• That over 1 in 10 kids in households with two parents need food assistance in the world’s one indispensable nation is all good with you? Or if the reason most of the kids in this country who go without food do so is that they aren’t being raised by two parents nullifies the problematism of those kids’ hunger and maybe it’s ok to cut aid to them? Because really what we need is to push more cultural conservatism down their mothers’ throats? That’s how you come across.

    Yeah, feel free to ignore the fact that a couple generations ago a single income was enough to raise a family of multiple children.

  • What’s the point of vetoing the bill and not finally saying no to Keystone XL?

    To fool rubes in the 99% into thinking he shares their interests when in fact, he doesn’t.


  • Thanks for covering this, Kevin. I’m glad to hear he has no interest in a settlement. Name names and drag this out. Also glad to hear he’ll go with a jury trial. Americans aren’t so hoodwinked about spurious claims of anti-Semitism being used to shut down discourse anymore.

  • Beautiful. Made me think of…

    Lucky me, lucky mud
    I got so much and most mud got so little
    Now mud lies down again and goes to sleep
    I loved everything I saw!
    Good night

    Make sure to enjoy life, friends.

  • Unfortunately, I find that you’re right. The NYC I moved to in 2003 and still live in is not the place I thought it was. People here are in many ways, and definitely in the area of unquestioning deference to authority, more conservative than those in suburban St. Louis where I grew up.

    I blame it on the whole bullshit late 90s bubble economy and the accompanying propaganda that made people giddy about their economic prospects beyond any reasonable expectations. Since most started seeing themselves as potential billionaires, most started worshipping and aping them.

  • Amazes me that some still can’t see that DeBlasio is a fake or a failure as a “progressive”. These brown shirts serve at his discretion as the elected executive representing the people of the city. They should have been told to shut up or face consequences for their insubordination in no uncertain terms. But what can you expect from the guy who hires Bill “Broken Windows” Bratten after riding in as NYC’s “progressive” savior?

  • Now see, there you go. I’ve watched people of less means than myself act on this feeling and spend far more than was spent on my wedding. Those are decisions. There is structure that suggest people make poor decisions, financially and otherwise. But the decisions still belong to individuals. Fascinating that in this context-I don’t at all mean just here in this forum-I’ve heard this cited. So people can resist centuries of custom telling them to get married but they can’t resist the very recent phenomenon in which working or middle class people have weddings in which they appear to be aristocrats? Huh?

  • Tough situation.

    Ever watch your sister implode trying to raise a couple kids after the father disappeared? Not that he ran off, he just moved in with his parents and did his drinking in their basement. Not saying he deserved to be thrown in prison but some consequences other than, you know, nothing may be in order.

    Anyone who expects to spend decades with somebody and never have a conflict or realize you don’t like something about them has unrealistic expectations.

  • That article is a sad indictment of the lack of emotional and social engagement between spouses of a certain generation.

    Young people don’t get married now because, like always, they’re terrified of commitment and wary of their inability to adhere to it. Which is fine, as the only thing in the past that was different was a culture that ignored these factors and demanded people get married anyway.

    A couple of thoughts however: there is certainly an element of cowardice, narcissism and self-absorption to declining popularity of marriage. And marriage doesn’t cause divorce-divorcees bad decisions do. Obviously. So again, good idea to take one’s time with that decision.

  • Tamir Rice was 12 years old, asshole, and shot on sight. You’d pay for that comment were you in front of me, coward.

  • Yes, the kill the cops part. The other parts are incidental and certainly nothing compared to the eggs the alphabets have been willing to break in the past to make their toxic omelets. ECAHN made it clear that this would be a matter of manipulating a mentally ill man.

    I know, I know-in your world, most people who express disgust over police killing unarmed men and facing no consequences are would-be members of mobs baying for the blood of cops whereas it’s impossible that the police state that we know tortures people and spies on everyone would use a mentally-ill man to carry out a false flag attack that would further justify their spying & torturing and the budgets needed to do that…

    The PTB don’t give a shit about cops per se, only insofar as they can be useful. Just like all the other people about whom they pretend to give a shit. Ever notice how the establishment talks up how much they support soldiers but never misses a chance to throw their lives down the toilet for nothing?

    Someone let me know when it’s time to go to the barricades.

  • Leaving aside the crass, disgusting ridiculousness of amoral, opportunist rhetoricians like Lynch I do wonder about this singular focus on race. I really do. It feels like at least something of a distraction as it allows easily for the appearance of acting on a problem that is causing major problems for most of this country while actually doing nothing about it. Again, I wonder about those young people at that meeting with the president. I wonder who they imagine relates more to their plight-multimillionaire Obama, product of privilege and exclusively private schools but black or people like me-children of the proletariat who actually grew up in a working class community just minutes from where Michael Brown was murdered?

  • Seeing Obama comment on this-ridiculous. This has to do with national security? Wow, they’ve really jumped the shark. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for multinational corporations to take up the cause of the people of this country and their problems-that only flows the other way.

  • What a steaming load of shit.

    Yeah, they’re real hard up if you judge by McDonald’s per capita or the number of billionaire hedge-fund managers. If you use, say, literacy or infant mortality things look a little less nice in the good ol’ capitalist US of A.


  • So have you guys figured out why Rome “fell” yet?


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    Yeah, Schama’s a real disappointment isn’t he? I was reading his book on Dutch national culture when I was first exposed to his Zionist bile and couldn’t finish it. Too bad, because it was an interesting book. I’d say, however, that that’s the sort of grinding-axe that will affect one’s scholarship. Very hard to take him seriously about the formation of states given his position on Palestine.

    I’d recommend DMG Southerland’s France 1789-1815: Revolution and Counterrevolution. Yes, it’s dry and yes it’s dense but it’s painstakingly documented, wonderfully analytical and neither shies away from significant minutiae nor ever sinks to the personality-driven pop lit on the period. If one needs something light, you can get through Jeremy Popkin’s A Short History of the French Revolution in a weekend. At least in the edition I own, it had excellent visual aids for such a small book.

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    Hear, hear. Being completely honest-they’re all from the upper class. Direct democracy may be impractical for a system with 50 confederated states with a population of 300M+ (but it’s not impossible). Given that, the temptation to favor a republic is tempting. But also given the reality of capitalism, i.e. inequality (because that’s all it is, the predictable result of capitalism) and that commerce is very lightly regulated in the west today it’s impossible to have a truly representative republic unless we bring back democratic practices like filling offices by lot. (And why not?) If a job is too difficult to understand or be handled by anyone in the nation either our civic education is deficient (it is) or the job is too complex (they are, as what we have become is an oligarchy with hints of technocracy for the military/finance/intelligence sectors).

    Really though, I’m an economic determinist. I’m not sure that governmental system as an abstraction rises very high in anyone’s priorities in terms of things to think about or do something about until many other needs are met. Those being the essentials of life, which is understandable. If you care more about whether we have a democracy, oligarchy, republic, etc. more than if you can feed yourself and your kids you’re either suffering from false consciousness, a damn fool or clinically obsessed. What I see is that most Americans rightly don’t (can’t) give a lot of thought to how much they want democracy or how good or bad it is compared to the alternatives when they’re using all their time and energy to feed and clothe and house themselves, with ever diminishing returns. Remember-in places like Egypt a dictatorship is tolerated for decades but as soon as there’s no longer a chicken in every pot, out come the long knives.

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    Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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    One of those connections I like to point out:

    Viacom = Westinghouse = war machine.

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    Basically, you can’t chalk up wins against your own farm team. Obviously. By that logic, the Romans were like 536-4 over a few centuries. In reality, any really capable opponent like Mithridates or the Arsacids in Parthian scared the bejeezus out of them and were only subdued over a very long time and largely by bribing people and throwing good troops after bad.

    Sound familiar?

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