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    Our leaders have no principles except “more cash for re-election.” They don’t even realize that they are admitting they have no principles. At least Lisa seems to have finally figured out she let people down, but her explanation is ….???

  • If NOM is sued to identify their funding sources, then they will have to do it. Law enforcement may not care, but citizens groups do. I look forward to learning who is funding NOM–I predict it is largely one or two persons.

  • These version of Christians never tire of claiming the victim mantle. Actually, I think the Perrys are just doubling down on their attacks on Romney for being a Mormon by doing this; they are reminding all those right wing Christians that they are the hoiler-than-thou Christians and what better way to do it than talk about being persecuted for being a Christian. They all relate to that.

    I so hope this campaign brings an end to Perry.

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    We the people need to find a way to sue and discredit the bill that created this bullshit committee. The American people don’t accept the groundrules for this committee. More than 80% say no cuts to Medicare and Socail Security yet this committee is determined to do just that. I don’t think many Americans realize that. Can any lawyers look at that bill and figure out a way to bring a class action suit or any other kind? I don’t know any other way to stop them.

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    As a resident of Texas, I’d like the world to know that we can’t go any lower Rick “Goodhair” Perry. Even more arrogant and dumb than W. But it might at least be entertaining, if it weren’t the fate of the world and all.

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    I like that one issue idea. That is partly what makes the NRA so powerful. I think our issue should be Social Security. We need to make “grand bargains” by the ruling elite impossible.

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    I think most great movements have to start somewhere and great theatre is a good place to start. I love Figaros’ bus ad. If we keep finding ways like this to show that neither party stands for the people, even the village elite will have to start “discussing” it as an issue. Once that starts [...]

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    Yeah, and unfortunately, most “independents” are just low information voters, people who only tune in to what’s going on in an election year. I don’t blame them for paying so little attention–I wish I could do that and live more stress free–however, they are susceptible to all the Madison Ave crap thrown at them by [...]

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    Bernie Sanders. Taken much more seriously than Nader or Kucinich, both of whom I distrust a lot.

  • I don’t know about the excise tax and I can’t really argue the details of what Krugman supported in health care, but I know he supported Hillary over Obama in 2008 because he trusted her on health care more. He’s not perfect but he’s one of the strongest voices in the Times and among talking heads for the real needs of the people.

  • As a frequent reader of Paul Krugman’s columns and blog, I have to say that he was not ever cheering on this concept. He was a frustrated as most of us that Obama abandoned the “public option” without even trying. Krugman supported the Affordable Health Care Act as “all we’re going to get” and he thought it would be worse if nothing came out the opportunity. I think he would support single-payer if it were possible.

  • They also need a PR plan to explain to the American public what is going on and why we’re going to have this government shutdown. And we are going to have one. In my state gov’t (an extremely red state), they are working hard to make sure all the stimulus money left is obligated because they know the House GOP is planning to make the sweeping of the remaining stimulus the bottom line for the House or they’ll shut things down. I think they are planning to go ahead and shut the gov’t down because they think they can win the PR battle since the White House doesn’t seem to care.

    I will be furloughed by my state when this happens (funding for my position is federal). And I suspect a lot of other folks will in lots of places.

  • I once got see Al-Jazeera live in Arabic at a hotel in Houston that catered to the oil companies, I guess. It was in the early days of the Iraq war, and though I didn’t understand a word, I was profoundly impressed. It looked more like a war than anything I had seen up until then. It made me realize how sanitizing our corporate media is–when they deign to show or tell us at all.

  • Coburn says, “Chris, the history of Republics is they average 200 years of life, and they all fail in history over fiscal matters.” Everything they say makes me chuckle anymore. Where is the list of republics that failed in 200 years? I thought the USA was the first ever “republic” and we’ve only been around 230ish years. So how can there be this history that shows an “average” of 200 years?

    Really, it’s empires that fall and they often fall because of military overextension. Hmmm, that wouldn’t be anything like us, woud it?

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    God, he sucks! He already di the “heckofajob” for Summers. He is channeling Bush.