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  • RossK commented on the blog post Escape From Planet Blog Gitmo

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    We will do it.

    The taking, I mean.

    But only if you promise to keep Mr. Frum precisely where he belongs.

    Because he still hates us for our anti-Freedoms (and the fact that we didn’t make him King of the CBC in his first time of real need).

    Or some such thing(s).


  • RossK commented on the blog post But There Were Planes To Catch And Bills To Pay

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    Up here in Vancouver we have no hippies whatsoever hiding under all this gore-tex.

    However, it is supposed to soon start raining cats and Ted talks. Not sure who we are supposed to blame for that.


  • RossK commented on the blog post McMegan McArdle’s McSuicide McSquad

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    But espierce….

    Why stop at single psychopaths….After all, imaging if we could get all the kids to rush small regiments….Or tanks…Or…Even better!…It would probably only take 10 or 12 (thousand) of them to mass smother a small nuclear device and thus keep the uranium spray from plugging up the Bechamel.

    Os some such thing.


  • Well, there is that crazy, little witch thing called math, with or without sausage.

    And then there’s….



  • RossK commented on the blog post Banjo-Playing Guy Predicts Riots Because The Twitter Says So

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    Of course, there is more than one way for whiter-than-white-bread cats like us to Boogaloo Down Broadway.

    With Junk men and everything.


  • RossK commented on the blog post There Will Not Be Teblood: The Week-Offening

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    Speaking of Colorado and things lost, and ‘God’s Will’, and all that.

    What was it that the now long gone football nut and peacock farmer from Woody Creek once said to his ‘attorney’ about abortion laws and the purity purgers who didn’t get the job done back in the Age of Nixon?

    Oh, ya, here it is…

    “And so much for all that. I have to go upstairs and call the hospital. Sandy is in there again with another miscarriage – a real nightmare version, this time, since it puts me head on with the abortion laws. She’s only two months pregnant, but the pain is so bad she can’t stand up….and the pigs say they can’t do a therapeutic abortion. All they do is keep her drugged up on codeine and wait for God to work ‘His Will’. The D&C operation is as simple as pulling a tooth, but they won’t do it…..and this is Colorado, which recently passed a “liberalized” abortion law. Man, I’m coming to really hate that word ‘liberal’”


  • RossK commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Up here in Canuckistan we pretend that we are not playing metric football but, in reality, we are (i.e. 110 yard long field that is wider than the English Channel with endzones bigger than Belgium)…Me gets the feeling that Mr. Tebow would do well up here.

    And, more to the point, there are more godless heathens per square km up here that need saving and/or converting to a three down wishbone with all backfields in motion…


  • RossK commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood: The Ninering

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    So he was playing the part of the Blair character?

  • RossK commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood: The Ninering

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    When Rex Ryan barks into his intercom system do the coaches up in the booth hear the voice of Mercedes Mccambridge?

    How else to explain what has ‘possessed’ him to keep Mr. Tebow out of the game?

  • RossK commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood: The Non-Flinging-ning

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    Re: That servant’s heart thing….

    Is it possible that Mr. Tebow is looking for an Offred to call his own?


  • RossK commented on the blog post Tucker Carlson Is Looking For A Few George Zimmermans

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    Is tucker the army now?

    Wouldn’t he have to be a well-regulated militia, first?

    Oh, wait….not possible, because there’s that tuckerarian kryptonite again.

    The word that starts with ‘r’, I mean.

  • RossK commented on the blog post Tucker Carlson Is Looking For A Few George Zimmermans

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    Yeah. He (George W) bought the answers to the Calc I final.


    On the plus side, I guess that’s better than buying off the TA.

  • RossK commented on the blog post Tucker Carlson Is Looking For A Few George Zimmermans

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    …”We are failing as a society faster than a young George W. in Calculus II.”…

    Say what?

    George W made it to Calc II?



  • Of course it’s business casual out by the Lake.

    Or, put another way….Even six year olds like the little tyke front row left should always be closing.


  • RossK commented on the blog post Internet Man Does Not Want To Be On The Google Anymore

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    Hey Mr. Bogg ,and Denizen Carpenters…

    Was just thinking that it would be nice, not to mention fun, sometime over the next few days or so to do a reverse George Tierney of South Carolina to raise high the roof beam Googleplex in an effort to elevate someone from obscurity to #1 for all the right reasons.

    If nothing else spotlighting someone for doing real good when faced with someone bent on doing just the opposite would balance the karmic suit-rahs of anonymous weavers of the interwebz everywhere.

    Or some such thing.


  • RossK commented on the blog post Bland On Bland

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    Theme song…..

    “Bland On The Run”?

    (because playing the bass with mittens makes everything sound like Miracle Whip)


  • RossK commented on the blog post Friday Night Shakira’s Ass And Other Stuff Blogging

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    Mr. Limbaugh would never do that.


    Because, in the deepest darkest recesses of his incredibly twisted limbic system I have no doubt that he actually thinks that he actually does have an actual….



  • RossK commented on the blog post Muffs Night

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    And if Ms. Shattuck were to take the Murray Bubble Boy test?


    I like to think it would blow the smug sosci-grifter’s mind.


  • RossK commented on the blog post I’m Looking At The Boy In The Bubble

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    TBogg is Cornell West?

    Aaaahhhhh….It all makes sense to me now.

    Then again, according to Mr. Murray, I, a poor whitebread boy from Left Coast Canuckistan (who once lived in Oakland), am actually….

    ….Bootsy Collins!

    (even if all my axes are acoustics)

  • RossK commented on the blog post Tebow Morning Coming Down

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    That Mr. Harbaugh (West Coast edition) sure needs himself a quarterback.

    Here’s hopin’ he doesn’t go to the ol’ Stanford well and hook up with Mr. Elway (the Younger) to make some sort of deal out at the Crossroads (ie. beneath the Windfarms out Altamont way where Mick and Keith once made their own disastrous deal The Devil).


    Having the Juicebox cheered on by the denizens of the bars in the Castro might turn out to be kinda interesting.


    It could even make for a lotta new tales in a beautifully twisted city that even Armistead Maupin might crank up to write about once again.


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