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  • When a state or business cannot supply the demand of the employees pay then they cease to exist because their no reason to run a business that makes no money. So yes supply and demand does play an important role but their are limits as I have tried to describe.

  • Wow you really must not know any McDonalds franchise owners or and resutrant owners for that matter. As a matter of fact the McDonalds by me owns and operates 17 stores and provides health insurance to its employees that mirrors what I get in my union mill job. Some basic economics and global economy classes seem in order…

  • No its is because those sports bring in huge amounts of money which allows those players to be paid such high amounts. look at professional wrestling. They are actors, they have a skill but it is replaceable as seen throughout its history. They are paid well because they can pack stadiums and arenas and bring in lots of money. Gymnastics and ballet take considerable skill but don’t they don’t earn the same as other athletes because the revenue stream for those events is not as large.

    I understand your supply and demand concept and it is very inciteful but it is lacking this key element.

  • can you please give a source or some data supporting that public workers make 8%-9% less than their private sector counterparts. I have seen this many times, even on the AFL-CIO site but no references. I don’t know how they come up with this. How do you compare teachers to the private sector.

    One thing that I believe gets lost in this point is that wages and benefits are not determined by college costs, or comparable jobs but rather by what the jobs brings to the employer. An employer, be it a state or business cannot pay its employees more than they bring into the employer by their work, at least not for very long. When I worked at McDonalds I was paid maybe $9/hr and it was worth every penny to both of us. I worked harder their menatlly and physically every day compared to my current mill job but the revenue is much greater in my mill, thus they can afford to pay me more because my work brings in more revenue.

  • Really! wisconsin is not broke? We are facing a $139 million deficit for this current budget. Our next 2 year budget starting in mid-summer 2011 has a projected deficit of $3.7 billion. I don’t think this is a great approach by Walker by any means but to say Wisconsin is not broke is ludacris. We owe Minnesota $70 million plus from our shared income tax setup on the border there. We owe a medical fund that our last Govenor Doyle stole $200 million from and then was deemed unconstitutional before he left office. We have lots of problems and are far far from swimming in surpluses.

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    Something needs to be done to social security. Remaining solvent only until 2037 demands immediate attention. While Social security might not be in immediate trouble, the government’s use of the surplus fund will no longer be available and $2.7 trillioon currently in treasury bonds will need to be cashed in over the next 26 years. This demands immediate attention. I see adjustments that have been proposed for 50-60 years down the road as not really that scary. I think a huge push for education on retirement planning and money management skills as essential regardless. These tools and skills will be vital to all Americans as most should have some type of 401k or Roth IRA in order to have a decent retirement. Social security, while beneficial, lead people to believe that retirement was when the government started giving out social security payments. The american people need to plan their own retirements and then accept social security payments as a supplemental income and that is all.