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    Looking for something good to read this fall that will help you stay informed about contemporary issues like healthcare and science? Check these books out:

    Your Life: An Owner’s Guide , by Michael R. Slavit, Ph.D. This book is just what the doctor ordered!  It’s very readable, and it hits home on major life issues as well [...]

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    5 Great Things About America: ONE.  Every 4 to 8 years we have a peaceful transition of government.  People in power leave voluntarily, and new people move in.  Many world historians consider this a miracle. TWO.  We can travel from state-to-state whenever we want, without having to show a passport or papers of any kind. [...]

  • Okay, America, I know I’m flying in the face of one of your favorite things: big time college sports. But it’s time for us to take a long, hard look at reality. Big time college sports should be seriously limited. I am convinced the only we are going to curtail this sad blight on our [...]

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    There’s been a lot of talk about the “one percent” – meaning the one percent of the wealthiest Americans. That would be 3,000,000 people. The truth is it’s more like “one-fifth-of-one-percent” – more like 600,000 people who control more than 95% of all the wealth in this country… First of all, I’m not talking about [...]

  • Let’s face it; since the Obama administration invested 500 million of our tax dollars on failed solar power company Solyndra, the white house has been reluctant to discuss anything even faintly resembling the color green. I won’t beat a dead horse by saying how important it is that we work to ease our dependence on [...]

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

  • Have you ever gingerly walked across the patio on a warm summers day, stubbed your toe and suddenly let loose with a few choice curse words? We’ve all done it. And I don’t need to tell you about the healing power of cursing, but now there is serious clinical research that suggests the momentary release of cursing helps [...]
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