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    A few thoughts.
    1. Let’s not include farmers in the negative aspects of the “food production industry” — although they sometimes pay memberships to the lobbying groups that do things like continue sugary soda on food stamps, they are running businesses and will respond to market forces. If the demand for organic food goes up, more farmers will grow organic. If demand for diverse local food goes up, more farmers will supply that niche. We as consumers and political and socioeconomic structure drive decisions by farming businesses.

    2. A big unmet need in changing how Americans eat is education about food. The majority of people have almost no idea what foods are good for them and which aren’t, how best to cook things, how many calories they need or how much food is needed to get those calories. People will continue to eat unhealthy processed food as long as they have no idea how to cook and don’t understand enough science to read the nutrition labels and understand their ramifications.

    3. Many people trust far too much in the medical establishment. Even those who hear, and believe, that obesity and poor diet lead to diabetes are deep down thinking that it’s no big deal — “my doctor will take care of it, and there are people living all around me with diabetes. This thing is way overblown.” Fact is that diabetes has many extremely serious complications and the disease is irreversible. Children who get diabetes in their teens will have it their whole lives and are likely to die very early from the serious whole-body-system complications.

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    Thanks for getting my attention back to an important issue.

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    Josh- Thanks for the great article. The thing I want to remind people of is that the war was wrong from day 1. War should never be viewed as a path to peace, regardless of public opinion. Even if the U.S. invasion had successfully squashed all sectors of Afghanistan, the invasion would not have been [...]

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