• The American executive is, at least unofficially, perhaps anyway, getting a little less enthusiastic about fellating Netanyahu and his apartheid state. This is described as a “crisis”? WTF?

    As to the assertion in this article: I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • In America’s richest city

    Also most racked by inequality. My bosses not only open their wallets for every candidate with a D behind his/her name who comes by with their hand out but also all but order all the other attorneys at the firm to do so. What’s it gonna cost them, a half gallon of yacht fuel? No biggie.

    Meanwhile they fired the entire mailroom last year, including people with over a decade of time at the firm who have kids to feed, and outsourced the work.

    But hey, someone told me the other day that things are going in the right direction because now politicians don’t do nothing about inequality-they TALK about it…

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    All terrorism is just crime. That is, if the term represents any sort of ontological reality at all.

  • Yeah, when the Snowden thing first broke I wanted to believe the narrative but there was always something off about how it went down and then there are the appearances on the MSM hit parade and I’m now looking at this interview and instinctively reacting: sounds gatekeeper-y. I’m not sure what OWS (much as I laud its participants and activities) is supposed to have changed. I live in NYC and don’t see much different. Yeah, politicians/candidates are talking about inequality. And? They talk about a lot of things. For a generation they talked about healthcare reform and look what that got us.

    Also agree on the centrism/status-quo thing. So he’s not a libertarian or a socialist. Well that’s useful information to have.

    Unfortunately, some young and well-meaning progressives and would-be progressives will always get bogged down in the red herring narratives put forward to distract from the reality that Marx et al laid out for us.

  • seek to perpetuate the “spirit of the Holocaust” to maintain their status

    Yep, it’s a Passion Play essentially.

    There was a lot of media coverage of the protests against the opera in the New York Times, the New Yorker and the New York Daily News. All the New York TV networks were there for the scene. However, the fact that Zionists were handing out yellow badges did not make news reports.

    The Zionists wag the dog so intensely here in NYC, it’s disgusting. Those who won’t placate them and their eternal, superior victimhood are straight-forwardly intimidated and black listed. I run a test occasionally on how this skews perception by asking local natives what % of the population they think Jews are in NYC and the country. Answers typically are about 15% for both numbers.

    When do we get a dialog about how the solution to these problems is the rejection of Jewish privilege?

  • claims that Ukraine was not paying its bills

    Claims? Ukraine hasn’t been current on that bill in…uh…ever? Yeah, maybe ever.

  • Sure you understand it. DSW dismisses none of the assumptions behind policy as presented by the gov’t/PTB. He still thinks the U.S. military want to fight ISIS because the U.S. opposes terror, for example.

  • There should be a quarantine policy and technically is one.

    That is absolutely not good enough. Nor is the honor system.

    And complaining about climate control and sanitary facilities? Under what conditions did she work in Africa? This is worse? Worse than knowingly treating people with Ebola? You know, people who do that but aren’t willing to take part in best practices to avoid the spread of that disease at home-I get the impression these are people who get involved in things like MSF out of vanity.

  • OK, I’ll back those points but I am willing to argue about it. Someone’s convenience is not at all comparable to the safety of millions of people. If you can deal with the inconvenience of traveling to west Africa and treating people with Ebola, I’m going to dismiss your complaints about the convenience of a quarantine. This doctor who traipsed around the city for a week and then became symptomatic-he’s incredibly irresponsible if you ask me. He knew he might have it and could become symptomatic at any point. Why not at least stay home? Then there are those articles in peer-reviewed medical journals that opine that it may be possible to spread Ebola during incubation. Oh, and nice to see that days later the same spot that gave me constant “nothing to see here, move along” articles on Ebola now sees fit to note the arrival of it in my hometown of 8M. Reminds me of the articles I read on this guy that all stated at the start that he “just got back from Africa”-you had to keep reading for a few paragraphs to realize he was in the city for 6 days before being quarantined. Not very reassuring but hey, who am I? Not some important political analyst-just a guy who’d like to see his wife & toddler not killed by a disease that’s spread because we don’t do anything right when it comes to healthcare in this country.

    But yeah, don’t let anything get in the way of a chance to point & laugh at Christie.

  • Also, best excuse I have read for giving it to O is that was only way to get rock star to visit a country of 5 million.

    Yeah, read that too and find it very believable. Europeans got even higher on the hopium than American liberals. I have reminded a couple Europeans of this after they made blanket comments about Americans’ relative lack of intellect.

  • Sarah, thank you for this article. I’d be so much more likely to give money to FDL if their pleas for help were accompanied by your image rather than this writer’s. You seem to care for people more than politics, which strikes me as a progressive value. Actually, THE progressive value.

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    It fucking sucks.

    Does that count as a grade?

    As for Krugman? A wannabe progressive is maybe the worst thing you could be. I have more respect for inanimate objects. What a waste of talent.

  • Hmph. National differences really mean nothing to .1% factions & deep state. Cultural differences may occasionally tell but not typically. (Never really bought the Sunni-Shia divide thing as being that big a deal and have seen plenty of evidence that it’s trumped up by the PTB and their media/institutional creatures as cover for disorder sponsored by neocons/neoliberals.)

    Now the neocon/liberal capitalist class-they certainly have an agenda, which involves making much of the world unstable to head off populist/multilateral opposition and facilitate resource extraction and military extension. What we’re seeing right now is the result of there not being a whole lot of options for opposing that agenda. So the mask is slipping the cover stories are becoming inane and contradictory to anyone who thinks critically about them.

  • ISIS appeared less than a year ago.

    Yep. And so much has been written and said in that time, mostly bullshit. Many would do well to run this exercise: if you take away all the MSM propaganda about them, what’s left?

  • Woah, rein in the exceptionalism. Yes, Iran might have won…but then, we were supplying them too so who knows? There certainly was a whole lot more public support on that side since they were defending themselves. But to the point-if you put aside your exceptionalism, it doesn’t make sense for that many soldiers to desert without some shenanigans going on. I mean, Iraq’s military has what, 300K or so? And ISIS has never been estimated to have more than 20K fighters (and those are the breathless estimates that I suspect are quite high). This story doesn’t make sense really but it plays with a population that thinks those dusky A-rabs are less noble and brave than our boys.

  • Athens lost Peloponnesian War to Sparta because in the end, Sparta allied with Persia (haha-gotcha, ancient Greek suckas! Persians played the role of the “terrorists” then; they were the purported reason for coercive alliance systems that were really empires) to 1.) keep Athens out of the ports over which it claimed dominion in Ionia and thus cutting its revenue and 2.)keep raising the price of Ionian mercenary ship crews needed to fight the war since native Athenian ship crews were decimated by the first 20-odd years of the war. They had no problem literally rowing their ships to the other sides lines if they were offered a raise. Nope, can’t trust mercenaries. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

  • At this point does anyone even know the point of this war in Iraq?

    Good to see you’ve finally come to the conclusion that this isn’t about what the government says it’s about. That said, not sure why this is surprising if you take the obvious next step, apply Occam’s razor and start working from a demonstrably more reasonable assumption: ensuring ongoing violent chaos in the region is the reason for this, uh, police action? Counterterrorism operation? Kinetic military initiative? You know, whatever bs term we’re using for this war. What would that imply?

  • Beat me to it. I personally think Corzine is more odious but the comparison is an exercise in splitting hairs. And my current hometown of NYC elected Bloomberg thrice and loves Chuck Schumer. And my home state of Missouri produced John Ashcroft. And I once lived in NC where I had the honor of being represented by Jesse Helms. So it goes when you live in a capitalist oligarchy with a thin, meaningless façade of democracy.

  • Always beware of the subtle D-apologist slant from JW. The series of articles he’s written blaming people’s lack of “insurance literacy” or whatever bullshit term it was is a prime example of this.

    I have tested at 141 IQ. I speak six languages. I’m pretty vigilant about reading everything I can about my policies. I have a dental appointment tonight-getting a crown. I have no idea what I’ll be paying. No idea at all.

  • Yep (and the same to other comments above). Remember when China & Russia signed that natural gas deal and there was a terriss attack in Xinjiang literally the next day! Derp!

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