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  • Russron commented on the diary post Dear Irena Briganti: Anyone Ever Fired for On-Screen Errors at Fox? by spocko.

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    That would actually get someone fired over there.

  • Russron commented on the diary post Police Abuse of Sex Workers: A Global Reality, Widely Ignored by RHRealityCheck.

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    Does it matter? All are exploited. But I would imagine that most are women, as in made dominated society’s, women’s options for income are limited.

  • Russron commented on the blog post Support for Affordable Care Act Hits New Low

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    It was written by an aide to Max Baucus, who was AHIP. I clearly remember a discussion of the properties of the file that was upload. Written by Big Insurance, for Big Insurance. From that point on, it was doomed to fail. This turkey could be killed by Thanksgiving.

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    Am I the only one who is going to vote “None of the Above” in the primary and then the General? After tonight’s speech, I’ll bet I won’t be!! Too little, too late and muchh of it wasted in tax cuts. We’ve seen this horror movie before and to quote my redneck friends: “That Dog don’t hunt”.

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    God, I wanted to watch the football pre-game instead. But unfortunately, I got to hear more “Repug Lite” from Obama. That of course includes Medicare and Social Security cuts.

    I’d given up on this SOB before this speech and nothing has changed. Please network gods, give me back the Football Pre-Game, I don’t want to listen to this Quiszling anymore.

  • Russron commented on the blog post Fewer People Think Health Care Reform Will Help the Uninsured

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    Meanwhile, Municipalities have more mandates that we have no idea of how we’re going to cover. We’re rolling out a system now that looks like a Cluster Phuck, but we’re told it’s a compliance part of the new health care act. More money down the drain and this dog takes $$ away from the health care services that we already provide the uninsured. I still want to know what mechanism is there to ensure that the pre-existing condition won’t be taking a new form? If you have a chronic condition, what’s to stop the insurance parasites from pricing that coverage beyond your reach?

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    I’m going to be watching Football. In all honesty towards Obama, I can’t bear to watch him anymore anyway. Too big a disappointment. Then again, I’m going to be voting “None of the Above” in 2012. Does it make a difference if Obama gives away what we care about when he caves, or if a Repug just takes it away?

  • Russron commented on the diary post Jerry Brown: Leading Hospice Party Democrats to Extinction by Scarecrow.

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    So did I. But what choice did we have? It was either a sell out Dem or Meg Whitman and she’d have Wisconsin’d California. I am so tired of the lesser of 2 evils. For once in my life I’d like to vote for a candidate that I’m confident will do the right thing. I’ve [...]

  • Russron commented on the blog post Gang of Six Proposal Emerges

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    As bad as the consequences are, default is preferable to this deal. Every single Democratic member on this gang has got to go. The Repugs, well we can’t do too much about that. I never thought Durbin would stick the knife in like this though. I’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare for 38 years and am about to get reamed without KY.

  • Russron commented on the blog post The Debt Limit Deal Is a Gift for Republicans

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    You’ve got to be kidding. Giving Obama a dime sends exactly the wrong message. To give them some spunk, the money must NOT be given. We need to focus on getting back the House and making the next president one and done. This one is a disaster and not worthly of the support it was given. I truly regret my donations last time and now the Repugs can say we tried it your way and it didn’t work. But as we all know, Progressive ideals never had a chance and were sold out before talks even began.

  • Russron commented on the blog post Judge Strikes Down Anti-Union Law in Wisconsin

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    Good luck selling that expensive home of yours. I hope you give it to the community on your way out. Lord knows, if all the rats like you leave–there are no buyers.

  • Russron commented on the diary post Making Social Security More Progressive: The Games They Play in Washington by Dean Baker.

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    Didn’t you hear? Comcast just bought MSNBC, so the Corporate Drivel will continue to screw the ordinary American worker. Howard Dean or Nancy Altman at someone point, will no longer be news worthy. But you can bet that Pete Peterson, Lanny Davis and the rest of their ilk will be.

  • Has anyone done a survey in which they asked: Has all the hassle with Fatherland Security and the Airlines driven you away from flying? Since 2001, I haven’t flown, haven’t missed it and this drives a stake into the idea that I will do so in the future. If a lot more decide the process isn’t worth the aggravation, then the airlines will go down the dumper. If I have to get to the East Coast, I’d rather spend a week driving and avoid this crap. In addition to long lines, you get treated like cattle (once on the plane), then you don’t know if the airline skimped on maintenance or if the pilot is asleep from working two other jobs–because they don’t make enough as a pilot to survive!

    My question is: Why would anyone want to deal with this?