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    Good-bye, Tbogg. Hope to see you in comments around the blogosphere. Best to you, Mrs. Tbogg, the L&T, and the boys. And thanks for all the fish.

  • Shit. Didn’t think of that.

  • The good news for me is that the Bills can’t sign him now. (Can’t help being a Bills fan – I grew up in the shadow of the old War Memorial Stadium.)

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    the dirty stripper-past-her-prime hardness that Fox prefers from its lady talkers is what made me all quivery, but this is one of TBogg’s best ever.

  • He’s a Republican, he’s a tax cheat. What’s new?

    In the run-up to the primary elections, I heard an interview with Gomez on NPR. They really tried to make him sound like a new breed of Republican (Now! With brown skin!), but he made the same-old, same-old talking points: lower taxes for the wealthy and fewer regulations on business will lead to a booming economy. So it’s no surprise he’s a tax cheat; these guys really do think that only the little people should pay taxes.

  • arrest anyone who looks Arabic in New England

    I assume the person(s) who suggested that doesn’t live in the Boston area, and doesn’t have a clear idea of what “looking Arabic (sic)” might be, either. Approximately half the people I see every day on the streets, public transportation, and at work are some shade of not-white. And they don’t wear convenient badges identifying their particular ethnicity. Is that swarthy-skinned, black-haired person at the bus stop Arab or natural-born American of mixed racial heritage? Indian? Israeli? Greek? I think the police and the FBI, for all their failings, understand you need a better filter than “looks Arabic.”

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    Right now. I’m seeing this picture in a late-afternoon light that gives it a definite Norman Rockwell quality. Maybe the boyz can earn their Milk Bones posing for magazine covers.

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    OMG, you’re not kidding. High quality ceramic (just like my tea mug), filled with rock salt bought at whatever the city pays for tonnage, and endorsed by that paragon of selfless honesty, Dr. Oz. I bet Megan has two!

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    Completely off topic, but since someone mentioned McMegan . . . I noticed this winter that the rock salt used on the sidewalk outside a nearby business has about the same pinkish beige hue as the $2.99 bottles of pink Himalayan salt I see in TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I picked up a hunk that is Liz-Taylor-engagement-ring sized. Think if I put it on eBay as a lump of jen – yoo – wine PHS, I might get an offer?

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    I like how Mr. 240+K assumes a pension on 100K in the state system would be paltry. Not too long ago, fat cats were winning elections by arguing that public employees have it too good. I keep trying to tell people, our “betters” know what they are doing – they want to crush our lives and souls until we are a permanent underclass of serfs. Read “The White Tiger.”

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    A friend once sent me a copy of the gay agenda (I think he was on the committee). It went something like:

    8:00 breakfast (egg white omelets, oatmeal, mimosas)
    10:00 shopping
    12:00 lunch
    1:00 destroy marriage, the family, and civilization
    2:00 beauty nap

  • So that’s what Uncle Fester looked like before he went bald.

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    Most of the MoftFU fell into money; once you have enough of that, it’s hard to get rid of. So, yes, I am saying that this one is a dud. He’d be selling used cars on Rte. 1 if his father weren’t rich.

    Call me Shirley or Betsy, just make up your mind which ;)

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    Since I’m not going to read Brooks (he gives me heartburn), I’ll reply to him here. Kind and decent people do not pretend to be fuck-the-poors government haters, because kindness and decency preclude that as a moral option. Depressingly inept people run depressingly inept campaigns because they are inept. The incompetence will not stop, even if Romney wins the election (see Dunning-Kruger effect); he is too insulated by his impenetrable wall of money from ever suffering from the hell he plans for the rest of us.

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    Seriously, TBogg, I don’t believe this for a minute. You have clearly invented the entire wingnut universe as a prank on us earnest but gullible liberals. No real person, no matter how opposed to Obama, could call the President “prissy” for eating pork chops in the customary manner. Unless, of course, in Munro’s house the customary manner is to just throw the food into a trough and stick their faces in it.

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    I think this means her 15 minutes are up and we can go back to not knowing she exists.

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    These people seriously need some booze and weed.

  • ooh, Segway races!

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    Too many ladies and not enough Donald Trumps, Rush Limbaughs , and Larry Kings.

    To be fair, Don, Rush, and Larry – and don’t forget Newt! – have done their best to empower as many women as they could.

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    It’s racist for black people to follow black leaders instead of white republicans to the ballot box.

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