• Right vote for the GOP corporate thugs who are against the middle class and the poor. Yes vote for the richest billionaire Romney to return the country to Bush policies and Bush appointees. Be such a purist that all the wreck and ruin of America’s democracy begins again. Your arrogant belittling of President Obama for not waving his magic wand to make sure the GOP does not oppose and obstruct all good that he as a Democrat would do to keep America from returning to the de-regulation, anti-environment, pro-corporate, anti-infrastructure, pro-war republicans.

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    A good reason to despise the GOP of corporate trolls and billionaire pulluters who own them.

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    Lieberman is a piece of filth. Appearing on Fox – who appears on Fox. Lieberman with more gag me barfing. Obviously these right wing buffoons and buffoonettes are trying to harm the President with the election coming up. Leaks that flatter the President just can’t continue. How awful.

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    I hope Florida is happy with all the cuts for the rich and increases for the average person. You get what you voted for and the people who did not vote for this rich and disgusting Rick Scott will all suffer for his actions as well.

  • The Chamber of Commerce is an old white republican billionaires club. They are completely against the President considering how much harm they did with huge donations to smear and ruin many worthy Democrats and many that were Blue Dog Democrats that they knew Democrats did not approve of. These greedy republican billionaires are working so hard to have republicans in office who will kowtow to them and end the EPA and other government departments that are in their way. That is the concern and if the Chamber of Commerce is attacking those who will fight them, we will have to keep fighting them more and more, exposing them more and more and we must expect the President to try to get some of them to come around to his side so that America will be able to survive for the next decade.