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    This video is full of evidence for the prosecution to use against them for a long list of both Civil and criminal violations of law.All the ammunition they brag about giving out, the threats they discuss planning and spontaneously happening, “drop him.” Compare the reaction of the police (State and Federal) against these people vs [...]

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    The only news that would surprise me about any action by Obama would be if he actually did the right thing-on any subject outside of safe social issues,like representing the interests of the majority of the citizens, not those of the MIC, Wall Street, or the 1% in general and was actually honest to the [...]

  • Can someone help me post this on Facebook, geeky answers won’t help and I clicked like but I can’t find it on my profile page or home.(I have clicked like on the FDL FB page) Whatever happened to the ‘share’ link for FB? Strange but sometimes (on some sites) when I click’like’I get a FB popup that I can add text and ‘share’.
    Fwiw I have lurked daily and have had FDL bookmarked for almost 7 years but it’s been a while since I commented. Thnx for any and all help.
    Plus, what’s with all the slanty lines I’m seeing in preview?