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    Do you have a paypal account for donations? tkx.

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    God am I tired of Chase-Morgan-Goldmann-lehman getting yet another fucking bailout. DSK is lucky that he is alive and not ‘suicided’ for his viewpoints.

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    On my computer it looks like the DOJ has switched from black highlighter to whiteout.

    On my machine these look so redacted as to be useless until Marcy comes up with a timeline (or points to an already existing one) that can be cross referenced to the routing slips.

  • Back in the day I was a witness in a COINTELPRO case: a (not very bright) guy I knew allegedly committed a petty crime, but there was not enough evidence to convict him. A third party (to the government) agency convinced him that he needed to go spy on the Socialist Worker’s Party. Off he went to ‘disguise’ himself and spy. The SWP figured out what was going on, and flipped him: his testimony was one of the many included in COINTELPRO,

    This action from Olson seems like same stuff different day. I had hoped that Olson had better standards.

    Do people who do crimes such as rape and other thuggery really make good spies?

  • Burned at the stake . . . metaphorically.

    Well, I just hope she is toast . . . metaphorically. (sorry couldn’t help it)

    Seriously, people at her book signings said she was not collecting email addresses or other client info. Weird for one ‘running for President’.

  • Link.

    The insurance industry has a medical loss ratio currently of more than 20% which means less than 80% goes to the customers. In 1993 it was 5%. I think the first thing one should ask the insurance industry should be, “Why is your industry 4 times less effective today at delivering care, than it was in 1993?”

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    I remember Winston Churchill describing the great trains of South Africa in his “My Early Life”. The trains were the lifeblood of Boer Africa, as they were in our mid west. Churchill had thought the trains to be powerful leviathans, sadly most impressive when they rested upon their derailed sides. All it took to starve chains of villages was one bit of dynamite.

    I used to work for a major American flagship. We went with the times into intermodel fright – rail and trucks as well as fast bottoms. Trains were considered the weakest link of the chain, the most problematic.

    Modern day security, both at the ports and in the train yards is lacking. A container on a flatbed in a major population area could bring a nightmare of a dirty bomb to the unsuspecting. Considering that Pakistan has “THE BOMB” and probably the spent fuel from manufacturing it, a loaded freight train derailment could cause a lot more problems than say here, here, or here.