• At least your consistent with your r2p nonsense.

    Broadly, things like this going on is caused by world powers using the middle east as a playground and site for proxy conflicts. More of the same will not solve them.

    Millions of innocent Iraqis will continue to be in imminent danger owing to the instability in their nation caused by…the military adventures of Europe, the Soviet Union, the U.S. and their proxies. This is true whether there are U.S. airstrikes against ISIS or not. Tomorrow the dangers may be the same or they may be different but they will exist. I dare say guilt-reasonable, that-over this situation is informing certain “liberals” support for intervention though many of them know better.

  • I suppose you are too much of a hard-headed fool for it to be worthwhile to try to instruct on how, yes, there are people on this country who are so shit on, and have been so consistently shit on for so long, that yes, they’d just as soon burn the whole fucker down or just do whatever feels good in the moment because they know they have no prospects. Clearly you’re too hard-headed a fool to understand the difference between a looter and protester (but there you’re just doing what most people do these days: letting someone else think for you).

    But keep acting like there is nothing legitimate to protest and that the police and PTB generally are always right, in fact they can not be wrong.

    Coming soon to a town near you.

  • Eh, no-the whole point of the post is that after shooting an unarmed man dead, officer Wilson wasn’t even arrested, was allowed to leave the state and quite possibly won’t be indicted for anything as the prosecutor harbors a massive potential objectivity deficit.

    No, it’s Mike Brown whom everyone in the MSM and their faithful drones believes is guilty of something that made him liable for execution with no due process, while the guy who actually did shoot and kill an unarmed man-he gets people defending him from even the suggestion that he should be arrested. Put it this way: even if you’re white, if you don’t have some serious connections you can expect to be arrested and indicted if you shoot someone dead, and you sure as hell won’t be allowed to leave the state, regardless of circumstances.

    Now why didn’t that happen here? Yeah, I know-another question y’all don’t want to answer.

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    Still mainly pepper but there is noticeable salt in there. The beard’s well on the way to Santa Claus white. All this at the ripe age of 34.

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    Huh. Imagine how worn out working schmucks must be. We don’t have any sweet gigs to look forward to, or any book deals, or-in some cases-any prospects at all.

    The travails of the plebes aren’t disheartening at all, by and large, to those of the ruling class. They don’t care. Studying history, personal experience and intuition all tell me that.

  • It would be hard for you to beg the question more.

    Amidst lots of speculation, here are facts:

    -A policeman on a force that is known to police AAs more aggressively shot dead an unarmed 18-year-old.

    -In the aftermath to that event, not only civil disturbances but peaceful protests were met with military force by the police charged with serving the community of Ferguson

    Your very selective blinders might make one think you have an agenda or some sort of bias that informs a snap judgment of this situation.

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    Stupid idiot was charging a cop with a gun.

    I get the feeling that you’re less tolerant of obviously ridiculous lines of argumentation when they don’t apply to poor young black men that the authorities have targeted with violence. I’m sure you know enough about Brown that you know he’s a stupid idiot, because clearly you’re not just assuming that because he’s a poor young black man that the MSM and PTB have instructed you was dangerous, because you’d have to assume he was some kind of stupid idiot to believe that he charged at an armed officer from 35 feet away rather than running or surrendering. That’s right he, the unarmed 18-year-old, he’s the dangerous one. Because maybe-maybe, not proven-maybe he stole things. Maybe he got in a fight. Maybe. But the cop? The cop who DEFINITELY shot dead an unarmed 18-year-old? To you, he’s presumed to have been reasonable when he DEFINITELY shot dead an unarmed 18-year-old. Because I know you know enough about that officer to know that he definitely wasn’t a racist (despite that horrific, demonstrable racial profiling the Ferguson PD engage in-by the way, having grown up a stone’s throw from Ferguson I know it from experience too, and I’m white) and that he definitely wasn’t cavalierly and needless violent because, hey, you know him SO well and of course, police never, EVER do that. Especially against black men. Never.

  • Good idea, and yet, stipulated: he doesn’t feel the same about Palestine’s Israeli oppressors, unfortunately.

  • Agreed. There’s no disagreeing with Ms. Hamsher et al about some of the problems this country has, politically, but within-the-institutions-as-they-currently-exist solutions seem like pissing in the wind at this point.

    For example, I have NO IDEA what it is I’m supposed to do about campaign finance or gerrymandering. Those decisions are insulated by several layers from my influence, by design.

    What to do?

  • Nice straw man there-put some garish old clothes on him and attach him to a post in your garden and you may keep some crows away.

    On the other hand, if you’re comparing say, those opportunist spook harpies called “Pussy Riot”, for example, to the protesting population of Ferguson-go ahead and hang your head in shame.

  • I grew up in North County, in neighboring Florissant. Lived there for 19 years. It’s a tragic place. I love it and have great memories of my time there but I now see how fucked up it is in many ways.

    The police there racially profile very blithely. It’s nothing to them, just a normal tactic. They’re very violent, which is endemic culturally out there which makes the cops even worse. I have to point out that as a poor white kid growing up there (not all whites fled, the affluent did), I didn’t have any special protection from the police. I saw white AND black friends handcuffed in painful positions and left that way for hours, I saw white AND black kids hit with clubs and have guns pulled on them for minor property crime or selling/buying weed. North County also has a significant Palestinian community. I can only imagine, and hang my head, thinking of the experience they must have had over the last decade or so.

    I do think making things like this completely about race blurs some important realities-I take issue with that P-D writer over the grounds that “all the defendants were black.” It seems that to her it’s very easy not to notice the poor white kids like me, my brothers and my friends-since we don’t fit the profile. It’s not helpful. Would it not be as tragic if an unarmed latino, arab or white kid were shot to death? To break the power of the militarized police, the communities they serve will need to be united, not riven along racial lines. This is the message I try to get across to my frightened (won’t admit it but he is) brother who still lives there: don’t allow yourself to be drawn into vilification of these people because they’re black, because they look different from you. These are people struggling for the same peace and justice as all oppressed, powerless people regardless of race, religion or nationality.

    In the end, I don’t know what to say. I feel horrible Mike and his family. I hope for peace for everyone in North County but I certainly can’t easily dismiss the position of those who want to leave.

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    And @ 31, and @ 33

    Look, and see: tribalism and social policy baubles.

    Yech. I’m staying away. Not legitimizing this bullshit.

  • Russian intervention in Ukraine, even under purported “humanitarian” auspices, without the formal, express consent and authorization of the Government of Ukraine is unacceptable, violates international law, and will provoke additional consequences.

    This from a nation standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the U.S. on this…wow, that’s some pretty stark hypocrisy. Apparently, the U.S. might have some ‘splainin’ to do to Frau Merkel. Or not. And specifically:

    the Government of Ukraine

    I think she means the putsch perpetrators in Kiev which is, of course, in no way a legitimate government.

    This looks bad.

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    Breaking the GOP obstruction of Congress would end the uniformity of position of both parties.

    Suppressing the urge to just shout “bullshit!” at my screen, I have to ask upon what you base this position. I think you’ve got the causal relationship backward, and the reality of when gridlock pops up that fiver points out holds the solution to that conundrum. Your view isn’t really cynical, it’s just more subtly partisan than some others. Republicans on their own are not the problem, not at all.

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    What is important is the relative partisan control of the branches.

    Caught that too. Lately Jon’s writing at times as if he were* on LSD while he does it.

    *See, I used the subjunctive, implying the uncertainty of my position that he’s constantly on hallucinogens while writing.

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    When working out things like that keep in mind that capital has no fatherland, comrade.

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    Yep. The Iraqi army’s officers were corrupted; it’s not a new strategy.

    The entire official narrative around this requires swallowing so many unlikely assumptions to seem believable that I really can’t comment further on any analysis that takes many of them seriously. Any commentary that starts from any point other than “the official narrative about ISIS in no way makes sense” is going to be seriously flawed.

    That said, yeah, this line is softening up the public to the proposition of yet another ground war in Iraq.

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    WTF? This is straight-up gobbledygook. I have no idea what I’m supposed to take away from it. Is this absurdist journalism? Seriously?

    I imagine a lot of the respondents in question would suggest that they’ll be screwed to the advantage of oligarchs no matter who they vote for so they’ll decide based on tribal affinity and the relative likelihood of getting some of their preferred social policy baubles. I could call that craven or counterproductive but I certainly can’t argue with the basic point. Personally, I’m done with voting-I’ve already wasted hours of my life on it that I won’t get back.

  • Huh. Well, ok. I guess what this thing needed was some Just Say No style propaganda to insult and patronize people including a segment who could be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan to kill or die. And people still going on about the IQ thing? Reality: almost every great thinker or artist or philosopher or scholar you can think of smoked at least a few times.

    Corny ads and scare tactics aren’t what drove down cigarette smoking-increased prices and lack of access along with strict enforcement of laws prohibiting their sale to minors along with fundamental cultural change that arose from generation after generation watching friends and family die of preventable cancer did.

    If I were there, I’d be waiting for the irony of one of these ads running right after an ad for one of Big pharma’s newest products…

    And for the record, I certainly wasn’t a “child” at 18-20 years old.

  • Indeed he did say that-and secession is at least potentially within the rights of the states, considering the original construction of the republic. And yet, even here at FDL where he has few (probably less) friends, I DON’T see Rick Perry called a separatist. I mean, the Kiev regime seems completely committed to their pro-western agenda regardless of what the population of the eastern half of the country wants but I don’t see them called separatists. Why do you think that is?

    For full disclosure, I don’t think DSW is trying to push any line, he’s just slipped into an MSM shorthand in this area which is easy to do. It is, however, pejorative to call them separatists.

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