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    She’s creepy but she’s laughing all the way to the bank… and getting all sorts of publicity … the iconic symbols of success… money and celebrity. She’s concocted a rather perverse image which is like a car wreck to some and the poster child in how bizarre the beauty and “sex sells” industry is. She’s not stupid and has concocted her silly story about being from another planet or whatever her deal is.

    I think only idiots would copy her aspire to what she is. But there ARE plenty of idiots and they will follow any trend.

    I suppose she’s having fun at it and it must have cost a lot and unless she was born with as silver spoon in her mouth she needs to make money to pay for it all. There is so much that needs to be done in this world… amazing that some people can use their intelligence and creativity for such silly things.

  • The USA is not going to wage a war and LITERALLY expand its borders… Na they just trample the world and set up puppets for plunder. It’s all good.

  • The answer of course is… the MIC guys make out like bandits and the energy and resources guys get the spoils… which they sell at rip off rates to the people. Nice job if you can get it.

  • I never understood why they don’t use the trillions forked over to the MIC to just BUY what they want… oil, gas… minerals..

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    PBS is a sell out and is owned by corporations. Impossible to have the sort of objectivity required on so many topics they deal with.

    Ignore PBS, WNET and don’t send them money.

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    Americans have to learn that the world doesn’t feel compelled to adopt all things (with strings) American. And thank dog for that. When you actually live and travel outside the US you see how to most people the US is just an annoyance… but a country where anything seems to go. They love us for our (supposed) freedom but hate all the rest.

  • PANYNJ needs to be busted up. It’s completely corrupt and uses toll revenues for real estate development projects which have nothing to do with the port Why are they building the new WTC????????????????? helloooooooooooooo

    Where are the pols who will get rid of this monstrosity which does nothing?

    Oh I forgot it’s a great place for patronage do nothing high paying jobs.

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    Been there a few times… didn’t like much of anything. Too humid… ugly tacky architecture, slow drivers… flat… Didn’t see it all of course… Gulf coast wasn’t bad…

    Prefer the Caribbean.

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    drugs… destroy… when will people learn?

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    What a rip off waste of time and resources… professional spectator sports. It’s all ruined by money and drugs… I don’t even know the names of the teams and I get screwed in xword puzzles!

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    No!!!!! Not watching and could less.

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    Yes… I don’t know what to make at her railing against people such as GG who seem to be on the right side of things.. She’s not a right winger… that’s for sure… I can’t place where are outrage is coming from… and who she sees as being worthy of her high standards…


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    I’d like to know what pups think about Sibel Edmonds and her recent work. She made a big deal about being a whistle blower and was gagged for a long time and seemed to honor the gag order and never, at least when she was being pursued by the state for her whistle blowing… now is off in some corner of Oregon ranting about how the left such as Greenwald, Snowdown, Amy Goodman and so forth a sell outs and eludes to some vast insider network doing really creepy things around the world and no one is seeing it but her with her hair on fire. Her thesis that Gladio of the 60-70s is still on but run out of the pentagon and simply same MO but different regions. Am I the only who sees her as falling off the deep end a bit?

  • We’ll it was a sort of PR effort but what wrong with that? I wouldn’t call it a stunt, but I also never would have seen it if this were on FDL as I didn’t watch the show.

    Thanks for the link… As usual I missed 90% of the lyrics.

  • How is it possible that people buy the BS and consider these kits artists? Both are spoiled brats and the kids father is on the same level of emotional development at 38.

    Though these idiots will never go away.. it would be nice wouldn’t it?

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    let them make other jobs… there’s lots of things to do aside from surveillance. Such a creepy remark and rationalization.

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    This may be off topic…. but I am interested in the entire whistle blower thing. We hear how Obama is not supporting them and even worse going after them. This may be true. Whistle blowers can and are exposing wrong doing by the state.

    Of course whistle blowers should have had a good idea what the state has been up to now for almost a half century. It’s no secret what they do, and Phlip Agee spilled the beans way back when… 1972 or something… Don’t people who join intel bother to inform themselves about these agencies and what they do? And have been doing since day 1… sanction criminal activities in the name of US interests (whatever that means).

    And that brings me to the Sibel Edmonds and her group. I don’t know what to make of her. She seems to be moving into a very strange place. Heard Binny the other day in an interview. He sounds like a nut to me. Edmonds has made some pretty strange statements about Snowden, Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Glenn Greenwald all of who appear to be on the right side of things.

    Any comment?

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    The whole pot thing is such nonsense. If it has medicinal value it should be legal for that. As far as getting high on pot of booze… it’s just dumb and usually other people get killed by high people driving and such. The obsession with getting high is creepy.

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    Isn’t it clear that the way our governments operate on local, state and national level that too much power and discretion is given to individuals. This sort of “executive” power is endemic to top down pyramid structures and clearly very susceptible to corruption, mal and misfeasance and the ability to shield wrong doing and escape accountability.

    Wherever you look this sort of corruption is present. Only those individuals with well founded sense of ethics, fair play, and community service will not fall pray to the built in flaws in the system. Those with power yield it in support of their own self interest and those who they agree with politically and who have supported them in the past and will support them in the future. There seems to be no will to change this system/structure because those who CAN are the beneficiaries of the system.

    Much of the motivation is pure greed followed by ego.

    The system is very broken and the people are in some sort of free for all to get theirs or be left behind. All that counts is winning (wealth) for the vat majority of the people who play.

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    Where should he have ended up? In the Cayman Islands?

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