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    Religion… the root cause of so much suffering and stupidity. Whose idea was that?

  • I don’t mean the people are the enemy… ! mean our *system* is our enemy!

  • do they really need to be discredited? Since when were they credited with anything positive?

  • We have become the enemy!

  • That’s it! The new movement

    ENOUGH… all groups who have had enough join the ENOUGH party!

  • The gap is narrowing to single digits!

  • I think we need a critical mass to get people off the backsides. Easy to be despondent when it seems that any action you take is pissing into the wind. They did a number of Occupy and now the race thing will be chilled too… And the killing goes on… Remember him?

  • Judicial???? this has turned out to be the biggest joke of all… liberty and JUSTICE for all.

    We are a nation of PR and marketing slogans… a fascist state masquerading as a democracy. Nothing of the sort.

  • I am here… reading but not saying much. You are doing a stellar job! DWB

  • They are doing a decent job of terrorizing the folks here. Look at the jack booted thugs in riot gear that we call cops… Shoot first and ask question later.

  • Or… if the economy completely collapses and people take to the streets and loot everything and all hell breaks loose… a few tanks roll down main street and the game on for revolution.

    Nothing will change in this country with a vote… ain’t gonna happen.

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    Good luck on a speedy recovery. You’ve created an amazing community in FDL which I read daily (though comment very little these days). I’ve met some incredible people because if FDL and I and others owe a debt of gratitude for that. You’ve done amazing work over this decade… and I think you are a force to reckon with so… get yourself up and going again as soon as possible. We need you! I can’t do more than send you good vibes and if anyone deserves them, Jane… it’s you! Get well soon and… thank you!

  • Irrational religious beliefs underlies irrational behavior from both sides. It’s impossible to know if a secular world without religious people… mostly those rabid fundamentalists (I suppose) would be a more peaceful and tolerant world. As I doubt it’s possible to get rid of only the fundamentalist zealots… I suppose getting rid of all religion would be worth a try. But it will never happen… because people are superstitious and find comfort in irrational belief systems from astrology to numerology to religion.

    hahahaha age of enlightment…

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    There are many aspects to this “problem” and one of them involves energy efficient public transport. No will for that. Americans love their cars and private transport and the flexibility it offers. And some place public transport is not practical. But some it is and needs to be developed as a start. If gas is [...]

  • Who is Albert Champion? Who cares who Lisa Derrick is or who SanderO is? Doesn’t matter… What matters is that people are free to express their views and hopefully don’t pass on bad information and convey fantasy as fact, the hallmark of the 9/11 truth movement. Sad but true. Skeptics who take the time and do the heavy lifting realize the truth movement is a nothing but a cult or disgruntled people who hate the USA. And there is many things to hate the USA for… but blowing up the WTC is not one of them.

  • Albert,
    I posted my thinking on the matter on several forums where I witnessed all sorts of willful ignorance and all manner of sloppy and poor thinking… logic and manipulation of fact and observation to conform the events to some preconceived notion of what happened.

    Like many people I was appalled at what happened and certainly at what the outcome and response was. I did not agree with ANY of the measures taken and laws put in place post 9/11. In fact I think that the resulting policies and initiatives is precisely what leads to more repression and more hostility toward the USA and its hegemony at home and certainly in the ME.

    However 9/11 was simply turned in a HUGE opportunity for the MIC, the national security state to advance their agenda under the false cover of the need for more security and a military response. It was precisely the policies of “empire” which have led to terrorism. And this was historically always true. It was the case in Palestine/Israel where the disenfranchised resorted to acts of suicide terrorism because they had no options available to them to stop the oppression and occupation by Israel. The USA talks about human rights and democracy and proceeds to act like an imperial power, like the Brits, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Romans and so on.

    The explanation of a false flag or inside job is without basis. This does not mean that police don’t do stings and entrapments, and intel use double and triple agents and so forth… they do. And they do it to expedite usually a militaristic agenda approach. Democracies don’t start wars… they only defend themselves if attacked. USA has no enemies which are going to attack it because it is armed to the teeth. The “empire” feels empowered to do as it wishes, lie about what it’s doing and expect it won’t be challenged. But grabbing resources nakedly is a bit hard to justify so they have to create all sorts of scams and alliances to make it seem that the empire is just a friendly nation helping out around the world. Completely false. Empire is out to grab whatever it needs… oil and resources and secure its access to same.

    The interesting thing about these policies is they give rise to terrorism and insurgency and then the MIC and the empire have their excuse to strike with overwhelming force and occupy and steal. It’s very creepy and clever strategy. Oppress people and they will respond and then you give them a severe beating for it! This is precisely what 9/11 response was. And the MIC and the elite who drive the empire could not have been more pleased when they planes were hijacked and hit their targets. Of course the little guys were pissed off and felt attacked for no reason. And THEY were right… THEY hadn’t been oppressing and stealing resources from around the world and particularly in oil rich ME. The average Joe was simply trying to get buy and have a nice life.

    We saw after 9/11 how the drums for war and patriotism were beaten to MOLD the response of the citizens. We were told we were attacked for our freedoms… totally preposterous rubbish…. but all the stupid uniformed low information USA people ran to the recruiting centers… to join in the “defense” of America.

    If you can’t see how this worked you are blind to history past and recent.

    Wake up.. there’s lots to be done… but making false claims about CD and the inside job is completely the wrong approach and becomes a side show. When the Truth movement bashes every progressive from Chomsky to Amy Goodman you know these people are completely delusional.

  • Powerful people taking advantage of their power act opportunistically for their own self interest. They are aligned with others in the elite class who have similar interests. It’s the old boys network, or the blue line and so on. It’s not done in the open and it’s not democratic… but it’s often and usually far from a bunch or guys deciding on a plan and then recruiting managers and they recruiting operatives which would number in the hundreds and thousands often who all remain quiet as a church mouse.

    A lie can change lots of things and people who have power and the media’s attention can change history with this lies and framing… and motivate people based on their lies.

    9/11 for example was simply a sneak attack by anti American islamic radicals who DO use suicide missions to fight oppression. Trying to stop crimes before they happen… ie in the planning stage is rather difficult. Shooting down planes with innocents on… even if they could have scrambled jets in time was not an official policy then and it’s not now. Once hijacked there was little that could be done and the hijackers managed to hit the tallest buildings in NYC visible from 50 miles away… and the pentagon… the largest building in the world. The DOD has been organized to fight (defend) with battle ships, ICBMs, even dogfights with fighter jets, drop cluster bombs and so forth. They were then not equipped and they are not now equipped to fight “terrorists”. What they do is use drones etc. to essentially randomly kill people they suspect of being terrorists… killing many innocents in the process… But killing innocents has never concerned the DOD… they dropped 2 Nukes on 2 cities in WWII…

    9/11 was a conspiracy… it was one of Islamic radicals and it caught the USG flat footed and they made excuses for their failure to do a thing about it before it happened and as it happened and DID conspire to cover up THEIR incompetence and corruption.

    There are ample examples of crazy people doing random violence which the “authorities” can’t prevent or stop in progress.

    Does the national security state care if such acts/events come to pass? Hell no… without such things AND the perception of enemies and an unsafe world they would be out of business. But they don’t have to created terrorism or violence…the policies of the USG and the corps create all the reasons for people around the world to hate the USA and resort to violence, extremism and terrorism.

    The USA did not need to kill 3000 people in NYC to have an excuse to invade the ME… they can make any manner of stories if they want… scuttle a ship in the Gulf and blame it on Iraq… for example.

    Anyone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job is a whacked out nut case and they have no understanding of what’s been going down in the world. Are you listening Albert?

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    She’s creepy but she’s laughing all the way to the bank… and getting all sorts of publicity … the iconic symbols of success… money and celebrity. She’s concocted a rather perverse image which is like a car wreck to some and the poster child in how bizarre the beauty and “sex sells” industry is. She’s not stupid and has concocted her silly story about being from another planet or whatever her deal is.

    I think only idiots would copy her aspire to what she is. But there ARE plenty of idiots and they will follow any trend.

    I suppose she’s having fun at it and it must have cost a lot and unless she was born with as silver spoon in her mouth she needs to make money to pay for it all. There is so much that needs to be done in this world… amazing that some people can use their intelligence and creativity for such silly things.

  • The USA is not going to wage a war and LITERALLY expand its borders… Na they just trample the world and set up puppets for plunder. It’s all good.

  • The answer of course is… the MIC guys make out like bandits and the energy and resources guys get the spoils… which they sell at rip off rates to the people. Nice job if you can get it.

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