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  • Considering that the cost to stay there is over $300/night, chances are he just engaged in Greco-Roman uvula wrestling over drinks.

  • There’s only one sure cure for Filner’s “gropitis,” and that is being forced to wrestle Gloria Allred until one of them is pinned in a headlock, in a vat of lime Jell-O, at the Hall of Justice. Or maybe Qualcomm Stadium…. Bathing suits optional.

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    Love it! Although I still have no clue how you filthy Californicators have perverted pizza slices!

  • IMHO, those pj’s are so NOT Christine. She’s just a bit too chunky dontcha think?

  • “February 24, 2010, the orca Tilikum killed trainer Dawn Brancheau at Seaworld Orlando, and this was the third person he killed. Why is he still being used in shows?”

    Probably because he hasn’t eaten a “touron” yet. And also, Koch Brothers.

  • CA can’t afford to lose any more businesses. If the tax rolls are split, it will invariably favor commercial and rental properties, but cut against homeowners. Either that, or a hybrid form for homeowners that allows revaluation or partial correction in value when the homeowner refinances.

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    His entire probability-based way of looking at politics ran against the kind of political journalism that The Times specializes in: polling, the horse race, campaign coverage, analysis based on campaign-trail observation, and opinion writing, or “punditry,” as he put it, famously describing it as “fundamentally useless.”

    Too bad they don’t give awards for that.

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    I think they’re all refugees from the Hair Club for Men!

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    “So, yeah, Filner is toast”

    Something just isn’t right here. Filner may a first class jerk, but guys who are predators generally don’t keep it under wraps–particularly is an insular, gossipy town like Washington, D.C., without someone leaking it to the press.

    I’m leaning toward the EEG and MRI combo before going for an indictment or wasting the money on a recall election that could be better used for filling potholes.

    Even if Filner’s attitude isn’t caused by physical problems, it’s not like he’s the first politician to think he’s a gift to women. Former City Councilwoman Donna Frye claims that [Filner] has had stuck his tongue in the mouth of every woman in San Diego. I tend to think such claims are hyperbole, because even our local RNC-lovin’ paper–which is all over this story like mud on a pig–sacrificed thousands of trees pointing out that Ms. Frye’s lips appeared to be firmly glued to Filner’s @$$.

    I eagerly await reports of competing conspiracy theories….

  • I thought FL actually had a mountain near the panhandle that was about 500 feet above sea level. Gee, I’m shocked that you can even get flood insurance there!

  • In many states–particularly in the South, the defendant in a criminal trial does not take the stand because there is a common presumption that he will lie to save his skin, despite taking the oath. Also, in this case, there was one particular jury instruction that was conspicuous by its absence: That the initial agressor in an altercation may not be privileged to rely on the stand your ground defense under FL law. Depending on how it was handled, putting Zimmerman on the stand might convey to the jury that his act of “stalking” Martin and “confronting” Martin while armed marked him as the initial agressor, under cross-examination.

    W/R/T the hearsay evidence: There are also many exceptions to hearsay. In situations like this, the alleged hearsay testimony may involve words uttered while under the shock/excitement of the situation, words that convey sense impressions contemporaneous with the events in question, or words uttered that show subsequent acts that are in conformance with the utterance.

    “Admissions” are admissible as non-hearsay evidence. IF someone freely tells their version of the facts to the police or other third parties these words are often admissible as admissions. Some types of acts are admissible as “vicarious admissions.”

    “Words of legal significance” are also admissible as non-hearsay: “I agreed” can signify “contractual intent;” “Stop!” can be a form of “notice.” Words written and signed under oath in a confession are presumed true–because everyone is scared of pissing off the “Sky Fairy of your Choice” if they lie. In this case, words that signify “malice” and “intent” would most likely be key.

    Finally, inconsistent statements may come in to impeach prior testimony, or in other instances to rehabilitate recorded testimony.

    Hope this gives you a better idea. You usually spend at least 2 semesters learning this stuff in law school! : )

  • It’s official: You can now use deadly force when encountering the “melanin enhanced” in the Sunshine State if your sphincter muscles clutch. …And also, sidewalks are potentially deadly weapons.

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    Even creepier: A guy around here had 2 dogs that looked exactly like that. They bit off 2 of his toes one night while he was sleeping. He still kept them. (The dogs–not sure what he did with the toes.)

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    No. Effin’. Way!

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    Well, thank your lucky stars the Grape Nuts are still unmolested!

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    More like: People in Utah getting paid a boatload of billions to collect info and store it on hard disks, where it will die of technical obsolescence in about 4 to 10 years–because the people with the math skilz to make sense of it all will know that the whole project is a scam.

  • If Jeebus had meant for good Xians to enjoy football, church would be held on Saturdays–so as not to interfere with the pre-game warm-up festivities.

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    The extent of the NSA “listening post” in UT was covered in “Wired” (?) about a year ago. By the time stuff like this hits the mainstream media, it’s old news. The NSA has been monitoring all phone calls in the US since shortly after 9/11.

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    “The bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise.”

    Get this woman an Aricept–STAT!

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    I suppose the fact that Ross Douthat likes this sort of drek is as good a reason as any to save the price of admission.

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