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    In my California county, Santa Barbara, that ship has definitely not sailed months or even years ago. The largest partnership of Drs in the county, Sansum Clinic, is currently not part of Blue Shield or Blue Cross Obamacare policies currently being sold on the exchange. They are still in negotiations with the insurance companies.
    The issue, of course, is how much the insurance companies will pay for services rendered to Obamacare patients.

  • Exactly! I rarely comment but I have been lurking here since before the Libby trial. I was following along as FDL covered the sausage-making that resulted in the ACA and consider this bill the greatest squandering of an opportunity that I’ve ever seen in my life.
    The only medication prescription that I’ve had in the last 20 years is an Epi-pen for a severe shellfish allergy. The price for this med which sits unused in the bottom of my purse until I get a new one has increase 800% in the last 2 years. The medication in an Epi-pen has been around since before I was born in the 50′s but the new plastic gizmo for delivering it is now patent protected, so there’s only one company, without competition, that’s selling it.

  • I’m self employed and have been in the individual market. I’ve received the letter informing me that my insurance policy didn’t conform and would be cancelled. The new policy, which I would automatically be shifted toward, if I didn’t intervene, costs 31% more and pays only 60% once I meet the deductible. None of the Obamacare policies include the largest Dr owned medical clinic in the area (over 135 physicians)including both my primary care Physician and the Dermatologist who treats my skin cancer. I didn’t even get as far as determining if the only hospital chain monopoly in the area will accept an Obamacare policy. Obamacare is useless to me.
    Because I’m relatively healthy except for the skin cancer, I’ll be flying without a net for the next 15 months, hoping that I can make it to Medicare without anything serious happening. And if all indications are correct even Medicare won’t be a safe landing.
    Having worked in Healthcare for over 30 years, I can confidently say that there is little actual Healthcare in this bill. It’s merely a Corporate Welfare bill for insurance companies, hospital chains, drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers.

  • Hi Jane, I’ve called Lois Capps’(D-Ca) office twice now. Two days ago, she was leaning No but wanted to wait until after her Intelligence briefings. Today, the office is saying she’s on hold because the vote is on hold.
    While a nice person, she is a chronic fence sitter, lacking courage and always travels in the middle of the herd. If Obama doesn’t need her vote, she’ll vote no and then point to it, like she did something special, like she has with her No vote on Iraq. But if it’s close she’ll vote yes, being a good Obamabot.
    I suppose you could count her as leaning No, as the office claims. Her constituents are overwhelmingly calling in on the No side.

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    Could you provide a link to the previous posts. I seem to have missed them. Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for confirming my suspicions re stevenrockford. I did check out his history and noticed that he only showed up for Julian Assange and it was always about the sex allegations, but because I rarely post myself despite lurking since the Libby indictments, I didn’t want to cast any stones

  • Naomi Wolf has done an excellent article about irregularities with the rape allegations that make a very convincing case that the allegations are a trumped up ruse. markcripinmiller.com/2011/02/eight-big-problems-with-the-case-against-assange-must-read-by-naomi/wolf/

    Sweden’s consistent unwillingness to find a way to question Assange that doesn’t involve having physical custody of him in Sweden, and the fact that Karl Rove is involved all combine to make it obvious that the US is pressuring Sweden to pursue a case that doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • David, I’ve been very confused as to why some cases are subject to the Voting Rights Act and/or pre-approval and others like the Pennsylvania case I’m told are not. They all look like civil rights violations to me. If you have already explained this, could you please link to it, and if not, would you please explain the difference? If it’s complicated and wonky, would you consider doing a diary dedicated to this subject?
    Thanks in advance

  • This is the second time today, in this and the earlier thread on this issue, that the rich in Santa Barbara opposed the coastal route. As a 40+ year, resident of SB, I’ll tell you that there has never been a public debate about HSR in this town and that many people would welcome it especially those who commute from Ventura and Santa Maria to work every day. You also claim that driving north on the 101 from Los Angeles that there are stop lights in Santa Barbara- something that hasn’t been true for 20 -25 years.
    I have to assume that the rest of your information is as inaccurate as these two claims about the rich and influential in Santa Barbara.

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    Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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    The Nun screening process to eliminate nuns that are Lefty happened in the 70′s when John Paul II came into power. That’s why the overwhelming majority of nuns are over 65! There was a mass exodus from the religious (nuns, brothers and priests) of lefties, social justice advocates, and social liberals, at least in the [...]

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    I too left the Catholic Church as a result of Humanae Vitae. After 12 years of a wonderful Catholic school education for which I am grateful every day, I finally became fed up one Sunday morning. Listening to a parish priest rant on and on about birth control, while we all sat within a lily-white congregation in a very segregated Brooklyn neighborhood, that the Church actively enabled to stay that way, was the last straw for me.
    I continued to go to church for a few more months while I lived under my parents roof but when I moved to California, the Catholic Church and I were done.
    It still saddens me to watch the continued conservative backlash to Vatican II. Millions of liberal Catholics left with Paul VI and especially John Paul II.

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    Yet despite your list, the Post Office made a profit of $611 Million, if you don’t count the pre-funding mandate.

  • I’d like to suggest that whomever calls leaves a message on voicemail if that’s what you get. I’d love to talk if I knew you called and I wasn’t here or I may just be lurking in the background so I don’t have to talk to another Obama volunteer.

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    I live in Ca 23 and this is infinitely better than before, both for Ca23 and Ca24. Currently, the Santa Ynez Valley is represented by Elton Gagely because it in a district with Simi Valley, even though most of its residents have more in common with Santa Barbara. They work and play in SB, and [...]

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    I actually think that we should go back to paper ballots that are individually counted by hand in front of local public access tv cameras. It will take days in large cities and will be infinitely boring but so what! It will also reduce the media’s ability to call elections before people have finished voting! [...]

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    Thanks, Cynical, especially for noticing that they cooked the numbers with that $5 donation/dinner with the President ploy.
    Also, am I the only one thinking that making the President a prize in a contest was a sickening thing to do?

  • With me,they didn’t even need the fraud loophole to deny paying for preventive care. They just sent me a letter informing me that my policy was “grandfathered in” because it pre-dated the bill and therefore none of it’s terms would apply to me. And then they congratulated themselves and me that there would be no changes, since, after all, the President had said that most people were happy with the insurance that they had and didn’t want it to change.

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    Consider contacting the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The festival is at the end of January each year and has an amazing array of documentaries each year. Because of our proximity to LA, we also attract a lot of the PTB in Hollywood- that’s not necessarily a good thing for the locals but it would be for a film maker.

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    Will this movie be playing outside of the NYC area either in theaters or on the cable networks -Premium movie station or the Documentary channel on Direct TV? I would love to see it.

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