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    Superficiality…in a snark blog….about a sex scandal…? Why the very idea! And all the potty mouth language and pictures on your blog of basset hounds without clothing over their naughty bits. Tbogg, please restrict your entries to something your mom would be proud to print out and stick on the fridge.

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    LOL, I’ll take binary whether you take purity or not. We both say no to hate. That’s something.

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    SoT, you sure have a hate on for me when all I expressed are opinions on issues you said I didn’t care about but presumably you agree with. I don’t hate you. Yes, it was a binary choice no matter what I wanted, wished for, imagined, dreamed. Whatever. I can live with that without being mightily offended that The Perfect wasn’t one of the available choices.

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    I actually didn’t laugh at the sad losing Republicans in the clip, but I’m under no delusions that these are the same people if they had their way who would provide no government assistance to the poor or unemployed, would make the Koch Bros taxes exactly zero, would deny abortion rights in all cases and would deny me and millions of others marriage equality rights. So yes, I’m glad I’m on the “winning side” and they are not. Thanks purity trolls for showing who you WANT to side with. You’re puzzled by the purity label when that’s what mattered to you most. So own it, please own it.

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    Shorter sad purity trolls: What’s most important here is that we bash the winning Dems mercilessly because we have more in common with teabag losers.

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    Someone this invested in believing his own hype and bullshit to the point of complete detachment to the reality staring him in the face is perfect for the job of president. What’s to worry about?

  • Nate’s “garbage in” isn’t just made up bullshit wishful thinking that will give him some desired outcome. It’s based on real data that he takes pains to see is accurate. Wingtards like Dick Morris and Unskewed Dewd just make up whatever shit they feel like and run it through the sausage grinder. The results speak for themselves but Pantload is too stupid to see it.

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    Purity trolling needs moar purity. So, rather than vote for any lesser evils or validating any political parties (it works best if you spit on the plosive p’s), I will vote for myself to be president. I will never let myself down or break any promises to myself except maybe that one about giving up alcohol. I can’t give anyone sparkle ponies but I won’t use drones and I would like to ban high fructose corn syrup and Alabama. Now, the hard part will be selecting a cabinet because, you know, no one else is pure enough and I’ll be busy being president. Also please, no one else vote for me because I don’t want my purity tainted by your lesser purity. Write your own goddamned name in, or the Dali Lhama’s, and I’ll see you at Romney’s victory party.

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    No surprise there are so many stupid wingtards. I’ll take comfort in the fact that each one of these Romney voters will be cancelled out by a vote for Dr. Jill Stein. Oh wait. Never mind.

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