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    The Math Skills Lacking Among the Uninsured

    Oh, for fuck’s sake — what’s next?

    If only the poor hapless uninsured had taken vector calculus and theoretical physics — damn them!

    Obamacare? Let’s plug in some imaginary numbers.

    (h/t to Isaac Newton)

  • PCM

    Thank you for taking the time to read this heart-wrenching piece, which exposes the travesty that is Obamacare in the ultra-blue State of Washington, with every cheerleading pom-pom waving Democrat simultaneously on board and oblivious to reality.

    I, too, have long since dropped the Seattle Times for all the reasons you suggest and then some — and I would not contribute one cent to penetrate their cynical paywall for suckers — but I happened to catch this piece almost by accident over the weekend when the editors suspended the paywall to accommodate the tragic shooting in Marysville in a brief (and phony) display of community solidarity.

    I just found that the piece to be so raw and damning and revelatory of the failure of Obamacare in this state — perhaps because it offers such a poignant local chronicle of people’s lives in the world outside the cloistered salons of Washington, D.C., and the think tanks, and the halls of up-market academia — that I felt compelled to copy every line plus the link for posting here at FDL.

    I’m sure that you are not alone in wishing that you could have attended the RAM clinic at Seattle Center over the weekend — the minimal publicity for the event was troubling inasmuch as the piece in the Times was published after the fact.

    PS — Don McCann is indeed a wonderful and articulate voice for single-payer health care – he is truly a national treasure and then some.


  • Thank you for your kind words.

    But, even more so, thank you for reading the piece and responding to the content in much the way that I did, with a flood emotions ranging from compassion and sadness for the wonderful people who shared their plight with the journalist, to anger and disgust at the bankrupt policies of Obama and the Democrats who put them in this untenable position.

    What angers and disgusts me most? It didn’t have to be this way.

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    A Year in Grading Obamacare on a Curve

    That’s almost too easy — Obamacare gets a resounding F.

    But, “Judging Obamacare by the promise made by Obama” gets an A…for solipsism.

    Still, to be fair, the “promise made by Obama” — “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” — did receive PolitiFact’s award for Lie of the Year for 2013:

    PolitiFact Lie of the Year 2013

    Obama then attempted to clean up that lie with a new and more egregious lie:

    “What we said was, you can keep (your plan) if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”

    PolitiFact gave that lie its highest rating — Pants on Fire!

    Krugman can suggest that “It is true the law didn’t produce many of the dystopic nightmares they [the evil Republicans] claimed,” but by what measure? Obama’s demonstrable lies marketed as promises?

    Clearly, the professor needs to get out of his ivory tower and have a look at real Obamacare nightmare dystopia in the ultra-blue State of Washington, where Obamacare was passionately embraced by the former and present governors, both Democrats, and by the state legislature controlled by Democrats, and passed in the U.S. House and Senate by the Democrats who help to comprise the Washington delegation.

    The Democratic governors and state lawmakers eagerly set up the Obamacare “marketplace” exchanges and expanded Medicaid with gusto, yet Obamacare nightmare dystopia remains a very genuine and very visible part of the landscape in this state for those still in desperate need of medical attention.

    This is what happened in Seattle last week when Remote Area Medical came to town:

    At KeyArena, they’re coming by the hundreds for free health care

    At a free medical clinic at KeyArena, people begin lining up early to see more than 500 volunteer doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other health professionals.

    Read the entire piece and weep at the personal stories and quotes from the people desperately seeking the medical care provided by Remote Area Medical, a nonprofit that brings remote medical clinics supported and staffed by local volunteer doctors and dentists and nurses to cities and towns across the country on an annual basis.

    The people who attended the clinic were particularly grateful for the chance to have dental work or eye problems treated. A spokesman for Remote Area Medical explained that health insurance often doesn’t cover those procedures and, unlike with a medical problem, you can’t walk into a hospital emergency room to have your eyes checked or a tooth filled, let alone have a root canal to save the tooth.

    This brilliant piece of local journalism by Seattle Times staff reporter Erik Lacitis serves as an indictment of Obamacare, and the Democrats who drafted and passed the legislation, and Obama, who signed the bait-and-switch Ponzi scheme into law — and, most especially, now that we have reached the end of the first full year of implementation.

    Obamacare does not, of course, provide coverage for dental care or eyeglasses or hearing aids or other such luxuries — those expenses must be borne by individuals and their families — you know, skin in the game!

    Thanks, Obama and the Democrats! — no sex, but enough lies and videotape to make us all sick.

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    Perhaps you would like to add this update to your sick attempt at satire:

    October 26, 2014

    Marysville girl shot by classmate dies Sunday night in Everett

    UPDATED at 9:45 p.m.

    A freshman girl shot by a classmate at Marysville-Pilchuck High School has died at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

    Gia Soriano, 14, died at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, hospital officials announced at a news conference.

    Her classmate, Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14, remains in critical condition, according to the hospital.

    “We are devastated by this senseless tragedy,” the family said in a statement read by a hospital spokeswoman. “Gia is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her. We’ve made the decision to donate Gia’s organs so that others may benefit. Our daughter was loving, kind and this gift honors her life.”

    The family thanked the hospital staff, and asked people to respect their privacy while they grieve.

    Soriano is the second student to die at the hand of a popular classmate, who shot his friends Friday morning as they were sitting in the school cafeteria.

    Another victim, Andrew Fryberg, one of the two boys wounded in the shooting, was in critical condition in the intensive-care unit at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg wrote in a news release Sunday.

    The fourth teen injured, Nate Hatch, 14, was also in the intensive-care unit but his condition is improving, according to Gregg. He was listed in serious condition in the hospital’s trauma center.

    The boys’ conditions remained unchanged as of the Sunday afternoon update, the hospital said. The next condition update will come Monday morning.

    The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office has not released the name of the student who died at the school. But she was identified as Zoe Galasso by a family friend who said he had been in touch with the girl’s mother about a fundraising website in her honor.

    The shooter was identified by classmates Friday as freshman Jaylen Fryberg. After shooting the three girls and two boys, he turned the gun on himself.

    That you would attempt to conflate this catastrophic tragedy with Obama and his hapless administration’s bungling in search of a coherent message regarding the Ebola crises is beyond sick — it’s pathological.

    If partisan Democrats and liberals and progressives believe that by exaggerating the fear factor while downplaying the seriousness of the Ebola issue they can make Obama look better, they are mistaken. The tactic is craven and only makes the partisans look worse.

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    AIPAC And Congressional Hawks Trying To Kill Iran Deal

    Well, of course, that predictable outcome was to be expected. ’Twas ever thus.

    You need look no further than Gareth Porter’s brilliant analysis of the history of the U.S., Israel, and Iran connection to know that the hysteria surrounding Iran’s well-documented and monitored (by the IAEA) nuclear energy program — sold and marketed by “the West” and Israel and their EU and assorted allies in the Gulf States as Iran’s “nuclear weapons program” — is essentially bullshit.

    Did you miss Gareth Porter when he was the featured guest for the FDL Book Salon hosted by Andrew Cockburn on Sunday, February 16, 2014?

    The Book: Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare (Just World Books: February 14, 2014).

    FDL Book Salon Welcomes Gareth Porter, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare —

    Even Amazon’s précis emphasizes the way in which Gareth Porter calls bullshit on the U.S. and Israel going back decades:

    Manufactured Crisis provides unique and timely background to the ongoing diplomacy around Iran’s nuclear technology program. In it, award-winning investigative journalist Gareth Porter offers a well documented critique of the official ’western’ account of what the Iranian government has been doing, and why.

    In Manufactured Crisis, Porter brings together the results of his many years of research into the issue–including numerous interviews with former insiders. He shows that the origins of the Iran nuclear “crisis” lay not in an Iranian urge to obtain nuclear weapons but, rather, in a sustained effort by the United States and its allies to deny Iran its right, as guaranteed in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to have any nuclear program at all.

    The book highlights the impact that the United States’ alliance with Israel had on Washington’s pursuit of its Iran policy and sheds new light on the US strategy of turning the International Atomic Energy Agency into a tool of its anti-Iran policy.

    Gareth Porter is interviewed regarding the book by Paul Jay on Real News Network

    Here is Gareth Porter’s essay offering his thesis that forms the basis for the book:

    May 17, 2014

    Demonising nuclear Iran

    How did a false Iran nuclear narrative come to dominate global politics?

    As the crucial phase of the nuclear negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran began in Vienna recently, the fate of the agreement hangs by a thread. A wide chasm separates the declared positions of the two sides in regard to the enrichment capabilities that Iran would be permitted to keep, as has been widely reported.

    What has gone unnoticed, however, is that the US negotiating demand for a deep cut in Iran’s enrichment capabilities has been shaped by Obama administration’s firm belief that Iran has been deceiving the world by hiding its firm determination to obtain nuclear weapons. That view of Iranian nuclear policy has come to dominate the international politics of the Iran nuclear issue over the past decade. But it has not emerged as a result of straightforward evidence.

    As documented in my book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, the narrative of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons programme is the net result of a combination of strong political predisposition in US administrations and the intelligence community to believe it and a falsified intelligence dossier that has been foisted on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – and on world opinion.

    Gareth Porter’s book challenges decades of fabricated U.S. claims about Tehran’s nuclear weapons program, and he bases his argument on facts, ample evidence from a variety of reliable sources, and analysis.

    Moreover, Gareth Porter is not the only one to reach this conclusion. Paul Pillar, a National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East between 2000 and 2005, has made the case in print and in the traditional media (NPR and PBS), as have Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett.

    The notion that Bibi Netanyahu might somehow stumble into doing something that is in everyone’s long-term best interest — and that depends upon whom you mean by “everyone” in that scenario — by ramping up the hysteria that “the West” must “get control” over Israel’s nonexistent nuclear weapons program is based more on the waves of propaganda emerging from Hasbara Central — State Department, CIA, IDF, CNN, NYT, WaPo, BBC, PBS, NPR, et cetera — than on a vision of peaceful cooperation based on facts, the historical record, and critical analysis that, over time, has the potential for restoring trust in a way that actually benefits Iran as well as the other countries in the Middle East.

    After Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza last summer, whatever seems to serve Israel’s best interest, as if that were a plus, is a moot point. In a just world, Bibi would be in the Hague facing charges of war crimes, ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, and crimes against humanity.

    What Obama and Bibi want for Iran — regime change.

    To that cynical and destructive wet dream, I would say, “You first!”

  • Grazie mille!

    I don’t have to tell you that Washington State has not seen a GOPer governor since John Spellman was elected in 1980, only to be replaced by Democrat Booth Gardner in 1984, and the rest is history. For much of that time, both houses of the the Washington State Legislature have been dominated and controlled by Democrats.

    The former Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire and the current Democratic Governor Jay Inslee embraced Obamacare like a long-lost lover and eagerly set up the state-based marketplace exchanges and expanded Medicaid with gusto.

    Yet, despite the eagerness and zeal with which Obamacare has been embraced by the neoliberal corporatist Democrats in this state — including the fake-liberal and progressive Democrats in U.S House and Senate — this is what happened in Seattle last week:

    October 23, 2014

    At KeyArena, they’re coming by the hundreds for free health care

    At a free medical clinic at KeyArena, people begin lining up early to see more than 500 volunteer doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other health professionals.

    Piamela Seyum, 29, of Seattle, is No. 450 of those who wait patiently through the early hours of Thursday at Seattle Center’s Northwest Rooms.

    When free medical care is advertised for everything from a root canal to on-site prescription eyeglasses to mammograms, lines form.

    She’s taking advantage of a four-day eventadvertised as the state’s largest free health-services event. Some 4,000 people are expected through Sunday.

    If you want to see one of those working poor that get written up in news articles, here she is. Seyum works as an office manager at a small health-care office. She has Obamacare, but it mostly doesn’t cover adult dental procedures.

    Last week, she says, she had one bad tooth pulled.

    “That was close to $500,” she says. The dentist said she needed two cavity-filled upper molars pulled, too. She asked if she could make payments over time.

    “They said, ‘We don’t do that.’ I called a couple of other places. They said the same thing,” she says.

    Now, though, she’s back home, molars pulled.

    It was her boss, says Seyum, who gave her the day off and suggested she come to the rather cumbersomely named Seattle/King County Clinic with Remote Area Medical.

    But name aside, what it offers is really quite astounding.

    The entire KeyArena has been made into a giant clinic.

    The floor where the Seattle SuperSonics and the Rolling Stones once played holds 67 dental stations. More than 500 medical professionals and others wanting to help out have volunteered.

    On loan is a $200,000 “CAD/CAM” machine, which stands for “computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing,” which can design and mill a dental crown on the spot.

    Nonprofit group

    John Merner, director of Seattle Center Productions, was among the staffers who saw a “60 Minutes” segment on a Kentucky nonprofit called Remote Area Medical.

    Merner’s group is charged, he says, “with bringing community-minded or low-cost stuff to the community,” and this fit the bill.

    Remote Area Medical was started in 1985 by Stan Brock, who in a previous life was featured lassoing and doing other stunts on Marlin Perkins’ TV series, “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.”

    The nonprofit says it has brought mobile clinics to 500 cities in the U.S., and another 240 or so to various parts of the world, serving a total of 545,000 people.

    Merner contacted the nonprofit about a year ago, and things got going. As the Washington State Dental Association and University of Washington Medicine got on board, volunteers began signing up.

    Heavily promoted was the word “free,” as was this: “No ID or proof of citizenship is required.”

    And so early Thursday, the patients began to arrive.

    Dental work

    There is Ryan Gunther, 42, a graphic designer who says “business is up and down.” He hasn’t been to a dentist in 15 years or more.

    He could feel a wisdom tooth crumbling, he says, “As it broke and broke again.”
    He gets the tooth extracted, plus a full teeth cleaning.

    There is Reyna Rosales, 33, who could feel the hole in a molar with her tongue. She gets it filled.

    Rosales raises three kids, and her boyfriend lays tile. In recent years, she says, she’s suffered, “What is it called? Aneurysm.”

    Most of those seeking help come for either dental work or eye problems, says a spokesman for Remote Area Medical, because health insurance often doesn’t cover those procedures and, unlike with a medical problem, you can’t walk into a hospital emergency room to have your eyes checked.

    The patients continue their trek through KeyArena.

    There is Innocente Pedrolini, 51, who cooks hot dogs at CenturyLink Field events.

    “Sometimes I work five or seven days a week; sometimes I’m off five or seven days,” he says. “I can’t afford to go to a dentist.”

    Pedrolini has two cavities filled and gets a flu shot.

    Seyum is resting up from the two molar extractions.

    She says she talked to her sister about the free event.

    “My sister said, ‘You know, in Denmark, all the medical stuff is free,’?” Seyum said.

    Yes, well, Denmark. That’s a long ways from here.

    Because the Seattle Times is behind a paywall, I have posted the entire article because the stories and quotes from actual suffering people at the end of the first year of implementation of Obamacare — in the ultra-blue State of Washington — represent an indictment of the tragic inadequacies and inconsistencies and exclusions and insane out-of-pocket costs that are inherent in Obamacare by design.

    I regard this brilliant piece of local journalism as prima facie documentation for the abject failure of Obama’s signature legislation on a grand scale. Plus, if Remote Area Medical is this well-attended in Washington State — home to more than its share of tech millionaires and billionaires — imagine what conditions must be like in less famously progressive and affluent states.

    Bottom line? It’s so much better in Denmark!

    PS — If the full text is too much for any reader’s eyeballs, just employ the scroll feature and move on.

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    I’ve had a persistent cough for many months now which I believe is the result of allergies. I better not spend any time in West Africa, or who knows what would happen to me after I got back.

    If you have had a persistent cough for many months, you really should see a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment plan. You might indeed have allergies, or you could have adult onset asthma, or something more serious. If your cough is the result of persistent allergies — or adult onset asthma — either or both conditions are easily treated with a variety of medications. Also, seasonal allergies can exacerbate asthma symptoms if both are left untreated.

    For what it’s worth, I have followed my own advice with excellent results. I saw a pulmonary specialist, received a diagnosis of adult onset asthma made worse by sinus irritation and seasonal allergies.

    I have had spectacular results with a QVAR inhaler for twice-daily applications, a Ventolin (albuterol) inhaler only for actual asthma attacks, and a mild antihistamine nasal spray called Azelastine HCI applied twice a day for sinus and allergy issues. Problems solved.

    I complain bitterly about the high price tags for the inhalers — even with a prescription drug plan! — but I have been completely free of asthma symptoms simply by adhering faithfully to the protocols. No more coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and occasional bronchospasm, and I have not had an asthma attack since starting the treatment plan. The Ventolin inhaler is there just in case, but I have not needed to use it.

    If you did actually return to the United States after spending time in West Africa, it is doubtful that anything would happen to you unless you had experienced direct exposure to Ebola through contact with a person or persons infected with the virus. The 21-day self-imposed quarantine protocol is reserved for medical personnel and others who have been working directly with Ebola patients.

    You might be advised upon entry to monitor your temperature and watch for other possible symptoms of infection on a voluntary basis, something that a prudent person would do anyway as a matter of course, but you would not be a candidate for the 21-day self-imposed quarantine at home. Consequently, you would still be required to do your own shopping for groceries and other necessities and pay out-of-pocket for any take-away food delivered to your front door.

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    If you’re forced to stay in your home for days or weeks, how do you get food during that time?

    You have food and other necessities delivered to your home during the 21-day self-imposed quarantine. With so few Ebola-related cases and quarantines extant in the U.S. thus far, the logistics and costs for such accommodations have been borne by the state and local authorities.

    I suspect the home-delivery arrangements to continue for the foreseeable future given that the costs at this time are not only minimal, but are likely to remain so going forward until the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been effectively contained.

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    Is Forced Quarantine for Ebola Legal?

    Jonathan Turley suggests the answer to that question is, well, complicated:

    Nurse Reportedly Moving Toward Lawsuit Over Ebola Quarantine Rules

    There appears to be a race by politicians to show who is more serious about Ebola by imposing greater and greater restrictions on anyone suspected of being a carrier. It now appears that we may have our first court challenge to these limitations and there are viable claims to be made. The American Civil Liberties Union is acting on behalf of a nurse, Kaci Hickox, who has been under quarantine after she arrived at Newark International Airport. I will be discussing the case on CNN this afternoon with Wolf Blitzer.

    The ACLU is moving to a possible lawsuit that challenges the basis for Gov. Chris Christie’s mandatory quarantine of healthcare workers as unconstitutional. Hickox remains in New Jersey state custody over her objections. Her international aid organization, Doctors Without Borders, has also objected to the confinement following her work in Sierra Leone.

    She was quarantined on Friday, shortly after another Doctors Without Borders volunteer working in Guinea, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital employee Dr. Craig Spencer, tested positive for Ebola. Spencer tested positive six days after returning to the U.S. That case led Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to hold a press conference saying that they were going to reject the standards of the Centers for Disease Control standards and imposed their own restrictions to impose far stricter conditions. The new protocols would require travelers from West Africa to go into 21 days of quarantine even though they show no symptoms.

    Obviosuly, Professor Turley published the referenced blog post before the news of Ms. Hickox’s release from quarantine and private transport to her home in Maine was released to the media.

    Governor Christie conferred with Maine Health Department officials and was assured that Ms. Hickox will continue a self-imposed quarantine at home in conjunction with daily monitoring by Maine Health Department officials in consultation with the CDC until she has fulfilled the requirement that she is symptom free for 21 days after her last possible expose to Ebola as the result of her work in Sierra Leone.

    Turley has since updated the post with a statement from The New Jersey Department of Health explaining the terms and conditions surrounding Ms. Hickox’s quarantine and subsequent release to her home in Maine.

    Turley identifies the legal problem as one involving the lack of a limiting principle, complicated by discrepancies between state and federal regulations, which reflect a wide-open discretionary standard:

    If the risk of contamination is enough for clear and convincing evidence, the government could use such a rationale to confinement huge numbers of people for this and other diseases.

    Turley concludes by arguing in favor of a lawsuit to establish and clairfy a limiting principle for Ebola quarantine protocols — and protocols for similar highly-contagious diseases — both for individuals and affected populations:

    This is a case where an early lawsuit might not be a bad idea to allow courts to better articulate the standard before we have a true domestic crisis.

    To be determined — so, we shall see.

    PS — I seldom, if ever, watch Wolf Blitzer, but I plan to catch Jonathan Turley’s appearance on the show this afternoon, because he’s always an interesting and thought-provoking guest whether one agrees with his take or not.

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    Looks like this matter now is headed in the right direction with a proper procedure that has been duly vetted being put in place.

    I agree. Reason and clarity are always preferable to fear and confusion. Kaci Hickox, Nurse Under Ebola Quarantine, to Be Released From Newark Hospital

    A nurse being held at a Newark hospital [...]

  • They put Kaci Hickox in an unheated TENT with an energy bar to eat.

    Sorry, but that statement is just factually false:

    Update from University Hospital in Newark — October 26, 2014

    N.J. officials: Quarantined nurse in climate-controlled area with computer access

    New Jersey officials today pushed back on claims that a nurse quarantined at University Hospital in Newark is being held in an unheated tent, saying the health care worker is under observation in a climate-controlled area.

    Kaci Hickox, 33, was the first health care worker to fall under a 21-day quarantine policy for passengers traveling from West Africa who had contact with Ebola patients jointly announced by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Hickox was volunteering in Sierra Leone with Doctors Without Borders.

    But in a statement issued today by Donna Leusner, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Health, said Hickox “remains isolated and under observation in a climate-controlled, indoor, extended care area in a building adjacent to the hospital.” (Emphasis added)

    The statement said a team from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has “toured the facility and consulted on site.”
    (Emphasis added)

    “Federal, state and University Hospital officials continue to evaluate the patient’s medical status,” the statement said. “Our primary concern is ensuring the health of the patient and the public.” (Emphasis added)

    “The patient remains isolated and under observation in a climate-controlled, indoor, extended care area in a building adjacent to the hospital,” Newark’s University Hospital says in an update on Hickox issued Sunday afternoon.

    “The patient has computer access, use of her cell phone, reading material (magazines, newspaper) and requested and has received take-out food and drink,” hospital communications director Stacie Newton said. (Emphasis added)

    Kaci Hickox, Nurse Under Ebola Quarantine, to Be Released From Newark Hospital

    A nurse being held at a Newark hospital under an Ebola quarantine is allowed to leave and will be privately transported to her home in Maine, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration said Monday. [...] (Emphasis added)

    Mr. Christie didn’t speak directly to Ms. Hickox, but administration officials talked to her and determined that returning home was her preference, people familiar with the matter said. After speaking to Maine officials, the Christie administration determined that they could release Ms. Hickox and private transportation would be arranged for her to return home. (Emphasis added)

    “I understand that she didn’t want to be there, she made that very clear from the beginning,” Mr. Christie told reporters Monday morning. “But my obligation is to all of the people of New Jersey and we’re just going to continue to do that.”

    Maine health officials on Monday said it would “make every possible effort” to see that Ms. Hickox follows through on a self-imposed quarantine at her home. (Emphasis added)

    “We fully expect individuals to voluntarily comply with an in-home quarantine,” the Maine Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement. (Emphasis added)

    Ms. Hickox will be required to comply with a self-imposed quarantine when she returns to Maine until she has fulfilled the requirement that she has been symptom free for 21 days after her last possible exposure to Ebola resulting from her work in Sierra Leone.

    The agency said it planned to actively monitor Ms. Hickox and would coordinate the delivery of care, such as food and medicine, to her home, if needed. The quarantine will last for 21 days after Ms. Hickox’s last possible exposure to Ebola, and she will be transferred to an appropriate hospital if she develops symptoms, health officials said. (Emphasis added)

    It seems clear that Gov. Cuomo’s decision to impose the involuntary quarantine was based on the case of Dr. Craig Spencer, who was symptom-free when screened at JFK upon his return from Guinea on October 17, and had agreed to a self-imposed quarantine at his apartment in New York City. Dr. Spencer then embarked on a now well-documented odyssey of travel on subway trains, visits to a coffee shop and a restaurant, a visit to bowling alley in Brooklyn, and an uber cab ride home. On September 23, Dr. Spencer reported symptoms and a spike in his temperature, which he reported to MSF and the NYC Health Department. He was then rushed to Bellevue Hospital, whereupon he tested positive for Ebola and is now undergoing treatment.

    After Mr. Cuomo’s announcement that he would ease restrictions and allow self-imposed quarantine and monitoring by the NYC Health Department, Mr. Christie issued a statement saying that, under protocols announced on Wednesday, New Jersey residents not displaying symptoms would also be allowed to quarantine in their homes. Complicating the problem for Ms. Hickox was the fact that unlike Dr. Spencer, who lived in New York City, Ms. Hickox is not a resident of New Jersey and was unable to self-quarantine in that state.

    It remains nclear how non-residents from Ebola-zone countries simply flying into Newark to change planes to complete their journeys to their home states will be processed and monitored — perhaps that piece is still to be determined.

    Governor Christie would have faced more damning criticism had Ms. Hickox tested positive for the virus than he is likely to receive for her quarantine and subsequent release to complete her self-imposed quarantine at her home in Maine.

    The critics of Governors Cuomo and Christie will say that they overreacted our of fear — and even the desire for political cover — but had Ms. Hickox, like Dr. Spencer, tested positive for Ebola, Cuomo and Christie would be praised for their prudence in erring on the side of caution.

    As long as no one violates the terms and conditions of his or her self-imposed quarantine at home, this outcome is a net positive and Ms. Hickcox can now proceed with her lawsuit to seek redress in state and federal court.

  • PS — I forgot to add:

    I’m still rooting for failure.

    Accept no substitutes — H.R. 676!

  • Someone wants to make mo’ money off a relatively low effect/low side effect painkiller

    Obamacare — “If you like your pain, you can keep your pain. Period.”

    Plus, you will get more pain whether you like it or not.

    Thanks, Obama and the Democrats!

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    Readjustments: Under Pressure, Cuomo Says Ebola Quarantines Can Be Spent at Home

    Facing fierce resistance from the White House and medical experts to a strict new mandatory quarantine policy, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Sunday night that medical workers who had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa but did not show symptoms of [...]

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    Update from University Hospital in Newark: October 26, 2014 N.J. officials: Quarantined nurse in climate-controlled area with computer access

    New Jersey officials today pushed back on claims that a nurse quarantined at University Hospital in Newark is being held in an unheated tent, saying the health care worker is under observation in a climate-controlled area. [...]

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    Kaci Hickox still doesn’t have any symptoms and she cannot spread Ebola to anyone unless she is experiencing them. It isn’t in her blood either.

    If you read my comment with the requisite degree of comprehension of the text, you will find that I wrote:

    “It’s great news indeed that Ms. Hickox has tested negative for Ebola.”


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    Update from MSF: News Release on Dr. Craig Spencer — October 24, 2014 Ebola: MSF Staff Member in U.S. Hospital

    NEW YORK – The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) confirmed today that one of its international staff members who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola hemorrhagic fever. [...]

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    The thread DSWright published was entitled:

    “Iraqi Army ‘Months Away’ From Being Able To Take On ISIS, US Campaign To Take Years”

    But, rather than deal with the topic on offer, you prefer to distract and divert the discussion with the straw man fallacy known as “Whataboutery?”

    You could deal with ISIS, and the costly futility of attempting to train the Iraqi army (yet again), and the newly-proposed 30 Years War, but you prefer instead to offer the following litany of straw men:

    What about the mass murder of innocent people?
    What about sex slave trafficking?
    What about forcing children into committing war crimes?
    What about crimes against humanity?

    The corporate and alternative media alike, including the writers at FDL, have been reporting assiduously on each and every one of your “Whataboutery?” straw men since last January — when Obama famously told The New Yorker (January 27 edition) that ISIS was the JV team compared to al-Qaeda, despite the fact that ISIS had overtaken most of the Anbar Province at that time — and, especially, since last June, when ISIS rolled across the Syrian border into Iraq to take over the city of Mosul and an array of Iraqi towns and villages on their march toward Baghdad.

    When Josh Earnest tried to spin away Obama‘s “JV team” reference, the FactChecker at the WaPo gave him Four Pinocchios (the highest rating):

    Spinning Obama’s reference to Islamic State as a ‘JV’ team

    The coverage of ISIS fighters and their methods and tactics — which include the mass murder of civilians and prisoners of war, sex slave trafficking, war crimes, and crimes against humanity — has been thorough and extensive. Where have you been?

    If you are unable to infer the inherent presence of those “Whataboutery?” issues from the referenced piece (and the attached links), then the fault lies not with the DSWright, but with the reader. You are in essence picking at nits.

    You seem to suggest that U.S. corporations should move in to plunder and pillage the oil-rich lands of Arabia and the Levant once the opposing sides have killed each other. When did the U.S. ever wait for that? No, sir. The U.S. has a history of moving in locked and loaded and arming both (or more) sides to a conflict and then killing all the various factions until a stalemate has been reached.

    If bombing and killing and death and destruction and spending trillions of dollars to achieve a stalemate is the objective, then the U.S. has achieved success under Bush and Obama. Mission Accomplished!

    PS — What about Godzilla? — He totally destroyed Japan! — Just for the thrill of it!

  • Sarah B. commented on the blog post Dear New Yorkers, Did a Doctor Recently Vomit on You?

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    Update from MSF:

    News Release on Dr. Craig Spencer — October 24, 2014

    Ebola: MSF Staff Member in U.S. Hospital

    NEW YORK – The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) confirmed today that one of its international staff members who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

    The staff member, an American citizen, was placed in isolation on Thursday, October 23 at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, after developing ​​a fever. As per the specific guidelines that Doctors Without Borders provides its staff members on their return from Ebola assignments, the individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported his first symptoms immediately to MSF. The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene was immediately informed and is involved in the management of the individual’s care. Late on Thursday night, initial laboratory tests confirmed Ebola infection.

    MSF Procedures:

    “Extremely strict procedures are in place for staff dispatched to Ebola affected countries before, during, and after their assignments,” said Sophie Delaunay, executive director of MSF. “Despite the strict protocols, risk cannot be completely eliminated. However, close post-assignment monitoring allows for early detection of cases and for swift isolation and medical management.”

    Record of Ebola infection among MSF staff working in West Africa:

    Since March, three MSF international staff members and 21 locally employed staff have fallen ill while battling the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Thirteen have sadly passed away. In-depth investigations have so far shown that most of the infections occurred outside MSF’s medical facilities in the countries. (Emphasis added)

    The take-away from this news release from MSF is that despite the rigorous protocols established to protect the health and safety of their local and international staff caring for patients with Ebola, some MSF staff members have still contracted the virus and thirteen have thus far died from the infection.

    For U.S. officials at the state and federal levels to err on the side of caution does not in any way constitute overreaction or hysteria, especially, given the high fatality rate of the Ebola virus.

    The persistent references to universal indoor plumbing and superior sanitation systems among the OECD countries sounds patronizing, condescending, colonialist and elitist.

    Could it be that 400 years of exploitation and extraction of the African continent by venal and self-serving European and American colonial powers have played a decisive role in the death and destruction and degradation and civil wars and impoverishment of countries like Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone? The history of Libera, and its capital city Monrovia (founded in 1822), offers an object lession and a case in point.

    PS — You may recall that Dutch traders brought the first African slaves to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619.

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