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  • Thank you once more…the Mumia sweatshirt…the best drawing of Andrew Breitbart…everything you ever wrote about Snowbilly Snooki….

    Goodby, TBogg, Family, Dogs,

    What are we going to do???????

  • As a long time lurker but a minimalistic commentator, I wish you fair skies and a good wind, or some such thing. My best to Mrs T Bogg, the Boyz, and Occasional dog sitter Brother Frank…damn tbogg, I’ll miss the commentary and the Basset Boyz of Summer,

    From a Weird Little Internet Friend

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    I followed Nate on his original 538 before he wrote for the NYTimes. I will follow him to ESPN (ugh).
    I didn’t see Margaret’s piece as distorted or snobbish or any kind of hit piece. She said they’d tried very hard to keep him and I think that’s true. She said several pundits wanted him out, or resented him, and that certainly must be true.
    But she made it pretty clear that the upper echelon wanted Nate to stay (considering how much new traffic came in to read his column, they would have been insane not to want him to stay).
    So I won’t knock her for writing about Nate in as fair a way as possible.

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    The puppy is Father to the Dog.

    Sweet Fenway, I remember that little pot belly when he first arrived. In a photo I’m unable to search out, he sat at the top of the stairs, tremulously announcing, “They call me Fenway…”

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    Tejanarusa , i don’t know if there is a law against mentioning other forums, but balloon Juice people have done some great work helping dogs and cats who are troubled or can’t be taken care of by other means.

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    His/her blog isn’t hard to find…takes a lot of pictures, and there’s a tbogg wonkette joke up. Wasn’t interested enough to see if he allows responses.

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    It wasn’t the snark, but these two fine fellows, who first brought me to, and kept me with, the wisdom of Tbogg. Bless their memory. The first intrododuction of young Fenway to their wise counsel still lives in memory.

    …they call me Fenway…(he looked like a baby gunslinger then)

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    Do whatever you have to do to live well and know how much pleasure all your weird little internet friends have received from your blog (and [sob] hope to continue to receive. I’m with aimai, remembered my log in name!

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    I went to the link you gave and got a “resource not available” reply. I then went to the index link they give and there was no entry for firearms. I then did a search and the best I could find was
    where firearms info is buried under a truckload of data.

    I seem to remember something about congress ordering the CDC not to carry firearms data any longer, but I am not young and that may be a quirk of faulty memory.
    Mancini wants to bring in the NRA on this. Which means the NRA wants to mold their own bill…

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    That advertisement detailing the beauties of the Bushmaster rifle has been scrubbed from the Daily Caller website.
    It was a bit too enlightening to read the information on how easy it was to kill varmints and other little creatures with it.
    I worked on gun control after the deaths of JFK and Bobby Kennedy, and after the attack on Reagaon…these people have no shame. They are like energizer robots, plodding on, muttering about the second amendment and gun freedom and freedom to kill–oops, they don’t lose control that much very often.

  • The Horror…..the Horror….

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    Mr TBogg, you, the missus, the dogz, and the lL& T have happied more of my days than I can count. I was drawn in by your old photo of the little boy on the pony (perhaps the same pony I was on back in 1942), then the dogz, then your snark. Thank you for staying, but when you truly feel its time to go, your weird little internet friends will understand.

    And I want a t shirt. It will be the first piece of clothing I’ve ever bought on the web…these t shirt users are truly a merry little band of weirdies…

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    Number Five…I see the grease still dripping from the face. That haunch of road kill.

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    The noble canines in Dogs Playing Poker had character. Andrew had none and the hallucination represented in this icky giclee has less than none.

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    The account is open again. George Tierney Jr must start drinking early.

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    I just rushed over to post the alert St Mary’s had put up, and find you, as usual, ahead of us all…

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    What a six-pak Fenway is sporting! Are you sure, tbogg, that you haven’t been doing a bit of photoshopping to enhance his appeal?

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    Wembly is a true sentinel, a guard against evil aggressors, ready to spring at any intruder.

    Fenway, on the other hand, seems to be looking for a snack….I don’t think you feed him enough, Tbogg.

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    There’s still more to this. Last I heard, Jane Abraham was on the BOD of Komen, as well as being General Director of the Susan B Anthony List. Check out that home page for a few shudders.
    No one can read that home page and not think Abraham wasn’t in this up to her third chin. But there’s more. Abraham also helps direct the Nuturing Network, a global network of crisis pregnancy centers, organizations widely known for spreading ideology, misinformation and lies to women facing unintended pregnancy. IOW Abraham is associated with organizations which, among other evils, insist on spreading the lie that abortions cause pregnancy.
    For the Komen administrative structure to claim naivete is as if Ari Fleischer were to claim he was only an innocent bystander…and equally convincing.

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