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  • It would be beyond my knowledge and ability to explain Canadian political campaign finance rules and regulations. Suffice to say there are limits placed on what a Party can spend on an election bid. The campaign period is also much shorter that that in U.S…..yours seems to go on forever….we have just a few months to listen to all the speeches and promises.
    The idea of the NDP forming a federal government is a fairy tale so don’t panic all you Yankees who faint when the word SOCIALIST comes up. I would love to see an NDP Government but it just is not going to happen. At best the Conservatives (think Republican) will return with another minority government. At worst, they will gain a majority, in which case we shall continue down the same road that your conservatives are leading you.
    Interesting to see an article about Canadian government on an American website.

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    I hope the lesson learned from all of this is KNOW who you are electing and ask questions BEFORE you vote for them. Don’t just react after you find out they are against the best interests of the majority of the people.

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    When young people all over the world are studying hard to compete in the global economy, American students are being handicapped by this nonsense. I feel very sorry for them and for their future.