• Thanks for writing this Pam.

    I think that the biggest deception being perpetuated in the public consciousness is the idea that you can actually “lose fat.” The reality is that fat never goes away. Unless you have it surgically removed you will always carry around the same number of fat cells. The great trap of the human body is that fat cell multiply and you can add more but the body never gets rid of them. Losing weight just means that they shrink in size. Thus thus of us with weight problems will always be at war with the bulge.

    Personally I had a Gastric Bypass back in April of 2010 and I’m glad I did it. I’ve lost over 150 lbs. But it has admittedly made me a bit obsessed about my weight. I spend an insane amount of time at the gym and get paranoid about food. One of the great struggles that those of us that have lost all of that wieght go through is that we become paranoid about putting the weight back on. It can and has led to eating disorders…somthing that I struggle with also. Add to that the fact that in the world of gay men, your value as a person seems to drop sharply the furhter away you are from the six pack ab muscle guy or skinny twink…and the pressure to keep the weight off only mounts.

    Right now, the one thing that freaks me out is the realization that the ONLY way I will be able to keep this new body of mine will be to find a way to keep up my frankly insane workout regime. The idea of doing so is, frankly, not appealing…but its what one must do to get accepted.