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  • Yesterday the Occupy Olympia encampment, located on the shores of Capitol Lake and in the shadows of the state Capitol buildings, was cleared out.  As the Washington State Patrol cleared out the encampment, the Olympia Police Department cleared out the abandoned former Health Department building which had been occupied Thursday night and renamed the Rachel [...]

  • From Olympia IMC: Rachael Corrie Community Center Now Open Facing a 12 midnight eviction threat tonight, Occupy Olympia held a party with a few hundred supporters to defend the camp in Heritage Park. Live local hip hop artists played music and people spoke over the sound system. Soon the idea of occupying one of the many [...]

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    Earlier from Peter G Bohmer’s FB page:

    We are asking people to show solidarity and support for those who have been staying at Occupy Olympia by coming to Heritage Park tonight and staying for the night if you can. Bring signs. We are asking for solidarity and resistance to be non-violent.”

    Up to date info as of [...]

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    The photographer, and creator of the video, is Greg Alderete. He’s been very involved at the Occupy Olympia encampment.

  • One may alternately view the profound sight of this encampment in downtown Olympia, the Capitol of Washington state, as either a source of inspiration or as a visible gaping wound exposing our society’s massive shortcomings.  

    I am not accustomed to writing about social/political/economic justice campaigns from the outside looking in, but that is mostly the perspective [...]

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