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    As nutty as Reagan seemed at the time, he seems absolutely sane by today’s standards. The jerks in Washington DC are truly salivating over the prospect of taking our retirement away completely, it seems. No amount of reason will reach them, because it’s not about fiscal responsibility or “saving” Social Security, but is about alpha-male [...]

  • Yikes! $350 an ounce? That’s not going to end the illegal market. Now if the price were to be around the $80 per ounce (or about $2.50 per gram), then that would be cheap enough that the illegal market would not be able to stay in business.

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    You consider Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, and Gretchen Carlson to be women? How…unique! I might go so far as to call them something else, but not women. :)

  • After listening to the President’s victory speech, I get the distinct impression that he intends to do what he did 4 years ago. That is, he intends to give Republicans everything they want and more, while trading away every progressive or liberal idea; and, he’ll do it all in the name of bipartisanship. That will allow the conservatives to call him a socialist while inserting poison pills into the legislation that they have no intention of funding in the first place. In the end, Obama will look like a fool all over again and the Democrats will fall over themselves trying to spin it as a wonderful accomplishment. It will all be a nice piece of theater to distract the public from the further militarization of our corporate police/surveillance state and the increasing use of robot bombs.

  • I expect Obama to do what he has done so far – nothing. His position was clear before he was elected, and has been fairly consistent since. He hopes to convince GLBT voters to hold their noses and vote for him, and then after he is re-elected (which I think he will be), gay rights will have no place in his second term.

    Still, I think it is a very good thing to push for an end to ENDA. If this push were not to take place, Obama would continue to drift to the right with many of the elected Democrats following his lead. The Democratic Party, which used to champion equality, has been noticeably silent in the past half decade. So keep pushing Obama and force him to try to create some wiggle room for himself! Make him at least pay some lip service to the GLBT community; if he stop paying lip service the GLBT community will take notice; if he continues with the lip service, the GLBT community will begin pushing for him to start acting on them. It’s a win-win-win.

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    Many years ago, my family had a timeshare in North Padre Island. When offshore drilling began in the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches became littered with little oil blobs, hardened by the salty water but then resoftened by the hot sun. The horizon, which had once been ocean, became littered with dozens of oil rigs, [...]

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    Good essay. I think it would be interesting to explore this analogy further. Specifically, the archetypes of victims in bad horror movies…analagous definitions of the character who die in B-movie horrorfilms.

    There’s the oblivious teen, the drunken parent, the jock, the druggie, the Goth punk, the emotionally abused teen.

    What aspects of the characters insures doom? What makes a winner a winner, and which winning qualities are missing in the victim?

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    Great post! It’s nice to read a post without stumbling over poor spelling, grammar errors, missing words, and trite abbreviations. Thank you for giving my brain a rest from trendy writing!

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    I’m stuck in a medical loophole on a legal treadmill, but I think I may be able to get spinal fusion done in another month or so. My employer terminated me, so I’ve taken on two boarders and a lessee to keep up on my house payments. I went to DHS yesterday and qualified for the maximum food stamps, so I should be able to keep up with the bills until I’ve recuperated from the surgery.

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    Ah! Futurama reruns on Comedy Central!

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    RA, worst in my right hip, and a crushed disc between the L5-S1 vertebrae.

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    Reading the comments about joint pain is oddly coincidental. I couldn’t sleep because of joint pain, and just took an oxycontin and a meloxicam. I decided to watch Adult Swim (late night Cartoon Network for those who don’t know) and lurk around FDL, and where I find people talking about nearly the same thing.

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    I am just so sick of Republican “debates” that I think I may stick a spork in my neck if I am exposed to any more of those circus dogs barking in unison. I’m having to bury myself in the Cartoon Network just to get away from the nonstop coverage of their impossible stupidity and [...]

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    It’s difficult to agree with a corrupt spitbag, but if I steel myself, I can agree with a statement from a corrupt spitbag without agreeing with the spitbag himself. What makes it even harder to take is the fact that so-called “liberals” in Congress did little or nothing to stop the garbage in the NDAA [...]

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    I love this stuff! I am so not qualified to speak (or type) about it, but I won’t let that pesky fact stop me from armchair quarterbacking some quantum physics! I read the article in The Guardian, and another one in a link which said they were 95% certain the data reveal the Higgs boson, [...]

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    I like your use of the word “inalienable.” O lost my support shortly after his inauguration, and has done precious little to earn it back. I fear O will trade anything to extend the extension of the payroll tax “holiday”, however, so I think this legislative piece of authoritarion/totalitarian crap will become law.

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    In the days of yore, it may have been a hoot to make comedies about men dressing as women, but it is high time that those kinds of comedies stop being made. Sure it’s just a sitcom, but so were countless other sitcoms from decades ago, sitcoms we would never condone today. There might be a [...]

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    I don’t think it’s so much a matter of being fooled again, but by people staying in the “lesser evil” trap. To me, the fact that the Republicans are fielding potential candidates who obviously cannot win the election (barring something big and bad happening) indicates that the Republicans don’t want to win. They see trouble ahead, [...]

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    I find myself more cynical about the prospects of a free and open internet. Government wants control, so they will take it. No amount of protesting will make a difference, because protests can’t gain enough steam under the constant media misrepresentation. I think the American people, by and large, will let their rights and privacies [...]

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    But even hitting rock bottom may not be enough. Spinmeisters have their list of convenient scapegoats, and have been spinning yarn as fast as they can. By the time things become so bad that people can’t delude themselves about it, the propaganda outlets will have fixed the blame, and the public eye, on the scapegoat [...]

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