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    Love the work of Bill Blum…

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    Justice is not blind… that is a marketing slogan. Liberty and justice for all… another one. Innocent until proven guilty… another one. Trial by a jury of your peers… another one. No one is above the law… another one. We are a nation of laws not men… another one. You are entitled to a speedy [...]

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    Perhaps (being cynical here) the USG made sure that DT wasn’t assassinated so he could live to be denied a trial… faced with a stacked deck and a show trial or a plea and gag order where he is sent away for mental torture in a max. A warning… if we don’t kill you in [...]

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    One cannot deny that the MIC and the NSS will spin every event and turn it into an opportunity to advance their agenda. Both depend on there being an enemy and tangible threat. Relatively terrorism is less a threat to the average American than driving. But terrorism is an unknown risk that people can’t do much about and want that threat removed.

    If people informed themselves about the nature of the structure of Building 7 WTC they would know that it was a very outlier design held up by a few massive load transfer structures which were field assembled and the parts bolted together… and there was over 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel stored right next to them on floors 6 and 7… well ventilated and adjacent to massive electrical equipment which likely exploded, breaching piping causing leaks and igniting the fuel which could burn and destroy the steel bolted connections. They don’t have to melt. Steel expands when heated and would shear the bolts and the diagonal members of the massive trusses 1 and 2 would collapse taking out other load transfer structures inside the building essentially undermining the structure of the entire inside of the building which collapsed with no resistance for 8 stories… just like a CD when they take out the lower columns in the center. 7WTC was no typical garden variety steel grided high rise. It collapsed as it did because of its design and the bone headed decision to install emergency power after it was built and store 30,000 gallons of fuel under and in the building. This made the structure very vulnerable and without fire mitigation the steel got hot, expanded.. connections failed and the building came down.

    But you wouldn’t know this because you don’t know the about the structure of the building.

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    I realize that at this point there is not much one can do if you been on the pay of the FBI as an informant… You will be dropped like a hot potato and be guilty and not get a chance to clear your name. Obviously many of these informants are naive and either trust their handlers or think they can outsmart them… or both.

    Usually they don’t live to have a day in court… and if they live they don’t get a day in court as they are facing certain death if there is a trial… and so it becomes a pleas bargain to save their lives.

    I suppose one of these perps will demand a trial and try to expose the FBI and take the chance. Then the FBI will demand that all manner of evidence be excluded for…. national security reasons. Judge will grant the motion and the FBI will skate the the perp will get the death sentence.

    Now if there was no death sentence… things might change a bit.

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    I see no reason to believe that this was an FBI plot to blow anyone up. I do think it may have been a case where the FBI was messing with some strange and unreliable types and it backfired so to speak. So FBI may not have had the intent to blow up… but maybe had the intent to sting or find out who these fella were talking to??? I don’t know of course.

    I recall reading that the 93 wtc bombing was also an FBI sting op that apparently got out of control and resulted in an actual bombing. Of course, these stings always conveniently will have some fall guys… isn’t that the point of a sting? And a sting is meant to catch the perps red handed before any real damage is done. This is of course a tricky thing to pull even legally because it would be entrapment and that is definitely illegal.

    My sense is that FBI and CIA walk a very fine line with this entrapment stuff and can get away with it because… they get the presumption of being law abiding… and who would believe the seedy characters they use for these stings any way? It’s hard for them to lose… But when it goes bad someone loses an eye. My sense is this is what happened in Boston… and it would “blow up” the entire MO of the FBI and CIA in their WOT tactics. It’s almost as if… they HAVE to play with these characters or they lose any possible advantage to ever stopping an operation.

    But then again… look at Charlie Hebdo… “they” didn’t stop that one… and now we hear that these guys were on their radar.

    Why aren’t these persons of interest simply tailed 24/7/365… can’t be too expensive…

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    The FBI has framed people, and they have used cut outs and worked with mob people in the past I believe. Of course they don’t like sunshine on their black ops and so I wouldn’t rule out as preposterous that they are more deeply involved in this they one would think… Have you forgotten J Edgar and what he did?

    My default presumption is that “law enforcement” acts above the law if they want to and usually get away with it.

    Terrorism is a new sort of problem because they have taken on the mission to prevent it as opposed to nail the guilty after the fact. Prevention involves apparently lots of secrecy and all manner of extra legal activities. Even if the FBI had no direct involvement in the bombing, they don’t want their hunt the terrorist “dark” activities brought to light. I don’t think they would be allowed to continue them. Maybe

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    It seems increasingly to be the case that these “high profile” (all?) terrorism cases… will never go to trial… I suspect LWOP and some sort of gag order and down the memory hole it goes.

    Whether guilty or framed… the over arching meme is terrorists never get to speak in a court.

  • let’s suppose they aren’t patsies… what sort of bio would you think they might have?

  • Coincidences happen… but since they executed this two thugs no way will the real story emerge. They looked like radicalized nasty guys…not very religious but hopped up on kicking white ass.

  • This could be interesting. Would it undermine everything and mean a “do over? if this plaintiff prevails?

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    I for one would like to see a trial because it appears to me that there is so much crazy about the evidence in this case. Obviously there is testilying and so a jury does no guaranty that we get the unvarnished truth about what happened.

    My speculation is that the CIA / FBI are playing with these young radicals in order to infiltrate and see what’s going on… but it’s likely that if this is true… the so called informants may intentionally or inadvertently leak “things” to other radicals who DO engage in some acts. It certainly would be clever to use the cover of an exercise to do a real attack… who dunnit? the informants? what role did their handlers have? Or maybe the informants were not controlled enough not to talk to … the radicals they were supposed to be informing on. Really… how trustworthy would a 20 something be as a reliable informant?

    But once the bombs went off… the “officials” definitely went with the rogue terrorists acting on their own… I don’t think these informants were alone… in any sense of the word and this whole “use of informants” approach should be under scrutiny because it is prone to backfire.

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    Speculation here… Intel groups which have field operative types… FBI most probably would “game” various terrorist attacks presumably to perhaps nip them in the bud or be prepared to stop them underway. I can imagine that these games could be “real time” exercises. In fact we know the military DOES conduct war exercises and did so right around and during 9/11. I’ve read that similar exercises were conducted in London on 7/7. We also know that there is some “cross pollination” between intel and these non state groups… and it conceivably that someone with knowledge gamed the gamers… because it supported their agenda. There were reports that an ATC in Boston center seeing outlier blips on the radar asked “someone’ (NORAD?) if these was real world or exercises?

    My sense is that something similar to this was going on at the Boston Marathon and regardless of who was the actual guilty party… intel does not want their fiddling around with these terrorists groups to be exposed. The public is probably living under the misconception that all intel does is spy and listen in sort of thing. But this is apparently only the clean tip of the iceberg. A lot of troubling stuff is done and kept from the public and they are able to get away with this secrecy by claiming that transparency would destroy their effectiveness… which mat be true… but also means they have cover for all manner of lawless and questionable activities… and who knows how secure and impenetrable these organizations are? I think they are not and THAT too is a HUGE problem. They won’t let us see, they can’t even reveal their dirty laundry… or so they say.

    I don’t know that we will ever learn the real back story here. But the strong arm response is what the powers that be want and they got away with it.

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    And you do?

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    The state did it big time with the red scare which morphed into the cold war and had children going under their desks each month in drills. There was no way that the USSR or any nation would attack the US and send troops to occupy America. Then there was the notion that a crazy leader would just launch the big one with no hope of winning only upsetting the whole game board. While conceivable it would seem like a very very small possibility because there were several fail safe measure to check a single person from doing something insane. I believe this system worked. So the cold war rhetoric and fear mongering served the purpose of exploiting and making some richer and more powerful…. and the legacy is still in place and the same tactics are still employed.

    People tend to trust their leaders because trust is the cornerstone of all relationships. And that’s how they get away with these deceptions and actions and exploiting.

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    I think when one is of the mindset that some nasty group as access to all the levers of power, can manipulate the FBI, CIA, police, and of course the media… they see everything as a staged event to look like something that it clearly wasn’t. This is very much how a magic trick works.

    My sense is that as with groups Intel supported, maybe trained, funded and supplied with weapons in the ME there are all sorts of people that Intel is playing with in the former Soviet republics. In fact, I don’t think it is unreasonable to hold the belief that intel is essentially a secret foreign policy with actual initiatives. This likely included double agents, infiltrating insurgencies and non state groups who agitate for their agenda. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that these young men were being used by intel for some purpose… and whatever that was this cannot and will not be reveal as it exposes the nature of such illegal programs… foreign policy being conducted in secret.

    The national security state will of course claim that they need to act in secret because the reverse would be completely ineffective with non state actors. It’s the concept of entrapment… infiltrate and catch the bad guys before they pull of their crime. Sounds clever. But this can and does too often get out of control and backfire.

    In some cases the infiltrated groups catch on and then essentially turn the tables… exploit Intel for weapons and information and find a weak point to strike at their enemy (us). My sense is that this is what explains some of what happened on 9/11 and the same in Boston. And when the cover of what intel is and has been doing (secret, unlawful foreign policy) they take every measure so that this is not exposed and will not see the light of day. It would expose not only incompetence and arrogance of intel… but make them somewhat culpable for some of these attacks… the sting or entrapment they couldn’t pull off successfully.

    When the parties are dead they don’t talk… or when there is no trial there is no light. So many of the terrorist cases will never see the light of day in an open court because the illegal and questionable secret and likely illegal behavior would be exposed and then probably sanctioned and stopped.

    These agencies are above the law… and should not be. But this will not be apparent to the public and congress unless it sees the light of day.

    Secret police and so forth have no place in a democracy.

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    My sense is this draconian response fuels speculation in conspiracy theories… ie the national security state is covering up for a “false flag”… which is all aimed at getting the public to support insane anti terrorism policies including wars and limitations of the 4th amendment and more. It appears to be a gestapo because… that’s what the gestapo did!

    Of course the NSS simply thinks it can do whatever… they are outside the law because… they ARE the law… and we saw this in the many killings by cops where there is not even a trial in probably 99% of the cases.

    Hi and happy New Year to you!

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    This case is pretty odd as it’s been all over the internet and there are so many bizarre aspects to it. But of course if one is just reading the internet it’s hard to tell fact from fiction… they can look interchangeable without too much effort. We know this from the fact that we are constantly bombarded with advertising and PR, spin and the like… purported to be factual when it is anything but.

    Having said that, the same sort of skepticism must attend to those presenting alternate scenarios and explanations. If one is of the mindset that all the official accounts of major events are heavy with spin and essentially lies… one opens their mind to all manner of alternate explanations.

    Boston bombing has similarities to 9/11 in the way the authorities responded. I was not pleased or reassured how they locked down Boston in their man hunt.

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    People worry so much about god because they are afraid of not being… of death… they try to make sense of life and figures someone has a plan… that someone is called god.

    What is interesting to note that order can grow from less order or chaos… human consciousness is step on the way from a single celled organism to the complex creatures which have awareness of and the ability to manipulate their environment. That is pretty godlike ain’t it? … creating something from nothing… consciousness where there was none.

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    People find comfort in belonging and sharing. Religion is something not physical that they can easily and comfortably share.

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