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    Mr… don’t worry I can deny the will of the people, “I have a nefarious PLAN!”

    Mr total corporate shill, corporatize education, prisons, gut any protections for the working men and women. Destroy unions.

    BUSH harmless… yea and his brother had a Dgree fom HAVAD!

    solidarity & peace

  • So do public records law mean anything. If the law, stands for anything it must place the guarantee of the PUBLICS ACCESS to LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS.

    Has the 4th Amendment been completely nullified?


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    Its easy to detect the site stats will show hits through the roof but typically the hits are at the domains only.

    I would also say – you doing something right – to have made such enemies.
    Take a bow, they are no longer ignoring you! (US)
    solidarity & peace

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    We have so many immediate problems, it is difficult if not presumptuous to suggest which one takes precedence at the exclusion of the others. I see hands raised for WAR, I see hands and hearts demanding that Environmental protection is job #1. I see and hear the argument that our justice system must be rebuilt [...]

  • What brave men and women they are. Even after one of their number changed his mind and left the action. They stood for TRUTH, in such a gale, as this again today.
    Solidarity & Peace

  • Knowing how well tuned the PBS/NPR ear is to their masters voice a quick glance at the “Corporate Persons” who underwrite the performances. Each time I tune in to learn the OFFICIAL LIE” I shake my old grey locks and remember the old PBS and NPR when the Hoover Institute and the Wall Street Journal didn’t constitute the full breadth of economic analysis.

    Solidarity & Peace

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    my letter to the EPA representative

    Mr. McManus, EPA
    I have been an environmental activist since I read Ms. Rachel Carson back in the 1960s. I remember when the idea of a day to celebrate and protect the Earth, was considered a radical idea.
    It was President Nixon, a man with his share of flaws, who saw fit to [...]
  • The historic failures of UNION LEADERSHIP must have played a significant part in the defeat. Under normal conditions how could “no representation” be better than representation and solidarity. It makes no sense any other way.

    Union feather-bedding, rich comfortable leaders and empty promises will convince no one. If the UNIONS don’t recognize that the remaining UNIONIZED WORKERS and the UNION LEADERSHIP must STAND UP for workers, defend workers rights. They must lead by example. Workers across the country must see the benefit on UNION MEMBERSHIP and the power and effectiveness of Union Participation. SLOGANS and UNION PRINTED BANNERS cannot out-argue the evidence of things seen.

    When the Union picketers in WISCONSIN went unprotected, when Union First Responders are under attack across the US are savaged by ALEC sycophants and the remaining Union Leadership turns away, and leaves them to the tender-mercies of the demi-crats who can be weaned from their lobbyist keepers. The case must be made that it makes actual tactical sense to SUPPORT the UNION.

    If Lech Walensa and his brothers and sisters could stand against the POLISH SECRET POLICE and the SOVIET UNION – surely Americans can learn to stand against ALEC, the KOCHs and the Corporatists.

    solidarity & peace

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    I interviewed another reporter from the Charleston Trib its nice that the socialist government bleeding hearts are providing “some” water to some of the folks whose water stinks and gurgles greyish brown from their taps.

    I asked if the solid citizens of redstate WVA are decrying the nannie state for doing what the BIG BOLD JOB CREATORS can’t be bothered to do, when they poison their neighbors. I asked if anyone was asking FREEDOM and its parent company to come up off the funds to replace the poisoned water? He said for now, no one is denouncing the SOCIALISTS who are handing out water.
    I asked the reporter was he impacted? He said, he can’t drink the water in his apartment. SO FAR the Tea Partiers aren’t complaining about the NANNY STATE STEPPING UP. Oh, and they closed two schools today because of the stench of LICORISH POISON COMING from their KITCHEN SINKS and pipes! – So remember the mere fact that they crushed another pipe adding more toxins UPSTREAM doen’t mean you should gamble with your childrens health. BY ALL MEANS DRINK THE EXPERIMENT, er Water

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    That he would drag that poor victim out as a closing gimmick and hug his pain, and use the nobility of one humans suffering as a cover for his crimes but my brothers and sisters. 10 deployments, ten unconscionable deployments undercut any governmental service integrity. That one man or woman, in service to their country [...]

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    Think back if you can to the anti-war counter culture 60′s & 70s while there were many who actively worked for the anti-war, anti-sexism, anti-racist consumerist culture but I remember plenty more who thought the ass hugging jeans made the cute, or the beads or the hair. It swelled our ranks and made the marches [...]

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    Also New Mercury Media’s PNN
    out of Florida interviewing FLORIDA ACTIVISTS and National Guests

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    Brother Jeremy stood tall for those of us still care about the promises that the great experiment depends on. More of us will be called upon to stand for truth.

    Thank you brother – We are all with you!

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    Check out the exceptional Country Artist

    Mickey Carroll – (heart, soul, and country)

    a long time admirer
    RW Spisak

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    Fellow Progressives  to the Progressive Caucus – Gentlewomen and Gentlemen, Representatives I ask you to consider how the Tea Party approaches their party leaders, when you speak with President Obama tomorrow. You will be given the hard pitch. That America would lose face if we didn’t BLOW PEOPLE UP in Syria. I urge you to stand strong and united. [...]

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    I produce a news show that been covering FUKE weekly. Lots of good info from the Caldwell Foundation & Fairewinds. We’ve found a freelancer whose toured the facilities several times. He told us about yakuza last fall. He’s also said the backup pumps on site are remarkably low tech. He’s told us of heaps of [...]

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    OW’S OVER? I think not, has the economic system been in anyway defanged? Of course not are more and more still under-employed. How many cities denuded of the necessity of taxes UNpaid through some fancy off shoring must be declared insolvent and contracts with workers stripped while BANKERS ARE PROTECTED MUST WE SEE till more [...]

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    My grandmother and grandfather grew it, but it was always served raw. Big raw vegetable eaters. We ate onions like apples – very eastern european.

    Never have seen it in a store farmers or corporate.

    Thanks for the memories.

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    Certainly we can’t find cheaper CEOs. We can’t out source them. No way someone from Bangalore could work as a CEO – we need American CEOs I cause Markos up close and personal, backstage in Denver in 08. He had a few passes to the convention, so he came slumming over to the press tent [...]

  • Yes, they’ve found a new way to thwart democracy and cannibalize the commonwealth. Along comes the “manager” sprung whole from the forehead of a jerrymandered legislature. To gut and remaining civil control. No vote, municipal or county plebiscite need be invoked all resources respond quickly (faster than the niceties of democracy will allow). Voom there [...]

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