• All of us are intellectuals (philosophers, historians, etc.) All of us have these faculties. But not all of us have the social function of intellectuals. The essence of that function is to perpetuate and justify the status quo. The status quo is based on domination and inequality, which intellectuals reproduce as part of their social function.

    So Wilentz is doing his job here. He is not only disagreeing with the conclusions of Stone and Kuznik. He is flinging dung at them, deriding them as unqualified amateurs with an agenda. He is telling the rest of us, by implication, that we are too dumb to have any opinions other than the ones we are told to have. To think for ourselves – horrors! – that is Thoughtcrime, the root of all other crimes.

    So it is no surprise that the ideas of “Untold History” have not reached the public. And if our cadre of thinkers-for-hire have anything to do with it, they never will. Wilentz states that Stone and Kuznick see this as a problem. Wilentz does not.