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  • Well, the sheeple won’t think, but rest assured Rove is, and I really cannot see him allowing Obama or any other D to win the WH and keep his ilk out four more years. I’ve had the opinion for a long time now that the whole process is kabuki to ensure that no one wins and the convention selects the candidate. That does a couple of things: the Crossroads,AFP,TP axis will do the ground game necessary, and the Koch money will buy all of the airtime from the compliant corporate media to ensure any opposition research points won’t be heard. Kind of a variation on the Manchurian Candidate. Pay attention also to who’s selected as Veep, since for example Newt does win, the term will be shortened [scandal] and the Veep will have complete control.

  • Kudos for Coakley for standing up. My AG, Kamala Harris, is sort of doing so, joining in NV’s investigation [although not the lawsuit] of mortgage abuses. She’s trying to keep in the good graces of the DNC which is wholeheartedly behind the deal because they think the banks will give them money.

    The banks won’t, if their butts are covered. They’ve done it before [TARP was supposed to stimulate lending to small business, that was the principal selling point], they’ll do it again.

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    Let’s also remember that Walter Reed was another Shrub special, and that until shamed out of it, the Bu$hies refused to raise the death benefit from 10,000, and also were shipping bodies as cargo to save pennies.

    They are scum.

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    Also, think progress:

    Another Shrub special, between 2004 and 2008, though Faux is blaming Obama as usual.

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    Where? Link please.

    This is the kind of thing that would make Erick spawn of Erick, LGF, and the rest of the pseudo-patriots explode and cover at least an hour of Limpbaugh. Two on Beck.

  • HAMP was a bad deal without cramdown, and executed even more poorly by the banks for the purpose of lining their pockets. When one reads and sees foreclosures executed on dual track activity everyone realized that going for HAMP was just another way for the bank to cheat you out of your home. So, you’d stay away.

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    Regarding the banks, note that Citi still claimed profits for all of this time, and according to the article, is seeing a dropoff in demand for loans. That detail is false. The demand is there, but the banksters refuse to lend the money to small business which was the declared purpose of TARP. Citi and the others squirreled away the cash off shore to pay off the derivatives that turned the $1.4 trillion in actual toxic subprime assets [i.e. real houses] into the at least $7.7 trillion shoveled at them [that we've been told about after much resistance] and the banks are still claiming insolvency in so many words to justify their fees.

    The real sh___pile is probably double what we have discovered, which means that 10-11 dollars exist on CDS bets on top of bets for each tangible dollar. In Vegas, you get the haircut if you bet and lose, but the banksters don’t want to hang their buddies [Unions, PERS, ension funds are fair game of course, cuz they aren't bankster buddies] and shatter the myth of their financial genius. That’s why the fees, unfair foreclosures, continued abuses bad enough for NV to file suit for reneging on an agreement [B of A] and so on. They’re trying to cover the bubble, and there isn’t enough money in the world to allow that.

    We aren’t done with the fiscal meltdown by any stretch.

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    Anchor Baby? I suppose it’s been a while since we’ve heard from her.

  • At least Henny can play the violin.

    Hermie…. well not so much, and anything he says now isn’t covered by the agreements signed then. Just sayin’.

  • It’d be safer with Charles.

    Seriously, if Cain and Newt think they have a prayer of spouting the family values dreck without having this on the table, guess again. If Obama was doing this, we all know what would be happening right now. The legal prohibition on telling all just might get lifted by Cain himself, because if he continues to shoot off about how there’s nothing there [having paid six figs to shut three women up] some enterprising lawyer might have to review the defamation statutes, because when Hermie says that he is saying the women [who got six figs from him, combined] are liars. And that just might invalidate any legal protection, since they would petition to have the opportunity to clear their names in court.

    That’s why sleeping dogs must lie.

    Now, what this kind of thing really does is provide the opportunity for no one to win the nomination before the GOP convention, which mean [my bet] Petraeus gets the GOP nod with a suitably crazy teabagger a heartbeat away [maybe Snott Walker will need a job then], with limited oppo research time [and FWIW, putting Petraeus at CIA means he'll collect all the oppo he needs, bad move, Obama]. I’m not sure how a convention-nominated candidate would make it on the ballots now if the exploratory committees we hear are required to pursue aren’t there. Does Crossroads or the various Koch operations fill in? I think they would with unlimited cash on hand, all totally shadowy.

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    If you dig, Cheney et al tied through (at least) Nixon to the Wisconsin bottle baby himself, Joe McCarthy.

    It’s in their blood, if not the liquor cabinet.

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    Entschuldigen Sie, Herr Guckert, die Bayerisch sind DFH, keine Deutsche.

    Ask anyone outside of Bavaria and after they roll their eyes they will tell you.

  • I would normally agree with you, but the politics as they are now will prevent that outcome. Witness the B of A move to place the derivatives under FDIC bailout protection [], and the craven attempts by the WH to continue these discussions after NY, DE, CA, and NV all pulled plugs on deals. The pols ought to know that no amount of money in the OWS environment will provide enough advertising to obscure the conclusion that they SOLD OUT THE VOTERS by approving this without ANY investigation, and at pennies on the dollar compared to the FHFA lawsuit already in progress, much less the ones to come as this case’s effects progress along.

    Bottom line, the erstwhile new homeowner has a tort against the seller, and the title company. Since fraud is involved there are additional damages that can be claimed by the ENHO because they were told that the home was indeed available to be sold when it wasn’t. This would be in addition to the DA deciding to prosecute for grand theft or wire fraud or RICO, or any number of other state and federal laws. “St” Ronnie sent the S&Lers to jail for destroying that market, by the hundreds. Time for more of the same.

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    Go read on the B of A 3-card monte shift of the Merrill Lynch dreck.

    You’ll yank your money at the earliest opportunity.

  • Emptywheel has a post up regarding the BofA holding company moving the Merrill Lynch derivatives business from the investment bank [not covered by FDIC] to the depositary side [covered by FDIC] which, as noted by EW channeling Yves Smith, means the banksters get their derivatives covered and the FDIC gets the haircut, due to GOP changes in the bankruptcy law.

    OWS has even more reason to be pissed off now.

  • While I believe that the speculators should take the haircut, it would be the CDSs that should get shorn, not the MBSs rated AAA. BNY is off base.

  • I’m sure the speculation was spot-on, and it points to the pigheaded pursuit of compromise [or sellouts, if you prefer] by the Obama WH in this. We do have a couple of key issues for Kamala here:

    1. There is no way anyone in CA will support a politician that let the banks off the hook for their pervasive and continuing fraud on homeowners, and that’s a lot of votes. She’s ambitious.
    2. There is no way Dimon, et al., will support the D’s with $$$ when the R’s are more reliably pliable.
    3. The best friend of the consumers in all of this is, oddly enough, the continuing greed of the banksters in believing they will get a better deal. Plus their hubris in charging fees to use debit cards, which are now the vehicle of choice for states to distribute unemployment [CA switched this year], and does that mean people on assistance will get hosed again?

    As far as the budget question goes, I’d be interested as well, since we all know that it’s about putting the money where the mouth is. So, while Gov. Brown and Kamala talk the good talk, it’s still cheap.

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    That is the other aspect not being addressed, exactly what is to be done with potentially problematic homes? The entirely plausible scenarios:

    1. Bank forecloses illegally, without the note, sells to new owner in essence “duplicating” ownership at the county recorder. Normally title insurance is supposed to stop this kind of thing, but I haven’t heard a lot of the title companies (like Old Republic, etc.) saying anything about this lack of ownership. Who does the county recorder defend in terms of the rights?
    1a. New owner turns out to be speculators interested in flipping houses, so now one has two separate ownership trails.

    2. Owner discovers a lien on a property that shouldn’t be there, due to MERS foulups or identity theft [which has happened back East, where homes bought with cash in full were foreclosed on while owners were away] which was never authorized by them in any detectable way. How does the true owner regain their rights?

    Since it was clear from the business model to defraud the recorders, and since the recordations have been the norm for centuries, predating the USA by centuries in common law, it really isn’t a question about what the normal process was, it was a deliberate end run to avoid paying required fees. When we little people do that to the IRS, we lose our shirts.

    The banksters need to take their haircuts, the bonuses paid out since the demise of Glass-Steagall need to be forfeited, and if we have to start fresh [like Iceland has done] so much the better. Think about how many counties there are in the USA, and how many properties are in them. Even if the investors don’t kill off the banks, the recorders might, followed by the issue of state sales taxes, etc., and EVERYONE is looking for revenue.

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    One would hope that the UK example would be the last nail in the coffin of austerity’s effectiveness in bringing down debt at the government level. As far as why people would vote for it, look no farther than the media, owned and managed by corporations with their own agendas. It’s why 30% of the self-identified GOP voters still think Obama is a Muslim [except when they need to flog him with Rev Jeremiah, who is a Christian when I checked last], or why Arpaio [who apparently needs a poll boost] put together his cold case posse to re-visit the birther issue, and 30+% of the GOP believe him as well. These people are fed lies, and since that is what they know, that is what they act upon.

  • Not only NewsCorp, where Issa knew Rupert before he doesn’t know him any more [it's why Issa didn't investigate Rupert for a Delaware fiasco], as well as this latest example is RW hypocrisy so evident. the walls described by Issa don’t exist when a D is in the crosshairs.

    The thing to remember about Solyndra that the corporate media isn’t telling you is that the Bush Administration and GOP-led Congress approved the program in 2004, funded it in 2005, Solyndra got its funding from VC operations [including Walmart's Madrone operation] and a loan guarantee from the Bush Administration DOE in 2007. Obama’s DOE refused to restructure the updated loan [tied to the notorious photo op that is the SOLE basis to pin this on Obama] after the audit of the books in 2010 apparently was unsatisfactory, which tells me that the USG can actually pull the plug on a bad deal occasionally. So all of the talk about this being Obama’s issue are road apples, the only thing Obama did was to do a photo op on a loan vetted by Bushies. And then pulled the plug when what he was told didn’t add up any more. Bush never did that, he just shoveled more taxpayer dollars down the rat hole and prosecuted the messengers [i.e. Bunnatine Greenhouse].

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