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  • ruh17 commented on the blog post Congress Unlikely to Authorize Military Action in Syria

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    Your first mistake is you are framing it wrong. It’s not 90% against it… it’s 9% FOR IT. That’s what all the headlines on the MSM have been throwing out there. 9% for…. it’s big right? Or something. You’re just a glass 91% empty kind of person aren’t you?

  • I think banning people is childish. I say, let them show their true colors. I just usually ignore it.

  • I think if I excused his presence I wouldn’t have compared FDL to the Huffingtonpost ;)

    Shoot.. I actually have an FDL inspired tattoo. This presence of which you speak, has me almost wanting to cover it up.

  • I’m lost. What exactly did I excuse? I didn’t say anything about her?

    Saw her interview from today. She always has good things to say.

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    My comment was meant as a reply to alan1tx’s comment @15.

    I could swore I hit the reply button. I share the view you have @20, theoretical demand is great… But without the means to buy anything it means bupkis.

  • I still very vividly remember her interview on…MSN I think, during the healthcare kerfuffle when she just got so passionate that she was damn near in tears speaking, which had me damn near in tears.

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    Nice of you to parse words… But wouldn’t economic demand not only include the “want” of said item but also the ability to actually purchase what you want? I want a private jet but just because I want that item does not increase the economic demand for private jets. That’s just nonsense.

  • I’ve been coming to FDL since before libbygate. I try to justify TBogg’s existence on FDL like an old SAT question.

    TBOgg articles are to FDL as… The correct answer(always C) is … As KIm Kardashian is to the HuffingtonPost.

    Just high school gossip column fluff used to distract and attempt to entertain the masses instead of actually informing the masses. M problem is I used to view FDL as better than than the average MSM ran fluff news.

  • better his than some rapey narcissistic blogger who seems to think the most important things to focus on are the sexual activities of mayors or people running to be mayor. I’m beginning to think you may have a slight jealous streak. Nobody sending you dick pics anymore?

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    they believe taking tax dollars from people who are successful and giving it away to others will benefit the middle class

    criminals succeeding at being criminals siphoning money out of the middle class. I think the phrase you are looking for is reinvestment. The criminals can look at it as reinvesting back into the middle class so that there is even more for them to suck out of the economy and ship overseas. Wiiii!

  • So, who determines whether someone is or is not a whistleblower? The government gets to decide whether someone who reported on the government’s own illegal or immoral acts is a whistleblower or not? Seems like the fox guarding the hen house… which actually seems to be the norm today in the good ol US of A.

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    yes I’m willing to accept that myself or a member of my family be maimed in a terrorist attack so government won’t go through my phone records to try to find terrorists

    Happy? That’s’ the cost of freedom. You take risks. No matter what you do the risks are never fully avoidable. The NSA has not shown any terrorist attack was stopped by recording everyone’s phone calls and emails that could not have been solved by one of the other legitimate means of crime prevention. Sorry but I’m not buying your “this is the only way for us to be safe” argument.

    You call us Tea Party members but then you go all racist and say that instead of phone tapping the only other option is expelling all the Middle Eastern people.

    I love it when you give people enough rope an d they just hang themselves because they really have no idea what they are talking about to begin with so they just start throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. You should be a politician.

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    Basically what it comes down to is Busher is 100% confident that if our Congress approves, and our secret courts approve it must be a good thing. He/she just so happens to neglect all the history of the world that shows this to not actually be true.

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    Prisoners of war? What war? Terrorism has been around since the dawn of and will be around long after you are dust.

    I knew you people existed. It’s just nice to read someone actually admit that they are such a coward that they are willing to sacrifice both theirs and everyone else’s freedoms.

  • Thanks ET for your extensive work on this. You have informed me beyond belief. I always enjoy reading your stuff. It’s too bad the current state of affairs has pushed me so far over the cynical line that I just read this stuff and think to myself, “investigation. So? Sure maybe a few lower level [...]

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    Man, don’t mention his name. Get’s me all wet around the eyes.

    DSW is doing a great job. But just the sheer number of articles and vast amount of information that FDL loses with DDay gone is impossible to fill.

    In the interim there seems to be a lot of fluff pieces front paged.

  • Wait wait wait… You’re saying there are restaurants that require no chewing? Just think of how many more things we could do if we never had to chew.

  • People enjoy it the same reason they enjoy eating other things. They like the taste. Of all the horrible things we out in our bodies from fast food restaurants and other junk food locations… And this is where you draw the line? I enjoy the taste.

    I know it’s made from nasty stuff. As is most of the things available from fast food when you get down to the nitty gritty of the ingredients. It’s called junk food for a reason.

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    It’s the average working man and woman who will suffer.

    As is always the case.

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    I shutter to imagine where this country would be if your type of compromise was how FDR and JFK and Lincoln operated during their terms.

    What exactly is the GOP giving up? Tax increase on the richest of the rich? Theyu are already going to expire. They aren’t giving up anything. This is how Obama works. He negotiates against himself in order to push through his Neo Liberal agenda and hope that when he is out of office he still has a seat at the table. It’s shameless and disgusting.

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