• Always beware of the subtle D-apologist slant from JW. The series of articles he’s written blaming people’s lack of “insurance literacy” or whatever bullshit term it was is a prime example of this.

    I have tested at 141 IQ. I speak six languages. I’m pretty vigilant about reading everything I can about my policies. I have a dental appointment tonight-getting a crown. I have no idea what I’ll be paying. No idea at all.

  • Yep (and the same to other comments above). Remember when China & Russia signed that natural gas deal and there was a terriss attack in Xinjiang literally the next day! Derp!

  • On a family-by-family basis I’m guess yeah, 100% in some instances. Now why should they vote for Ds? Exactly.

  • Ann Coulter? Really?

    Did you know she likes to party with fashionable homosexual liberals in NYC? It’s true! She doesn’t believe a damn bit of what she writes but you do…and you’re making her even more rich!!! Nice scam, even if she is a sociopath.

  • Comment disappeared

  • Kevin, when you write broad criticisms of “white culture” do you understand yourself to be a part of that? If not, why not? If so, how do you conceptualize your own position regarding what’s happening in, say, Ferguson?

    I think like a lot of things, racial tensions are kept at a low boil in this country to cover a completely rotten core of class relations. When I went to the University of Missouri, frat boys-upper middle class to upper class almost exclusively-destroyed property, drank and abused drugs illegally in the open, were belligerent with authorities, brawled with each other, menaced passersby and committed sexual crimes at a tremendous rate. But you see, this white male right here? I KNEW I couldn’t get away with that. At all. And I couldn’t afford crazy lawyers to get me off I were caught. And despite avoiding that scene LIKE THE PLAGUE I was still arrested twice in my own apartment for possession of alcohol (age 19 and 20) and misdemeanor amounts of marijuana. Oh, and on those occasions I most certainly didn’t give the cops any resistance because I had seen plenty of my friends of various races subjected to physical violence by the police for doing so.

    I’m just wondering what a white male like me who is absolutely outraged at what happened to Michael Brown and all those unfortunates like him can do to help the situation. Because I don’t feel like I have any privilege to refute or culture to reject.

    I really have problems with this. I don’t know what to think.

  • sapphirebulletsofpurelove commented on the blog post For Conservatives it is all About Fox News

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    And here I was thinking there was probably nothing to like about anyone on FOX News board.

  • sapphirebulletsofpurelove commented on the blog post For Conservatives it is all About Fox News

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    Oh goody. Well, 40% of “Liberals” get their news from anywhere other than the CNN stenographers as compared to 22% of “Conservatives” who get it from anywhere other than FOX. Let us crow about this. Yes. I feel better. This makes a difference.

  • Are you singling out Islam? I assume you’ve read the old testament. Or maybe spent time around Hasidic Jews or Southern Baptists or conservative Mormons or Catholics? I’d certainly suggest you use more of your concern on the Abrahamic fundamentalists in your very own back yard than those halfway around that world.

  • Yep, still yep. Amazing. It’s like this narrative has become ingrained in the current writer despite regularly having this pointed out to him in the comments of his own posts.

    Yeah. The U.S. is attacking AQAP/ISIL/ISIS/IS. To prevent terrorism. Because the U.S. opposes terrorism and its sponsors. Let’s start our analysis from there. I’m sure we’ll reach very useful and newsworthy conclusions like, “the U.S. political class is not bothered by their own hypocricy.” Derp!

  • Exactly. You aren’t likely to roll boxcars three times in a row either.

    Wanna bet your kids’ lives on it?

  • Great comments by many above. And needed. Consider:

    If the media runs around with hair on fire, while progressives ignore or mock reasonable worries and doubts from a public to whom the lack of preparedness is now obvious, the issue is ceded to the anti-government privatize-and-profitizers (including presumably the venture capitalist/PR flack czar) who will surely have lots of responses ready, none of which will have the function of keeping us well.

    I can’t but comment, mary, that I find this writer is very good at producing pieces that have this very effect on the ACA so I’m not surprised to see it here. Glad others do too. I don’t know if it’s intentional (can’t pull punches, that strikes me as a real possibility) but it doesn’t help.

    OK, back to anecdotes:

    1.) Last year, I caught a nasty bug (turned out to be adenovirus) that gave me a 103+ degree fever-I went to work the next day feeling like hell (though the fever had broken) because I didn’t have any paid leave to take and we’re, ahem, discouraged from staying out after we use our paid leave. And I’m in what currently qualifies as a relatively very comfortable work situation.

    2.) My wife’s best friend is from Waco. Her brother lives in the same Dallas apartment complex as one of the infected nurses (not sure which). He certainly noticed the police and CDC people coming through the other night but he, personally, has not been told/asked to do anything or interviewed about potential exposure.

    I’ll continue to worry just a bit, thanks.

  • Wow. Another “nothing to see here” article. Can the writer-either the current one or DSW-explain to me why they see writing this as their responsibility? People complain-right here at FDL-rightly about things that probably won’t tangibly impinge on their existence all the time. Some might say that’s the majority of the content here. And yet, I’m also told here that I shouldn’t worry about ebola at all, in fact I’m being alarmist if I am worried at all because…uh, well the CDC’s on it, we got a couple of anecdotes and, gosh darn it, neither my toddler nor my wife nor myself are really likely to catch it.

    It’s impossible not to worry about this shit when as I commute along with thousands of others on crowded trains every day. I’d be a goddamn fool if I didn’t. If I trusted bloggers enough not to worry about it because they said so, I’d be a goddamn fool sheep. And you know what else? I can think about two-or even three-things at once.

    Here’s also hoping that fear about this might make people think more deeply about the fucked up healthcare-for-profit system in this country.

  • So there are no moderate rebels in Syria. The only people who want to overthrow the current government are agents of other states and unaffiliated Islamists.

    Why are we there at all, again?

  • Agree with your first point.

    As for the other stuff: CDC approved this woman to fly after treating a man with Ebola and subsequently reporting a fever. That’s on the CDC. Not the virus, not the equipment, not the nurses-the CDC. It’s also been documented that hospitals including Texas Presbyterian don’t have protocols in place for dealing with Ebola and there is evidence they’re distributing inadequate protective gear to nurses. I know this virus is difficult but I can’t look past evidence that certain actors have made the situation worse.

  • Telling whom may not be criticized here, eh? Well you’ve had your hand slapped, you should know your place now.

    Jon Walker serves no purpose at FDL other than to turn out breathless tripe on the DvR horse race. It doesn’t reflect well on the site and leaves actual leftists wondering what the meaning of this is.

  • Oh, you can’t expect any answers from Jon. Ever. You know what I’d like to hear? Why everything he writes on this crap is front-paged. FDL gives its tacit imprimatur to everything he writes, his choice of subject and his tone.

    Even articles like this, completely out of touch with anything but MSM/inside-the-beltway talking points.

    Even when he gets few comments.

    Even when he refuses to answer for anything he’s written.


  • What precisely is “weird” (nice loaded term; at least you didn’t suggest we be drug tested) about Americans rightly realizing that it makes no difference which agents of the aristocracy control our completely bought government?

    This is as intentionally obtuse as anything I’ve ever seen on FOX.

    Do you try to misinterpret shit, Jon or does it come naturally? No, don’t answer. I’ve already decided.

  • A deadly disease being responded to by the Keystone Kops whose story changes every day. Oh, now it’s not “showing symptoms” but back to the implicit canard of “they have to bleed or vomit on you” which is not true. Oh, and I guess the nurse didn’t break protocol. Maybe everything she did was approved by the CDC. Maybe she was given inadequate protective equipment. Maybe.

    But I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.

  • Yes, but how much should I worry?

    Not at all?

    Not much, like maybe get .000001% worried?

    Or just less than I worry about how the Ds/Rs are doing in the latest polls?

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