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    Wow, what an amazing thread. I didn’t realize until now that John Galt actually has some serious competition on the left! Not doing something (e.g. non-voting) is now an art form! Maybe we can have some kind of sports competition between the Randites and the Purists. I think the winner should get Dr. Thompson’s “When the going gets weird, …” award.

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    Mr Bugnon isn’t very serious in his devotional to the role-playing arts. A far more realistic vision of Sir Andrew would show the ever present goblet of box red wine and a cloak of Snuggie remnants – languidly draped over his shoulder.

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    “Segway.??? Is there a Stupidity Highway from Big Government’s Breitbart.com to Great Online College Courses? Or does Mr. Stranahan envision some two wheeled, battery operated, self-balancing, travel device that’s slow enough to make bloggers “expurts on thingies.” A word of advice to the greatest political blog teacher in the history of the web: next time try dictionary.com. It’s on the innertubz and it’s free.

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    So the punishment for being a teenage runaway (of color!) is deportation to Columbia! Wow, I sure hope you don’t have any kids – at least not until you find some compassion. Your sympathy pool seems to be pretty dry.

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    Are you trolling or do you really believe that women only use Planned Parenthood for cancer screening? Please fill us in on all the other options low income women have for preventative health care and health screenings in the 4 counties mentioned in the thread article for Wisconsin.
    Congratulations on living in Canada and having government sponsored health care. You go to an ER or a physician or a dentist for free. Poor women in Wisconsin don’t!. They have to pass thru other way stations first. The “industrialization of medicine” is hardly their first concern. And therefore it’s you that doesn’t get it.

  • Tea-Partiers, regular, little guys standing up for the rich sucks who tell them we have to finance tax cuts on the backs of women, kids, public employees, and the environment while marginalizing gays and minorities and anything else they can come up with to bend reality. Maybe we should have a American Brown Shirt day to go along with the suggested commemorations of the US Confederacy. Its never too early to memorialize dumb ideas. Sad. Very. Very. Sad

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    Welcome to Vietnamistan!

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    When a “Yahoo contributor” (what an appropriate moniker!) gets a T-Boner and starts quoting Bob Dylan, it’s time to wash the ole athletic supporter and take a college course on context – preferably not at Liberty University or Florida.

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    Edit 114. Comments are intended as a response to Mary @ 111. Sorry ‘ bout that. :)

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    Wow, you’re pretty angry. So many things to respond to.

    Sorry to bother you with the idea that single homeless moms living on the streets with their kids in the winter might not be much better off than Afghani’s. I would have thought the suffering was just as bad. I guess I’m wrong.

    My own kids are grown and successful. I don’t worry about them. Right now I’m the legal guardian of a DD child who was abandoned by both his parents. He’s been with me for 8 years (since he was 4 mos old.) I worry a lot about his ability to survive in this country because he’ll probably never outgrow his affliction.

    I voted for Patty Murray and have voted in every election in WA. State, including bond issues, since 1972. I didn’t take people to the polls though. I don’t have a car.

    I did mean bark. Out here on the west coast all our dogs are used to let us know when there are used car salesmen in the neighborhood. And it’s probably against the law to hunt pigeons in the big city.

    ” ‘People have to stop being worried about their own kids before they take moral stock of what’s going on elsewhere in the world.’ Said like someone whose “own kids” aren’t in Afghanistan. Lucky you. And golly gee whiz, Nancy’s helped people quit worrying about “their own kids” so much since 2006 that … oh, wait.” Sorry about missing your point, I guess. My point is that most people have to meet their own needs before they think about others. The two wars in the mid-east just aren’t on people’s minds right now when they’re having to go to food banks and the unemployment office. Or worrying that they’re one step away from having to do that. I’m not making a judgement about it, just a point. Human nature is human nature. I think death from drones is incredibly immoral – just like you. But right now, you and me and maybe, figuratively, three other people are thinking along those lines in the good ole us of a.

    I don’t see “Nancy’s power position since 2006″, when the Blue Dogs never supported her. The roll call of Dems over Repubs never matched the roll of Conservatives over Liberals. She’s the only one who really compromised in good faith (unless you truly believe that your own opinion is the only one with merit.)

    I didn’t say you praised Rand Paul. I said you seemed to indicate he was better than Jim Bunning. I disagree. Bunning and Paul would both agree that the Civil Rights Act is a violation of Free Enterprise because segregated counters should be up to the business owner. They also want to abolish the Dept of Education and Americorps (two communist agencies ‘fer shure.) That must be an east of the Mississipi thing cause I don’t get it. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree because I think Paul IS Inhofe/Sessions with a large dose of Cockburn.

    You’re right that convincing indies and Republicans that Pelosi is looking after their kids is a big job. I’m a board member for a non-profit social service agency. Pelosi was instrumental in getting at least some neo-dems to support the stimulus package which provided aid to a lot of people in need. And apparently even you aren’t aware of that. And that’s just one example. I can provide more if you like.

    Tell you what, I’ll chill if you’ll do the same. I’ll start by being more understanding of your anger and perhaps you could acknowledge that maybe spending so much energy attacking Pelosi benefits our mutual antagonists.

    In any event, here’s a big smoochie back at ya. ;) My smoochie is 100% snark free and I hope yours is as well.

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    Tx. ’nuff said. :)
    lol on the Bunning. Was Ball Four by Bo Belinsky. (I have sometimers disease as well.)

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    “Pelosi didn’t go for impeachment bc she ddin’t care about the country, she didn’t care about how many Americans and ME civilians get killed, she didn’t care about torture, she didn’t care about much more than keeping America in dept to military conglomerates and reliant on Eric Prince’s forever. She didn’t care enough to even try to get things like the transfer of al-libi to be suicided in Libya blocked. She didn’t care about standing up to Obama, she just doesn’t care.”

    That sounds like someone who doesn’t like Pelosi And blames her for the War on Terrah. That’s factual???????? I’ll take away the “hating on” comment, but you owe me an explanation of how this is not opinion. None of us has been in Congress every day of the past two years to know what really has gone on. (Or at least I assume that’s true. :) )

    “People seem to forget who Paul is replacing. Bunning. So yes, that’s a change for the better even without the Dem. And for that matter, Mr. Aqua Budha has been more consistent on foreign wars that 95% of Dems, including Pelosi and Obama. Mr. Aqua Buddha fired his campaign manager/woman abuser pretty damn fast – how long did Obama stick with Summers while we were all economically battered? If you take Paul’s concept of making people pay for the first $2000 of medicare and overlay it with “if they have overall retirement income of over $50,0000″ or something like that – I don’t find it that offensive. His thoughts that maybe we should decriminalize lots of drug offenses and approach that area of law enforcement differently don’t antagonize me that much either. Yeah – I basically still think he’s kind of a nut and doesn’t understand a huge chunk of what he’s talking about, but he’s a thousand percent improvement on Bunning. I’d rather have Conway, but at least Paul won’t be lockstep on wars like Conway would have been. And with all that ambivalence from someone like me (friends still buy me tie-dye), it’s pretty easy to see how Independents aren’t going to be revved for Dems.”

    That sounds like someone who’s comfortable with Rand Paul (even though, granted she voted for Conway.) You have a right to believe that Paul will be relatively OK. But I also have a right to believe that Paul is probably going to be the Devil Incarnate. Neither of our opinions are pointing out any factual basis for those opinions. I hope your right, but I feel the odds are that when smart guys like Cockburn and Paul get together they can really gum up the works. And they are very smart when it comes to manipulating the system.

    Right wing democrats are right now attacking Pelosi for not being conservative enough and the supposed progressives are attacking her for not being liberal enough. The White House left her dangling in the wind. The Senate absolutely fucked her by not supporting anything coming out of the House. I don’t get what amounts to equating her to Joe Leiberman (or for that matter all the other spineless Dems in the upper house.) And what is it accomplishing?

    I appreciate your willingness to listen. And what I fear is that all this in-fighting is making our commonalities pointless.

    Edit to previous after seeing your edit to 103. LOL I care about the same things you do. But I feel we need to establish some priorities. Given your pseudonym, you’re probably as old as I am. Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of pain passed on to the weakest members of our society – and it’s usually because conservatives are pricks, liberals have become spineless (since Reagan) and progressives are always bitching. I agree that we need to press for the rule of law. But when people in our own country are suffering it seems incredibly useless and senseless to argue about people who are basically on our side. As an example, I’d point out that that the political system has turned backwards on safety net issues. People in social services are now having to argue over whether to cut quantity or quality. A single, homeless mom with two kids is a lot better off with more Pelosi’s and fewer Shuler/Pauls. Thanks for hearing me out.

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    Wow back at ya friend. If you guys think Rand Paul is someone you’re just “stuck” with, but can keep you tickled with the angst it causes, hey good luck. Enjoy the feeling. But please realize that by hating on Nancy and everyone else even marginally right of your progressive idealism doesn’t offer us much hope for success. If you can’t find common ground with even liberals, I don’t foresee much success against the real bad guys. And it kinda makes you sound like Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Andrew Breibart and all the rest of the purity testers. But hey that’s just stupid me.

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    Wow, according to you and Mary, Heath Shuler is as good as Nancy Pelosi and Paul Rand is better than Jim Bunning. I’m glad I’m not black, an immigrant, or someone dependent on social services – I’d be really fucked if that represents both the conservative and progressive view. Nancy wasn’t/isn’t perfect, but I’ll try to assume your angst is more emotional than logical. I find the wars on an ideology to be just as repulsive as you, but until you get some jobs to people in the flyover space that dog ain’t gonna bark. People have to stop being worried about their own kids before they take moral stock of what’s going on elsewhere in the world. That’s human nature. Preaching otherwise is as weird as waiting for the rapture.

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    Wow, all this trashing of Pelosi (who was able to pull together disparate Democrats in spite of “themselves.”) And the Senate did so much better? It’s OK to critique leaders, but asking for blood or retribution seems pretty stupid. It also cements the Tea Party line that Nancy is the most horrible person in the world. Why not just go to work for World Net Daily instead of wasting your time venting in the comments section.
    PS Just who the fuck do you all propose would be a great minority leader? I didn’t see any positive recommendations in the posts above.