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    Uh, your list of the top three gubernatorial candidates for PA in 2014 needs to include Rep. Allyson Schwartz, since she’s actually the leading Democratic candidate according to all polls. Most people I talk to in PA don’t even know McGinty is running, or for that matter who she is.

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    Bezos is reputed to be something of a libertarian, so who knows whether there’s an ideological reason for the purchase — creating The Daily Reason — or whether it’s just a relatively cheap ego buy in which the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-profit-driven Bezos –one of those has to be true, right? — turns around a well-known business outside his wheelhouse and becomes a must-schmooze in DC.

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    Just for his exposure of how backward and inaccurate the Gallup Poll has become, they should add a verse to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in his honor.

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    Your argument is a classic reductio ad absurdum. The idea that the majority of posts on this blog are about Ralph Nader or Jill Stein, or are knee-jerk defenses of Obama, is quite a stretch. But for the cherry on the sundae, I’d like to know just who the hell agrees with Dick Cheney about Glenn Greenwald.

    As for the Ralph Nader/Jill Stein argument, it is perfectly valid to hold the opinion, in regard to the presidential candidacies of these two people, that (1) they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of moving the national debate on any subject, let alone win so much as 1 electoral vote; and (2) that obsessive support of these people’s ambitions is more an advertisement for one’s worldview than it is a serious attempt to change the direction of this country.

    I don’t know that Glenn Greenwald is deserving of the full force of Chait’s brickbats — I think he’s as honest a broker as it’s possible to be while occupying human form. I don’t think Chait takes into consideration that the chorus of Greenwald-bashers aren’t simply criticizing him, they’re trying to delegitimize him. Has David Gregory ever asked a fellow NBC reporter if his or her reporting opens him up to arrest and prison? Of course not. So I’m far more understanding when Greenwald’s self-defense is as strident as it has been. But I certainly understand that, while following the Snowden story, you’re going to hear a lot of Greenwald unloading on his critics, and that his style of retaliation is eventually going to start wearing on people. And that’s a valid criticism, if far lower in priority than what Snowden has done and what our government did that Snowden blew the whistle on via Greenwald.

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    I hate to be a killjoy, but not a single one of the comments citing the car’s engine flying some 100-200 feet away has mentioned that the same stories providing this fact are also saying that police are investigating the possibility that SPEED IS BEING INVESTIGATED AS A FACTOR IN THE CRASH. You’d be surprised how far pieces of a car will fly when they’ve been forcibly separated from the car at 60 mph or faster. Occam’s Razor suggests that however fearless Hastings was as a reporter, it’s entirely possible that he was equally reckless as a driver about 4 a.m. several days ago.

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    This is nothing new. Back in 2008 there was an Obama Death List. It was the Clinton Death List with a bunch of edits to cover the tracks of the idiot e-mailers who were sending it around. Many names were on both lists. Also too, a perfectly accurate list of Dan Quayle’s biggest howlers was e-mailed around in 2004 as being John Edwards sayings and in 2000 as Al Gore sayings. As Adam Ant once said, “Desperate, but not serious….”

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    Will Smith wasn’t attached to the project, Will Smith WAS the project. See credits, “Story by Will Smith,” executive produced by Smith, his wife and his brother-in-law. THEY hired M. Night, it was their call. And he probably took the job because his track record has dribbled away to the point where no studio will green-light a project just on his say-so. At least it’s not a movie with a “twist” ending, so it helps him get that monkey off his back, too.

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    I’m surprised nobody noticed that Witchy Woman has a very appropriate Twitter handle: ChristineOD. I’ve certainly OD’d on her insights.

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    Go up to the Highline, the wonderful park built out of a long-neglected elevated rail line that extends about 10 blocks out of Chelsea almost into Hell’s Kitchen. (David Bowie was one of the people who helped raise funds for it, btw.) You can see the Hudson River from there as well, although a boat ride around the island is highly recommended as well. Oh, and use public transportation. We went there on a Sunday and parked at a parking meter, not noticing that one of approximately 11 signs along the same street covered in dense text, all saying something different, state that parking is prohibited on Sundays even at the parking meters, although the two dozen or so cars parked along the same side of that street as me were somehow not party to that law. Failing to read the street novel and violating the meter laws in Manhattan: $116.

  • Well, yeah, two Cadillacs ain’t shit anymore. You have any idea how low the residual prices on those things are? I’m surprised they haven’t had to hock one of their sons to make the lease payments. And do you have any idea how much they had to spend on a luxury doghouse for Seamus to keep him from going to Dateline NBC during the campaign? (Hey, if Elvis can still be alive [PRESLEY, you idiots], why can’t Seamus?)

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    The tablet ad has the mom saying “OK” and then “a, y,” which is a play on how they’ve been spelling everything throughout the ad. In other words, OK becomes “o, k, a, y.” The most important part of the ad is when they say LTE stands for “nothing,” which is not too far from the truth as 4g networking is mostly hype for the time being. (Yes, effectively it’s faster, but 4g coverage is spotty at best and will remain so for at least a few more years.)

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    Why would this rollout be different than any other at Regnery? 100 cases to the Conservative Book Club, 100 cases to Human Events, 100 cases to Heritage, 100 cases to that think tank Newt runs out of his basement (like Michael Essany’s old talk show) and review copies to National Review, Weekly Standard, Newsmax, WingNut Daily, followed after a discreet waiting period by invoices….

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    Doesn’t the Kaus and Limbaugh show, in order to work in the debate format, need somebody farther left than Kaus for it to work? I nominate Lanny Davis.

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    She forgot to mention the rent is too damn high.