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    Inoilfieldhell, that’s what the Progressive Democrats of America are all about.

  • Hi Paul,

    I just bought your book, and I’m really enjoying it! Three questions:

    1) Your book doesn’t mention Marquette v. First of Omaha at all in its discussion of the rise in private debt. This surprised me. I’m curious if this was just a case of not being able to mention everything or if you think the role of Marquette has been overstated. I noticed that you don’t call for reinstating the interest rate caps that Marquette effectively eliminated. Do you oppose these?

    2) Do you support using quantitative easing as a means of debt reduction? All the arguments for easing seem to come down to whether it is effective at helping the economy. But even if it’s not effective stimulus, it still reduces the public debt. It seems to me that we really need to do something to break the debt fear-mongering, and endorsing QE as a legitimate means of debt reduction seems like a pretty good way to do that. Are there concerns with taking that approach?

    3) Are there any activist groups dedicated to fighting austerity and calling for Keynesian stimulus? If not, could we found one?

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