• “The Obama team has the duty to” help insurance companies and investors line their pockets.

    There; fixed that for you.

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    This is a country founded by greedy, bloodthirsty, and self-dealing settler-colonialists. This country was built and expanded upon genocide, theft, and abuse. Its self-aggrandizing declarations and anthems try but fail miserably to hide the stain and stench of innocent blood, even as it keeps the blood flowing. What’s with all this gauzy nostalgia? When was [...]

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    If one doesn’t acknowledge anything else, one must acknowledge that injustice is fungible. If you are willing to support a regime that deals death and immiseration to innocents abroad, then you are a special kind of stupid for expecting a fair shake at home. You will also have the government you deserve, no matter how [...]

  • You can’t get blood from a turnip, and you can’t get single payer health care from political operatives who are completely beholden to corporate interests. If you want policies that put people ahead of wealth, at the very least you have to vote for representatives who don’t take corporate money.

    Examples: McKinney/Clemente ’08; Stein/Honkala ’12

  • The problem isn’t the framing, it’s the values. You can’t sell what no one will buy. The GOP has less of a problem herding its voters because it appeals almost directly to the racism, paranoia, and greed that are at the core of this nation’s values. Democrats can’t sell their purported values to their ostensible [...]

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    I wasn’t necessarily referring to Brecher, but if it walks and quacks like a duck…

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    The point isn’t to the actual facts of this particular case, but to the ideas expressed regarding what to do about the larger supposed trend. If it’s true that the government and the media are lying, then this approach (‘let them go!’) plays into their propaganda.

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    This bit of cynicism is less than impressive. Perhaps I’ve had enough ‘cold-blooded and calculating logic’ out of our well-dressed imperialist leaders in D.C., and their various sycophants in corporate media across the nation. We’ve been providing money, training, and arms– directly or indirectly– to the beleaguered region in question for many decades, and we have the gall to be horrified by something like ISIS raising its ugly blooms in precisely the place where we planted its seeds. So now we’re to encourage, even half-seriously, the continued flow of disaffected Western youth to the region? Just how much more abject misery should we facilitate before we feel a smidgen of constructive guilt? How many dead and suffering Arab women and children will encourage us to rethink our indispensable contributions to the maelstrom that attracts these kids?

    If six-plus years of the Obama Era have taught me anything, it’s that the racist, exceptionalist blood-thirst of liberal USers is just as intense as that of our right-wingers, though perhaps a little more ‘civil’ in its expression.

  • In this age of Obama, some folks have no problem with cashing in on their black skins. No matter how much of their integrity it costs them.

    Ha! ‘Some folks,’ indeed, such as Obama himself. Though I’m not sure he ever had any integrity to sell, which might explain how he serves so cheaply.

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    Civil rights once guaranteed to all Americans are gone…

    I’d like to know when we ever had what you’re suggesting we lost. I’m thinking never, and that’s why we’re here today.

  • Jaango, you are welcome to respect any mass murderer you choose, no matter his skin color. Regarding the things you list in your diary, there are a few that fit quite well into the Green New Deal. Good luck on any of them seeing the light of day tomorrow, or for the rest of the current administration’s term. You won’t get any such blood out of the corporatist/imperialist Obama turnip.

  • The simplest answer to the question posed at the top of this post– “why are all SOTU responses from the right?”– is that there is no opposition or even substantial criticism from the ‘left.’ Why should there be? Obama was re-elected with impressive numbers, despite his crimes and policy ‘betrayals.’ Liberals bought the turd sandwich– again– and this time asked if they could supersize the iced bile. Liberals own this disaster now, without an asterisk. Obama knows he can do what he wants, and the Democratic quislings liberals sent to D.C. all know it, too.

    I recommend all of you Obama supporters just take out some Chinese-made U.S. flags so you can cheer and wave them vigorously every time your champion completes an articulately uttered sentence.

  • No one from the Green Party understands about being elected to anything.

    Yes, we have a big problem sucking up to corporate donors for the bribes necessary for buying the marketing to herd spineless liberals into the Democratic cattle cars of delusion. You can show the addled horse the water, but you can’t convince him to stop drinking his own piss.

  • MaryM, is that an ‘I told you so’? If so, I politically love you. The reason why “we have nice things like speeches that would garner majority support from the American people in the dead of winter” is that the majority of ‘the American people’ are either too stupid or too cowardly to organize in their own interests.

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    Sister Allison, let me tell you. I have a sure-fire way of getting these busybodies off my case, because they sometimes come at me even though I lack a uterus. I just remind them that there are already close to 7 billion rapacious consumers crowding and soiling the biosphere, and I’m in no hurry hasten our species’ demise by adding yet another grasping, pillaging parasite to the mix. If that doesn’t work, then I relent and agree that maybe it would be a good idea to make a special effort to have another little bundle of protein and fat, if only so that the bigger, stronger ones will have something to eat when the food inevitably runs out.

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    Of course, the “we” part was sarcastic. Don’t call me a liberal.

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    We still have a democracy here, implying collective responsibility, so the torture-hounds have made our country look like monsters.

    We look like monsters because we are monsters. We have a mass murderer who was just reelected to our highest office with the enthusiastic support of the supposedly sane and decent part of the electorate. But back [...]

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    In the many decades of this republic’s formation and declaration, there is one commodity that was always considered disposable: human beings. The Middle Passage “The total number of African deaths directly attributable to the Middle Passage voyage is estimated at up to two million; a broader look at African deaths directly attributable to the institution of [...]

  • Excellent.

  • PW, my disagreement begins with the premise:

    The inability to think strategically on a consistent basis is not limited to Tea Party types.

    This assumes that the teabaggers (including the elected ones) were expected to plan or strategize anything. The Tea Party was consistently portrayed as some sort of independent movement by corporate media, and I’m wondering now why anyone in the liberal blogosphere would go along with that premise, even for half a block. The teabaggers are belligerently willing dupes to a corporate/wealthy agenda. They were guided (very easily, considering the motivation of having a Negro in the White House) into making noise and crashing the polls for the 2010 midterm. Their candidates were a bunch of nutjobs, cranks, and strident extremists, and they had powerful, deep-pocketed backing.

    Their timing couldn’t have been better, too. Obama and the Democrats profoundly disappointed the fickle, ignorant, and naive folks who’d bucked trends and come out strong for them in 2008. So the teabagger Congressmen and Senators came in and did just what ALEC and the Koch brothers told them, too, and were incapable of doing a damn thing outside of that.

    Conversely, I’m profoundly amused by the notion that Obama intends to do anything other than what he is doing. He didn’t do squat when he had both houses of Congress in his favor; the teabagger majority in the House and the virtual GOP majority in the Senate only give him plausible deniability for the remaining Dem faithful. Which isn’t saying much.

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