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  • Peterr and Judge Schreier make very persuasive logical and legal arguments for same sex marriage that one would presume would be made by the Supremes as well. HOWEVER, the Windsor decision, which most would agree has propelled same sex marriage forward, was 5-4. Will 4 of the nations biggest egos repudiate their own recent decision by disagreeing with the 6th circuit’s decision? That will be interesting. One could make the argument, as is made in Peterr’s article, that it’s pretty clear cut, but such clarity was only decided by one vote — not exactly overwhelming clarity. The Loving decision was unanimous. It’s a good thing that the current judges were not on the bench when that decision was handed down or our society might be very different today.

  • Hayden is incompetent and immoral. If we had a president and a justice department with balls, he would be fired. Obama will talk about how awful this is and state again that this is “not who we are”. It will be ho-hum, let’s not get bogged down in the past. He has caved on every important issue. Instead of being the commander in chief, he has been the sissy in the schoolyard, scared of those nasty republicans. Though I think it a serious long shot, the two in the Congress who have stood up and shouted have been Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren (and Alan Grayson in the House). I am going with Sanders and Warren for President. They both need a better position on Israel, but even with some failings, they are better than Obama or Hillary.

  • Shopping for health insurance has never been simply or quick — even before the ACA. Previous conditions, health histories, family income, different deductibles, choice of physicians — or not, choice of hospitals – or not; travel restrictions, co-pays, limits on payouts — and on and on. One should not expect a new system, one totally manipulated by politicians, to be easy. Then there’s Medicare, single payer, which is fabulously easy, but it’s not on the agenda and not likely to be for decades. As T.R. Reid wrote in his great book about the health care in various countries, including our own — all systems are problematic and require constant debate and adjustment. There is not remedy for that, but all of them are vastly superior to the one we have in the U.S. EXCEPT, as he notes, we have them all right here in the U.S. Who knew??? The V.A., employer based, private, medicare, medicaid — we use all forms already, and some work better than others. We are both socialist and capitalist already.

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    Both the Dems and Rethugs know this is a myth, but their feigned ignorance serves their own interests. They lie knowing it’s a lie. It serves their masters who, in turn, contribute to their re-election, and so on and so on and so on. We need a truly progressive third party. Voting for the lesser [...]

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    Most contests are won or lost based on the results over time, i.e. higher score, more territory under control, most money, etc. On the various “wars” such as the war on drugs, war on poverty, war on terror, etc., all of which have now dragged on for years, nearly all of the parameters are now worse not better. There is now more drug use at lower cost in spite of tens of thousands arrested and jailed. There is now a greater number AND percentage of poor than in previous years with even greater inequality. There is more worldwide terrorism and more “factions” in more countries than ever, and more military activity to “wipe” out those nasty bad guys. It’s time we re-examined our aggressive approach and concluded that war simply does not work as western hegemons have hoped. Conservative fear mongering has not solved these large societal and world problems by using force, weapons, or imprisonment. It’s time we tried education — seriously, and with adequate funding.

  • No money for schools but plenty for troops in really really far off countries. No money for infrastructure but plenty for bombing Syria. No money for challenging voter restriction laws in conservative states but plenty of money for drones to attack “suspects” in Africa and Asia. No will or money for tornado, earthquake, fire, or flood relief but plenty of money for “restocking” Israel after killing innocent civilians in Gaza. No will, no morality, no honesty, no sympathy, no patience for restoring democracy or facing the future effects of climate change. We deserve the government we elect. We are the result of our own actions, and it is too often shameful.

  • What if we did not attack ISIS? What if ISIS continues to conquer territory and behead westerners on TV? What if ISIS succeeds in forming an Islamic State in parts of Iraq, Syria, and Jordan? The conquered population will eventually need services and jobs just like any other “state”. ISIS will be forced to deal with the population needs of food, water, transportation, communication, education, trade, etc, just like any other “state”. If they fail to deal effectively with their neighbors, they will either have to act more civilized, or they will have to declare war on their neighbors. This scenario will take months or years. How is this a threat to the U.S.? We dealt with the “threat of the USSR for decades, and they were more heavily armed and just as ruthless. The so-called ISIS threat will be moderated by reality, ethnic and religious divisions from within, powerful neighbors, and common sense. Our bombs will only add to their ranks, amplify hatred toward the west, and prolong destructive armed conflict. This new offensive against them is a fool’s errand and approved by our own fools. We are again being the dupes and protectors of the Arab despots who know they can use FOX News and Lindsay Graham to mislead us into another costly misadventure that they should be addressing for themselves. Smart cowards. Very sad and very dangerous.

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    Somebody please explain to me why American taxpayers should pay for the deplorable destruction of Gaza by the tyrannical Netanyahu led IDF. The Israelis broke it; they should own it. It’s very convenient of Israel to expect the rest of the world to rush to the aid of the Palestinians after they level and destroy so much of it. I grieve for the Gazans, but I think that Israel should be helds responsible, and all nations should make this demand.

  • The old term was “q-u-a-g-m-i-r-e”. It may be a bit outdated, but it is likely to be resurrected. So, now we are partnering with Saudi Arabia and Qatar to degrade ISIS. And we are doing WHAT to persuade Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop funding ISIS? Next will we choose to partner with Iran to stop ISIS while we persuade the world to foil Iran’s continual rise in influence in the Middle East? Will we recognize that Iran simply has to watch and wait for the U.S. and complicit western powers to fuck up in order to boost Iranian influence in the Middle East? Is this passive aggressive, schizophrenic, or simply a political comedy central (without the laughs)? I know, it isn’t even remotely funny. It is tragic, terrible, awful, stupid, and immoral. I can rightly blame the ideologues of the Middle East, but the contribution from our own ideologues is greater.

  • McDonnell’s patron paid for access, and he got it. So, how is his acceptance of such “contributions” different from so many other political contributions? We have a system built on bribery, but we call it by another name. We do not turn the other cheek, we turn the other way. We apologize, we ignore, we rename, we reframe. How much does the Lincoln Bedroom cost these days? It is actually quite amazing that McDonnell was convicted. What were the odds? His lawyers must have also been from Liberty U. It is the only explanation for his loss — and his own stupidity. Jeb Bush is probably the only “safe” candidate, but let’s hope that the electorate does not forget that he comes with the same Bush team — the team that supported and advised the worst president of the last 75 (?) years and maybe of all time. As for Hillary, she’s a Republican like Obama. Scary.

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    CNN could not be more boring if it broadcasted 24 hours of paint drying. During the Michael Brown protests they were broadcasting a 60′s documentary. I’m sure it was interesting, but it should have been on the History Channel, and it probably was. The CNN people are oblivious to their own cluelessness.

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    Off topic, but someone has to start this: Replace Colbert with John Fugelsang. (Colbert is replacing Letterman, right?), so who is replacing Colbert? We need his wit, intelligence, and edge. Start an blogger movement!

  • It’s remarkable how some things just keep “comin’ around”. Cohen’s quoted statement is nearly identical to that desperate plea by Murray (Jason Robards) to his successful businessman brother Arnold (Martin Balsam) in the movie A THOUSAND CLOWNS that he has to “…own my own days, and name them — every one of them”. It goes on. It’s short, but it’s powerful, resonating, and I remember it from 50 years ago to this day. Maybe Cohen saw it recently and has some regrets?? Don’t we all.

  • As a Berkeley grad class of ’60, I am ashamed of this decision and the employment of John Yoo. I prefer to remember the legacy of Mario Savio, but the blindness and immorality of Yoo’s position defines our current plutocratic, corporate dominance. Time for revolt!

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    Even before the ACA, obtaining health care was complex and difficult. Dealing with different levels of coverage, deductibles, co-pays, relatives, students, pre-existing conditions, mistaken medical records, etc. has never been simple. While it is certainly true that the U.S. health care system is seriously flawed, allowing more people to be insured is a positive change. We need to continue to work for Medicare for all and join the developed world. Having a healthy and safer population is good for business, good for education, good for families, and good for government. That’s why sane democracies have made such a choice.

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    And Mike Tyson got how many years IN PRISON for rape? Does anyone know of any black or latino male who has probation for rape?

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    I seriously question any survey that claims that private sector employment has recovered to pre-crash levels. Such numbers may not differentiate between job levels, meaning that previously well-paid persons may now have jobs, but they may be in sectors that pay significantly less. I own income property in Medford, Oregon. Believe me, Medford is struggling [...]

  • An AR-15 or whatever it is called is also incapable of “capturing” a suspect, but the person who holds the weapon and pulls the trigger can be prosecuted. In fact, no weapon is “capable”. They are all operated by persons who make decisions or are ordered to act by a superior person. AND, who says that Awlaki was dangerous? Obama advocated bombing Iran! Can he be legally targeted by an Iranian? Where is the evidence against Awlaki? There is this rumor about transparency….. AND, where is the evidence that Awlaki’s son was a terrorist? What about civilians killed by drones? They are not “targets”, as I understand it. This judge just legalized murder. Any one of us could be next since any claims about us would be NEVER be revealed due to state secrecy provisions previously and presently legalized by courts.

  • Abby Martin is one of the bright lights of all the news outlets. We have seen endless video of John Kerry condemning Russia for invading a sovereign nation — EXCUUUUUUSSE ME!! The U.S. is did invade Iraq on bogus charges right? Am I distorting things here? The U.S. is currently killing Pakistanis, Yemenis, Ethoipians, Somalis, and YES, even American citizens. Where has the U.S. media been on those FACTS? Anyone watching Rachel Maddow must certainly be aware that Obama cannot do anything wrong. She actually called out Kerry for his hypocrisy and I was dumbfounded. However, she followed that up by blaming the previous president. She too has apparently not read about the latest drones strikes, the additional troops our Nobel Peace Prize president put into Afghanistan, and all of the above, the NSA, national security letters, prosecution of whistleblowers, etc. When Abby Martin condemns those actions, where is the PAPER OF RECORD? Russia should not have sent in troops, but the U.S. has nearly 800 bases in “sovereign”nations around the world. How many does Russia have? China? Iran? Venezuela? anyone? Ferris? By the way, have any of those who dismiss RT watched Oksana Boyko grill her guests, from west and east? She does her homework and asks tough questions. AND, she’s on RT. My most important news sources are LINK TV, Democracy NOW!, RT, and Al Jazeera. Many of my liberal friends do not know that the only TV service that carries all of them is not Comcast, not Time Warner cable, not ATT cable, not Apple TV, not Direct TV — it’s DISH. It amounts to censorship, and it’s intentional.

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    I’m still for Elizabeth Warren. The usual claim against her is that “she is not ready” or “she is not experienced enough”. Look where “experience” has gotten us. Unfortuantely, her own party leaders will campaign against her. If she chooses not to run, but I do not see a downside to voting for the Green Party. People will say, but consider what would happen if a Republican were to win. A Republican did!! and he will be in office for 3 more years. Would an extremist RETHUG be worse? Probably, but only because the Democrats in Congress will not have a clue about obfuscating and threatening nearly as effectively as RETHUGS during Obama/Reid tenure. We have 3 years to promote Warren or the Greens. It’s time to get busy or our economy and our social problems will continue to tank.

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