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    I enjoyed every visit.

    I will miss you terribly.

    Good luck to you and your family!


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    In response to Happenstance @ 18…

    Yep, you have the best posting.

    All those conservatives have juuuuuuust the greatest war records.

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    The underlying problem to everything the author wrote about here is religion, not the beliefs herein. I think the best discussion ever about religion says “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime, but give him religion and he will starve praying [...]

  • In response to Ruthie @58

    Oh good, we get the old “if we raise property taxes, we lose California businesses” argument. Wow, that is as old as the 50′s when tax rates were what to get the prosperity we all enjoyed?

    Isn’t it the proper argument that business just passes its taxes through to the customers, and therefore split rolls will hurt widows and orphans?

    As to modifying the modified Prop 13 so as to somehow screwing home owners or whoever, IT IS GOING TO BE A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.

    One thing is sure, you are not a professional troll.

  • In response to both Phoenix Woman @38 and Petesh @39

    Prop 13 will not be undone, merely modified into what is called “split rolls”. Homes will still get Prop 13 benefits, with commercial property going back to the old and proper way of property taxes based on current values.

    I predict it to be passed by the legislature and put on the ballot after the 2014 elections. It has all the characteristics of recently passed Prop 30, which was “don’t tax me, and don’t tax thee but let us tax the guy hiding behind the tree”. That theory worked for Prop 30, and it will work again for the split rolls initiative.

    Then California will go back to the prosperity enjoyed before Prop 13. And all under the same Governor. If I were even slightly religious, I would regard this as the work of God!

  • In respone to Ed Rollins and his comments about Carpetbagging in California, hey Ed you need to think of a Democratic Carpetbagger.

    There will be no more Republican Carpetbaggers in California; and hopefully very soon, no more Republicans in California, at least those holding public office.

    Count on it fool!

  • In response to Petesh @2

    Even though 2nd Lieutenants had the highest death rate (I know because I was supposed to be drafted until the Lottery and because I had a wife and child, was supposed to go to officer’s school and would have ended up there), ole’ Dick would have been the fragger.

    I could just see him whacking his platoon (mostly to keep them from getting him) and then coming back to base with all the heroics resulting in him killing hundreds while his platoon was slaughtered.

    It’s the Republican way!

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    It is good stuff like this that makes us click to you every day, TBOGG.

    I sure hope we never lose you!

    If you ever want some validation, make up a tip jar.

  • The best part was not having W hanging around in DC.

    Although it would have been good for raw egg sales in the DC area.

    Just like in 2001 when he was egged so many times in his inaugural parade.

    And we do have to remember how he really helped O get elected in 2008.

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    Yeah that gun appreciation day is going just great.

    600 people showed up in Austin.

    Fkng Texas, fer Dog’s sake.

    I guess not that many people believe that one should not have to stop and reload, mid-massacre.

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    Gosh, I have had a very special relationship with the Widow Thumb and her 4 Virgins for over 50 years now.

    In fact our relationship has lasted as long as J. Edger Hoover and Clyde Tolson’s.

    Does that make me a polygamist?

    Oh, what will the neighbors think?

    What will my long suffering opposite marriage partner think?

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    Gar is really on to something, when he discusses employee ownership. Employee ownership in America is the one way to empower the masses, and particularly the working class. It is a vehicle where the owner receives fair value, and employees receive beneficial ownership as the owner is paid. So the classic conflict with the owner [...]

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    It’s just amazing how many American males at least think they have tiny penises.

    When we solve the problem of perceived little dicks, we might do something about guns.

    Not everyone can afford a Porsche.

  • In all fairness to what Phoenix Woman @ 12 and nonplussed @13 are stating, what really happened is that the grocery guy Lueken sold his company at presumably fair market value to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) which allocates benefits to employees as the acquisition indebtedness is retired. Nevertheless, this is an amazing transformation [...]

  • In response to jnfr @ 3

    I appreciate this might be an attempt at humor, but it is a slam against a really important subject.

    For every undeserving bastard, there are at least 100 people who will need something we won’t at all need anymore.

    If my heart was in Dark And Evil, I would not notice.

    Let’s not forget that medical science was helped by what was learned in his surgery and processes leading up to it.

    We just get to hope that in the first day of his next life, he will be taking a crap in an extremely warm place.

    Finally, a religious hope to believe in.

  • In all fairness; there is not one, but actually 3 employee ownership groups (the ESOP Association, the NCEO, and the ESCA with explanations not necessary; just that they exist) and none of them appear to be slightly interested in actually promoting new ESOP scenarios. So 38 years after employee ownership became part of the Internal [...]

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    Thanks for the update.

    You make my daily search through the blogs worthwhile.

    As long as there is a dead Breitbart, we’ll all see you soon.

  • Well, I tried twice and got through twice.

    Each time I identified myself as my conservative friend Ed Wright (I figured I would be more credible as a conservative) and that I live in Martinez, CA 94553 where there are a bunch of brown people.

    I then told the person that I am afraid that those brown people are going to vote today, and I need to alert TTV of that fact and asked for their help in stopping those people from casting ballots.

    The person answering the phone, after the mandatory song on hold, actually told me each time, that they cannot stop registered voters from voters.

    I reminded her in each call that they are being stopped from voting in other states, and should be stopped “here”. That was about the time in each call I was hung up on.

    I may call again, but this is getting boring.

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    Not to go too far off topic here, but you congratulate Charlie Pierce on his wonderful first year this week, and he turns around and starts pointing out the truth about Juice Box Jesus, aka Tim Tebow this afternoon.

    Don’t you own that Franchise?

    That’s OK, you were the first and in my opinion when it comes to the truth about “Mr. throws like a junior high girl”, you are still the best.

    Go Niners!!!

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    Jimbo, well said.

    TBogg, you are still my #1 visit not to mention I go to Charlie from your blog roll.

    Many birthdays to both of you, you great bastids.

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