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  • As a Berkeley grad class of ’60, I am ashamed of this decision and the employment of John Yoo. I prefer to remember the legacy of Mario Savio, but the blindness and immorality of Yoo’s position defines our current plutocratic, corporate dominance. Time for revolt!

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    Even before the ACA, obtaining health care was complex and difficult. Dealing with different levels of coverage, deductibles, co-pays, relatives, students, pre-existing conditions, mistaken medical records, etc. has never been simple. While it is certainly true that the U.S. health care system is seriously flawed, allowing more people to be insured is a positive change. We need to continue to work for Medicare for all and join the developed world. Having a healthy and safer population is good for business, good for education, good for families, and good for government. That’s why sane democracies have made such a choice.

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    And Mike Tyson got how many years IN PRISON for rape? Does anyone know of any black or latino male who has probation for rape?

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    I seriously question any survey that claims that private sector employment has recovered to pre-crash levels. Such numbers may not differentiate between job levels, meaning that previously well-paid persons may now have jobs, but they may be in sectors that pay significantly less. I own income property in Medford, Oregon. Believe me, Medford is struggling [...]

  • An AR-15 or whatever it is called is also incapable of “capturing” a suspect, but the person who holds the weapon and pulls the trigger can be prosecuted. In fact, no weapon is “capable”. They are all operated by persons who make decisions or are ordered to act by a superior person. AND, who says that Awlaki was dangerous? Obama advocated bombing Iran! Can he be legally targeted by an Iranian? Where is the evidence against Awlaki? There is this rumor about transparency….. AND, where is the evidence that Awlaki’s son was a terrorist? What about civilians killed by drones? They are not “targets”, as I understand it. This judge just legalized murder. Any one of us could be next since any claims about us would be NEVER be revealed due to state secrecy provisions previously and presently legalized by courts.

  • Abby Martin is one of the bright lights of all the news outlets. We have seen endless video of John Kerry condemning Russia for invading a sovereign nation — EXCUUUUUUSSE ME!! The U.S. is did invade Iraq on bogus charges right? Am I distorting things here? The U.S. is currently killing Pakistanis, Yemenis, Ethoipians, Somalis, and YES, even American citizens. Where has the U.S. media been on those FACTS? Anyone watching Rachel Maddow must certainly be aware that Obama cannot do anything wrong. She actually called out Kerry for his hypocrisy and I was dumbfounded. However, she followed that up by blaming the previous president. She too has apparently not read about the latest drones strikes, the additional troops our Nobel Peace Prize president put into Afghanistan, and all of the above, the NSA, national security letters, prosecution of whistleblowers, etc. When Abby Martin condemns those actions, where is the PAPER OF RECORD? Russia should not have sent in troops, but the U.S. has nearly 800 bases in “sovereign”nations around the world. How many does Russia have? China? Iran? Venezuela? anyone? Ferris? By the way, have any of those who dismiss RT watched Oksana Boyko grill her guests, from west and east? She does her homework and asks tough questions. AND, she’s on RT. My most important news sources are LINK TV, Democracy NOW!, RT, and Al Jazeera. Many of my liberal friends do not know that the only TV service that carries all of them is not Comcast, not Time Warner cable, not ATT cable, not Apple TV, not Direct TV — it’s DISH. It amounts to censorship, and it’s intentional.

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    I’m still for Elizabeth Warren. The usual claim against her is that “she is not ready” or “she is not experienced enough”. Look where “experience” has gotten us. Unfortuantely, her own party leaders will campaign against her. If she chooses not to run, but I do not see a downside to voting for the Green Party. People will say, but consider what would happen if a Republican were to win. A Republican did!! and he will be in office for 3 more years. Would an extremist RETHUG be worse? Probably, but only because the Democrats in Congress will not have a clue about obfuscating and threatening nearly as effectively as RETHUGS during Obama/Reid tenure. We have 3 years to promote Warren or the Greens. It’s time to get busy or our economy and our social problems will continue to tank.

  • Though I would agree that the U.S. govt cannot be trusted, and arresting GG is a definite threat, the real threat is the “patriot” crazies who could act alone or with others against GG. THEY are unpredictable, unknown, and some of them are truly violent and insane. Any one of those crazies would consider harm to GG to be their place in history.
    GG: don’t take the chance. The risk is too great.

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    Reliable organizations estimate that U.S. tax subsidies for Keystone transport, refining, and sales will total from $1 to 2 billion. Mitch McConnell claims it won’t cost taxpayers “a dime”, but he lies. What a surprise. How many non-polluting windmills or solar installations will that amount of money support FOR DECADES? — with no pollution, much [...]

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    Watching Al Jazeera, I heard Ali V. predict 200,000 additional jobs and gave a very upbeat report on the “improving” economy. I guffawed as I watched and have been vindicated — sadly. It’s pointless to watch his reaction today since he is clearly clueless. He spends too much time watching Wall Street and not enough time on Main Street. Sound familiar?

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    As the two parties have moved to the right, they have moved the population rightward as well. Ergo, the former left has now assumed the safe center of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Those of us who have resisted that movement and retained the passion for a “less unequal” society, strong unions, good funding for education, less focus on prison, more focus on treatment, higher taxes on the rich, federal funding for elections, infrastructure upkeep, mass transit, voting rights, reproductive rights, etc. are now RADICALS! Most of my family and friends shake their heads in disbelief at my advocacy for these timeless progressive positions; AND, I get my news from Democracy Now!, Link TV, RT, and now Al Jazeera. That PROVES that I am a radical: I actually want real news! Who would have guessed?

  • When Judge Preska sentenced Jeremy Hammond to 10 years in prison to “promote respect for the law” was she aware of the fraud of the bankers and Wall Street traders prior to 2007? Was she aware of the warrantless wiretapping by our own government before it was made “legal” by our politicians? Was she aware of the assassination of U.S. citizens by our own government without judicial process? Was she aware of the rendition and torture of “suspects” by the U.S. government in the “war on terror” all around the world? Does she know about the U.S. government’s respectful prosecution of Assange, Binney, Kiriakou, Schwartz, journalists, Occupy protestors, activists, and student movements around the U.S.? Apparently not. Judge Preska’s appalling ruling only shows that some judges live in an illusory world subject to the pernicious biases promoted by a complicit media and a immoral and lawless government.

  • “With liberty and justice for Some….
    Hammond probably expected to pay a price if caught, but 10 years is revenge. Stratfor invaded citizen privacy with no consequences. If corporations or individuals in the financial sector get “deferred prosecutions”, why can’t Hammond? Why is such an judicial outcome OK for corporations, excuse me, “Persons”, but not Hammond?

  • One of the most infuriating aspects of the shutdown was the constant reference to the closing of parks and monuments. This inconvenience seemed to resonate, but the real pain was suffered by the helpless and the poor who were denied Meals on Wheels, Headstart, and PAYCHECKS for rent, food, school supplies, gasoline, heating oil, and other daily painkillers. Though I much preferred AlJazeera’s coverage generally, only RT actually mentioned such genuine difficulty rather than the inconvenience of standing in front of a veteran’s memorial while on a rather pricey vacation. Sorry folks, but missing out on gazing and a statue of Lincoln does not come close to missing a week’s worth of meals if you are 70 years old and confined to a wheelchair.

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    I wish Jackie Speier would have named those political “takers” who are so found of condemning the poor as “takers” and conveniently omit the “takings” by the rich of all those tax deductions, subsidies, favorable tax rates, and travel privileges. I would love to hear them defend their “right” to such government “assistance”. That’s a pretty good “leg up”. The legal deductions and other financial government benefits claimed by the wealthy far surpass the paltry dollars begrudgingly doled out to the fully employed poor, disabled, and elderly to put food on the table.

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    I agree the U.S. military cannot afford peace; nor can the surveillance state afford privacy; nor can employers afford low unemployment; nor can radical conservatives afford greater voter turnout; nor can media moguls afford a savvy populace; nor can capitalism afford anti-monopoly regulation. The list is long that erodes and suppresses democracy.

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    Greenwald gets it right: “… and justice for some”. Clapper can lie by denying secret government actions –even if they are illegal. And they must be, or he would not feel the need to lie, yes? BUT, telling the truth, to expose those same illegal acts, is criminal. Ergo, truth-telling Snowden is the criminal; liar Clapper gets the big bucks to mislead Congress. Lying Obama, who promised transparency (and to close Gitmo ((and condemned Bush’s drone policy)), and tortured Bradley Manning, and imprisoned him for 3 years before trial ((swift Justice?)) ), gets the loyalty of Democrats and approval of the the people because he is “less evil” than Bush? Something is sick in Amerika.

  • Fine. Now, after torturing him, imprisoning him without charges for three years, letting killers, kidnappers, thieves, and liars off the hook, let Bradley Manning go free.

  • And I’m thinking of flying across the Grand Canyon by flapping my arms really, really fast. The Dems are really, really clueless, and they deserve their leader.

  • The only organization that fights this stuff is the ACLU. Put them on your list for monthly stipend of $10 to $50 (or more, of course). We cannot expect either branch of Congress to resist the gradual erosion of civil liberties and loss of privacy through insidious, invisible, clandestine surveillance buy our own government — all privatized, of course; and we can trust them to safeguard our data. Oh, right.

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