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    In a better world, Brooks’ meal ticket would depend on the accuracy of his claims and predictions. In this one, however, he is paid to dissemble. We should expect to learn nothing from him, beyond what the very rich boys in exclusive clubs are thinking. Know your enemy.

  • I look forward to the salon, even though I have not read the book. The topic is compelling because it is both interesting and sure to prompt anger. Obviously, her research had to end, and the writing begin, at some point during the Obama Administration. So, we won’t get all the ways Tim Geithner’s corruption [...]

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    It’s been so cold here in Western Maine that the sap isn’t flowing yet, amid much concern from the syrup producers. For them, the delay is a cash flow problem. I should add to this conversation that all maple syrup is not created equal. Leaving aside the local producers who tap other maple species than [...]

  • There are a host of questions the crisis in the Ukraine raises for me, but the foremost one concerns nation state boundaries. It seems to me that one after another, most of our current crises concern state boundaries set in another time (and often in another place) dividing groups of like people we might call natural nations. We confront failed and failing states everywhere, a few of which we have just spent trillions of $ and thousands of American lives trying to build into functioning societies – unsuccessfully. Gross corruption is of course one commonality, but it seems to me that the most basic problem is that their center is not stronger than their tribal identities and antagonisms.

    I think that US policy needs to evolve, therefore, towards accepting of, and even seeing the advantages in, creating alternative state lines to follow ethnic boundaries. If that means accepting Crimea’s Russian identification, the harm to real US interests is pretty small. I am confident that there are more plusses than minuses in the policy, not the least of which is fewer Afganistan like conflicts in our future.

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    Our ocean water temperature is in the mid 30′s. Even the plankton find that a bit chilly.

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    I have very good friends who are Ukrainian, Russian speaking from the Eastern half of the country. How they came to the US is a long story, in both cases involving romance gone bad. Anyway, their families in the Ukraine are quite concerned about the events unfolding around them, and seeking a means to exit. They are not sympathetic to a closer tie to Russia despite their cultural attachments. The Cold War, for them, is regarded as the bad old days.

  • To those trying to get their heads around the inconsistencies in Christie’s story, the awful improbability of it, the simple explanation is probably the right one. It’s a lie, and it’s not his first one. Why would anybody be surprised this time?

  • I spent years in a staff function to elected officials. From that, I can say with certainty that the facts in the “Bridgegate” scandal do not fit Christie’s narrative of a few rogue second level staffers secretly concocting and carrying out this plot. No way! I can go on at length about why no experienced staff would act in the way Christie’s story claims they did. Consider this from the staff’s point of view, what would be the circumstances under which you would act as the Governor says they did? Right, didn’t happen. Oh, and elected officials hate surprises. Christie is lying, hoping that a limited hangout and the passage of time will make the problem go away.

    Need more evidence? Then consider the care with which they actually carried out the plot. They left a paper trail for heavens sake. Then consider that midway through the unraveling of the plot, their Governor, the man now supposedly surprised, attempted to get Cuomo’s help to squash the Authority’s investigation – to interfere in the administration of justice (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304477704579254012674389146). He’s a former prosecutor – how are we to suppose he would do that without a thorough grilling of the participants and a report by an investigator, unless he was a participant from the beginning and ultimately, his ass was on the line. The story just does’t hold water. Now, 120 days into the investigation of the scandal, only after the local paper doggedly pursuing this story pried out incriminating Christie’s staff records despite stonewalling by the Christie Administration, Christie claims he has found the truth and taken final and decisive action. But he did not interview the offending staff, firing for lying was all he needed. So, he can’t go further. Nothing to see here now, he says, move along. And if your BS meter is pegged on that story, it isn’t working.

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    What do you mean, “When …?” They were always corporate welfare; that is the point. And of course, government contractor’s executive salaries are inflated. That’s where the campaign contributions come from. If those minimum wage workers were contributing millions to congresscritters, the rules might be different. But, in this political reality, the only reasonable conclusion [...]

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    I too watched the segment, and found it shameful. Kelly lied, repeatedly. He wasn’t even particularly artful in his lies. I suspect that he doesn’t have enough respect for his interviewers and the public to bother. Mika expressed incredulity, but she declined to follow up. I suspect that the result would have been newsworthy, and also cringeworthy. The shortfalls of our media were on display.

  • Rove’s most common strategy was to attack his opponents’ strengths so as to portray them as weaknesses. So, no one should be surprised by this strategy, where the GOPers propose to do that again. If Democrats are unwilling or unable to make the case for Obamacare, i.e. doing something to make health care more affordable and available to the vast majority of Americans, they deserve to lose. Flawed as it is, Obamacare is something, and McConnell, Perry, et al offer nothing. If Americans can’t figure out where their interests lie in this and as a result put the Republicans back in charge, they will have earned the wretched results. I am not sure this is how democracy is supposed to work, but this is what we have, so let’s have at it.

  • Is that fat toad still on Armed Forces Radio? If this stuff isn’t enough to put an end to that gig, I shudder to think what lows he will sink to before the Pentagon says enough.

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    From an admittedly jaundiced view of summer camps, it always seemed to me that summer camps did best when they fostered useful youthful fantasies – like sleeping in fake conestoga wagons or teaching outdoor skills.

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    Mostly in the Adirondacks (New York State), but one summer it involved canoes across Algonquin Park in Ontario for three weeks. That one was even better because I got an older woman for my bowman. I was 14 and she was a worldly 16 year old. I’m reasonably sure in retrospect that I saw that [...]

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    I attended YMCA camp for two weeks, which I found uninspiring. So, my parents sent me to Boy Scout camp, which I loathed. Really, we spent two hours per day marching. Who likes that stuff? So, they sent me to the 1960 World Boy Scout Jamboree. More Boy Scout regimentation, this time in the desert, [...]

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    Special prosecutor

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    As a former director, whose day to day control of employees was delegated through supervisors and foremen, I can say authoritatively that the Supreme Court does not understand how this works. If I disciplined an employee for some infraction – it could be safety related, sexual harassment, or just some boneheadedness – I was always [...]

  • Polio sure wasn’t waning in my neighborhood. I knew victims, adults and children, and every year there were more of them. Of the twelve kids in my grade school class in 1954, I recall two of them having had the disease (both wore braces on their legs), and another whose mother died of the disease. I blamed the frequency on a creek running by the houses of most of the victims into which there were a number of septic system overflows. Of course, that was all legal in those days, and the spreading suburban housing pattern meant that particular environmental abuse was increasingly common.

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    At least as important as the outcome of the filibuster, Senator Davis’ and the peoples’, is the lasting impression this should leave. We see so much in our politics that is weak, corrupt, and generally shameful. Here, instead, we saw courage and disciplined thinking. That filibuster took work, planning, and most importantly, personal courage. Hundreds of thousands of people responded to that because we know the real thing when we see it, even though we have been starved for it. That’s big!

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    We will see what the Sunday morning gas bags do with this wildly inappropriate use of his celebrity. If McCain gets to be in front of a lot of cameras to talk about this stunt, look for a lot more of it by the Senator himself and others who want to get in on McCain’s action. If on the other hand, the invitations finally dry up, the number of such stunts will be small.

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