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  • satoram commented on the blog post Federal Government Shutdown Starts As Obamacare Goes Live

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    I don’t believe for one second that this so-called “delay” is anything but an effort to kill the law. First of all, if you’re being honest, the law can’t survive without the mandate. If young people do not buy in, it’s toast.

    Now I was for single payer, medicare for all and still am. But let’s at least not pretend that the GOP has any interest in negotiating on this law.

    And frankly, Obama can’t negotiate on it. He CAN, but it would mean dismantling the thing he’s expecting to become his legacy, for better or worse. This is at the political egos level now.

    This is children throwing tantrums and playing to their pals who stand on the sidelines screaming for a fight.

    These are not adults running a government.

    As much as I have problems with ACA, and I do, I have bigger problems with blackmail and hostage taking by legislatures. I can’t see any government functioning in this environment.

    Some people are just fine with that.

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    I think the only way we’ll see any sort of bipartisanship is if Romney wins.

    The Dems will pull their Bush act– throw up their hands in exasperation and give him what he wants. Sure, there will be a rolling cast of bad guys(Dems who swing the vote)but if what happened during Dubya’s years is any indication, the Dems will not play hardball–they’ll bend over.

    If Obama wins the Republicans will be more stubborn than ever.

    There aren’t any “moderate” Republicans to work with anymore. The party has been hijacked.

    Bi-partisanship is a one way street in Washington. If Chuck Shumer works with Romney on a bill to end some bank regulation he won’t be “punished” by a left version of a tea party like group who will go after his seat. It will be forgotten and he’ll be sent back again.

    It’s a weak party.

    But damned if you do or don’t.

    I get the point about nothing getting done.

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    So…letting the banks do whatever they want, without consequence–even illegally foreclosing on homes is what the economy needs? Hmmmm…we should try that strategy sometime and see what happens.

    Oh…that’s right—we did.

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    It’s okay–soon Obama will be making that jobs speech(as long as the Republicans let him) and everything will be just fine.

    I tell you–I wouldn’t listen to Obama if he were standing in the middle of my living room.

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    The reason I switched to Republican for next year’s primary is that I simply don’t believe Obama is going to face any credible primary challenger and I wanted to have the chance to make some sort of noise in the primary. I figure the right would hate it if a bunch of progressives invaded their primary and voted for Paul and Obama would probably hate it as well because that’s not the plan.

    At the very least this would put the war and American empire at the center of a strong and clear debate in the election and yes–Obama, at least on that issue, would surely be put in the position of having to take a hard right position to defend his actions.

    This is worth it to me despite the humiliation of walking into the school gym and having to say my party is—gulp–Republican.

    This has no bearing on how I’ll vote in the general election where hopefully a good independent campaign can be mounted against Obama. But I don’t see the problem following the example of Rush Limbaugh’s tactics when Republicans were switching to Dem to vote in primaries to affect the outcome.

    Playing by the old set of rules doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

    The powers that be made those rules and have the game rigged in their favor. Sometimes you slip in loaded dice or change the game.

    Although distasteful, I don’t feel the Dems have left me much choice.

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    The sad part is that if two teabaggers would have been there dressed as George and Martha Washington protesting taxes, Obama would have sent down peanut butter sandwiches and the media would have been tripping over themselves to cover the event.

  • Before I left for Desert Storm they gave me chloroquine to take. I woke up the next morning with lumps on around my groin area and was told I had an allergic reaction to the drug.

    When I got over there I was itching bad and my skin began peeling in thick layers. They took me off the medication completely(I’m not sure how large a threat malaria was in the desert anyway)and they gave me some lotion. I had very thick peeling for at least a month.

    After I got home I developed a rash on my feet and hands at burned. My feet felt like they had glass in them and it was difficult to walk. Eventually I had a rash on my trunk and my doctor could not determine the cause. I went to a rheumatologist and at first they thought I had lupus because my blood work was really high on ANA but I didn’t. They didn’t know so I went to a veteran’s hospital and they couldn’t figure it out either.

    They classified it as something like “unknown cause” which is how they classified “Gulf War Syndrome” stuff and tried prednisone. Things got worse. I was removed from that and after about a year it cleared up. They had put me on about 10 percent disability but I was removed from that when everything went away. They never figured out what it was.

    But I always wonder about that and the other drugs they gave me.

    I’m almost 50 now and every time different things come up it crosses my mind that I may have damaged myself with some of the medicines I was given.

    I’ll never really know.

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    Good–they dug up Harold Ford Jr. to fill a spot. Now that’s a vital, relevant voice in today’s world. It’s a take on things I’m sure America really wants to hear. And Meet the Phonies( er..Press) is right on top of it.

    They must get him cheap.

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    What’s funny about that is that I wonder the same thing about anyone still defending Obama.

    Who is paying them? Who do they work for?

    How can anyone who has been paying even a little bit of attention to what Obama has done even consider him seriously as a candidate again?

    I’m sure people are paid to go on sites like this and promote Obama or other candidates but that has to be tough work pimping Obama these days.

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    This next generation is screwed. My son is finishing up college at home at a local school(about 5 classes to go) and he’s going part-time and looking for a job since May and there is just nothing here. He went into Arbys today and was told they aren’t hiring. They weren’t even accepting applications. Temp [...]

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    I’ve pretty much come to that conclusion.

    I hate a lot of Ron Paul’s stuff. I mean–it’s disaster, libertarian fantasyland, stuff. But on SOME issues…he is one hundred percent correct. And I believe he means that stuff. So…. the question is….does the strategy of voting him the power to end the wars(and he won’t have to get congressional approval to do that)along with powers to do some scary stuff(like not raise the debt ceiling–only pass balanced budgets and he will surely do that with only cuts–no taxes)and hope that the Dems can provide enough opposition to stop the worst of what he can do—does that strategy seem sound?

    Watching the Dems–I would expect they’d just throw up their hands and hop on board and THAT’s the real danger in this sort of thing.

    But…having said that—what other options are there? Time has run out.

    Yes–there should be long term plans–like building third parties–but that won’t help now.

    Paul is viable as a candidate–and the only wrench to throw into the machine right now.

    And yes–Corporate America wants him ignored right now.

    I switched to Republican to vote for him in the primary.

    After that…we’ll see.

    It’s dangerous. But there’s no doubt where Obama is taking us. No doubt.

    It’s a dice roll.

    But if I hear better, workable ideas that make sense I’ll try that. Until then–I’ll go with the dice roll.

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    The absolute worst thing about Obama is his half-assed attempt at things.

    Who will listen to a government solution to health care again? After this mess he created? It isn’t true reform, or even a progressive solution–but it will be looked at as such.

    What about “stimulus”? That’s just a dirty word now.

    He validates the right and makes solutions on the left look like failures.

    He couldn’t be a bigger nightmare for the Democratic party.

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    What’s the point of having loyalty to a party that has abandoned you.

    If I can throw any monkey wrench into this system, I’ll do it. It makes me cringe to see “Republican” on my voter form but for one primary I’ll do it—because what else is there?

    This Dem party must be pulled back to the left–even if it has to come from the right—at least on things like the war. It may be one issue–but it’s a big one.

    No—I don’t buy into all the Libertarian dogma—and I’m about as far from Ayn Rand as you can get—but I feel abandoned by my party and if I can screw with the other side even a little bit, I’ll do it.

    I have no idea what I’ll do in the general election.

    But Pennsylvania is a closed primary state which means in order to participate(assuming no one primaries Obama) I have to switch for it.

    Desperate times…..

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    I just can’t buy this reasoning anymore.

    Obama may have been handed a crap sandwich–it’s true. But he topped it with mayo and tried to feed it to us. He continued the wars and HE suggested the social security cuts–the rejection of single payer and so on. He is what he is and should be held accountable for that. Obama is a corprotist like Romney. And he doesn’t give a shit about jobs. When did that become–”okay” because at least he’s a lesser corprotist.

    I won’t buy that.

    No–I won’t vote for Romney—but I sure as hell won’t vote for Obama.

    If the Dems have morphed into the Republican Lite party, I’m not interested.

    I’d vote for Nader tomorrow.

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    I have that same feeling but it’s not that firm–because when Bush was president the Dems mostly rolled over and played dead.

    If Romney is president I’m guessing Harry Reid will mostly roll over and play dead again.

    In other words—this party is seriously infected. And we may be at the stage where it just doesn’t matter which one controls the White House–it only matters what the kabuki play looks like, depending on who is in charge.

    If a Democrat is in charge it is a time of bi-partisanship and equally split committees that subvert democracy. If a Republican is in charge it is the tale of a helpless congress at the mercy of the White House—with a cast of rotating sellouts.

    I so much want to find some sort of strategy to throw a monkey wrench into the system or at least stop the bleeding—but as things stand between these two corporate parties I just don’t see any solution–even ugly solutions–as that viable.

    I’ve actually thought about Ron Paul and figured–okay—he’s going to gut social security and welfare programs and be a horrible disaster—-but he does seem serious about pulling back on America’s empire—and maybe that one thing would be worth putting him in the White House for—because as it stands–we’re getting the other stuff anyway—-WITH the wars.

    That’s pathetic, I know.

    But I feel like the lowly beggar staring up at these politicians with my hand open and eyes down and hoping they’ll toss me something–anything.

    Just something.

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    Yes Jane, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I believe we’ll see a “FEAR” campaign unlike any we’ve ever seen. Mr. Bi-Partisanship is about to get nasty(or at least someone will do it for him).

    And with the nuts on the right like Bachman, there will be plenty of videos and written materials to produce a horror show.

    His only shot at winning is to make everyone fear the other side(and they should fear the other side in any rational universe)because that alone–he believes—will pull back his base AND probably enough independents to eek out a win.

    But that fear level has to be high to cut through the reality of the pain Obama is in favor of inflicting. I saw this video of Cornell West and Tavis Smiley complaining about Obama being the first president in the last 48 years never to mention the words “poor” or “poverty” in a speech. If true–that’s kind of amazing–in a bad way.

    I fear anyone on the right and I don’t need any help.

    But the Dems and Obama have just marched with them off the cliff and in some cases Obama LEADS the parade.

    There’s no hope.

    He gives us hopelessness and fear.

    Why would anyone want to vote for that?

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    The people still shilling for Obama, the true believers who worship at his alter have to start taking responsibility for Obama’s actions as well. We know if Obama were a Republican they’d be screaming but when a Democrat won the White House they didn’t care–they took the blue pill–went into the Matrix and told themselves everything was fine–no matter what.

    His apologists have lost all rights to calling themselves liberals(which makes me dismiss that Gallop poll)or progressives or anything on the left.

    They aren’t.

    They’re FANS. They’re cheerleaders for their team—a big “D”— and nothing more.

    These are useless enablers.

    And guys like Klein should carry that label and be ignored as much as possible.

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    So according to Gallup 6 out of 10 liberals LIKE this debt deal?

    58% of Dems like it.

    The Tea Party hates it worse than anyone else?

    Only 22 percent of them like it?

    No wonder we’re in trouble–they go for the throat.

    Our side just goes for cover and thanks the gauntlet for the whacks as it runs for it.


  • satoram commented on the blog post Late Late Night FDL: Welcome To The Jungle

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    All I know is that the MSM has their talking points from Washington and the biggest one is that entitlements have got to go. There is simply no other choice and no way to correct this problem without it.

    Matthews had some CNBC “economist” who insisted that these guys have to be brave and do what’s needed(cutting entitlements). He had on a columnist Eugene…something or other, I’ve seen him before and he described the guy as progressive and asked his opinion and lo and behold—he agreed.

    Yep—-the entitlement attack is now in full force working its way into the media to gain the public support for what’s coming and save a few jobs—in congress and maybe the White House.

  • satoram commented on the blog post The Next Hostage Crises: 2012 Appropriations, Federal Gas Tax

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    This should help too:

    Americans cutting spending.

    Wall Street doesn’t like when they stop spending but doesn’t actually want them to have jobs so they CAN spend. Madness.

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