human behavior. They overtook Kim-Il-Sung and Pol Pot some time ago, but now are looking ever more like Adolf Hitler and Josef [...]

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    There is one word which provides a potential solution; it’s a word seldom heard in the U.S. over the past fifty years, but capitalistic excesses beginning with Reagan and continued (even enhanced) through Clinton and Obama may well have provided new impetus for action. That word, once so roundly (and mistakenly) despised by (stupid) Americans [...]

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    Books that he should be reading would be histories of the Roosevelt administrations and the geniuses who created them. Seldom (if ever) have the histories of two Presidents….of TWO different political parties….had such a salutory effect on our country.

    But….alas…he keeps flirting with the ones who have brought us to the brink of a peoples’ disaster; all of which serves to reinforce my mantra: I am so…oooo glad to be 85….not 25!

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    My favorite aphorism these days is: “I’m glad to be 85…..NOT 25 !!”.

    Now I have an additional one: “Julian Assange for President !!!”

    And, incidentaly, he would be a HELL of a lot better than the current
    miscreant (for whom I voted twice) and whom I now consider to be the ABSOLUTE WORST president in our long, sordid history. (and, please, don’t remind me that he is not native to this godforsaken excuse for a country).

    I think long and often about my five close friends who gave their lives in defense of a wonderful country nearly seventy years ago, and how lucky I thought I had been in not sharing their fate.

    But that was BEFORE the terrible three: Clinton, Bush II and whateverthehell his name is who is now methodically destroying the remnants that country to which we were all so devoted. Soon I will be privileged to re-join them; for those of you who will be left behind: TOUGH SHIT!!!

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