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  • If any other organization in the U.S. had hundreds of peadophiles in it’s employ it would have no members and would be hounded out of existance by the government. The church is directly responsible for cover up of sex crimes, bribing and intimidation of law enforcement, and helping fugitives escape oversees. Whenever any priest says anything about politics the proper thing to say is “Did you rape little kids yourself or were you on the coverup team.” If we constantly attack the church, remind people what it has done, and remind people that to remain catholic is to give license to those crimes eventually the church will get enough bad publicity and lose enough members they will shut up about politics.

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    There are two things Democrats in Washington need to sort out.  They should have sort them out 20 years ago, but the waters seem to get muddier as time goes on. These are the two things that would have made the debt ceiling negotiations smoother because the Republicans would have known who they were talking too. Say what [...]

  • Now that marriage is increasingly being extended to gays, I’ve noticed more and more republicans arguing government should get out of the marriage business. Translation as soon as gays can get married we eliminate the tax benefits, dependent health coverage, survivor benefits, etc. The republicans should really just change the party’s name to ” are you in anyway differnent from me, then go F___ yourself”

  • The white house seems totally oblivious to one simple fact. To the republicans electing a black man as president effectively ended the country as we know it (well, as they know it anyway). The only chance they have at restoring white supremacy is to cause a national cataclysm. It also worth noting that no republican who does a deal with the black guy in the white house has a chance of survivng a primary. Remember in december when teabaggers screamed about republicans do a deal to extend the Bush tax cuts. Ya they screamed about tax cuts, the republicans can’t support any deal.

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    I often think that we threw out all the good stuff because the white middle class would just as soon destroy society as share with others. This thought is deeply unsettling to me. I did not know the last lynching occurred when I was 6 that it also highly disturbing. I want to know why [...]

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    I was born in 1981. So everyday of my life my country has been a little worse than the day before. My father was born in 1959, and I want the country he was born into back. It was a country where the government measured the economy by it’s citizens average incomes, not just the [...]

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    So far the republican primary season so far tell us a few things.
    1. Corporate interests are fine with obama and are not giving republicans the kind of money that encourage them to run.
    2. In the case of huckabee, palin, etc. Many prominent republicans are starting to see the base as an ATM as opposed to voters. We are starting to see some trying to gain popularity with the far right just to cash in.
    3. When gingerich and romney try to espouse conservatives solutions to problems (I don’t think these solutions will work, but coming up with solutions at least acknowledges government is part of the solution) they are getting pounded by teabaggers. The republicans are divided between those who want conservative solutions and those who want no solutions at all.

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    The right keeps winning because the left isn’t effectivly countering them. There are as I see 4 problems.

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    On every major issue in the last campaign obama now holds the opposite position from what he held during the election. On health care, offshore drilling , Iraq, gitmo, the bush tax cuts, even social spending obama has executed McCain’s campaigns position or a position even further to the right. We may actually have had more liberal government if we elected john mccain. If elections do not effect the policy that is implemented you do not live in a democracy.

  • My entire life all I have heard is rhetoric about how glorius the free market is, and how the economy would grow beyond belief if government would just get out of the way. How much do you want to bet on the day the government shuts down, and is out of the way the stock market nose dives. When all those corporations get the government tit yanked out of their mouths they are going to completely panic. Defense industries, health care, education, pharma, finance, and airlines not one of them would make a dime of profit without trillions in government money.

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    I live in wisconsin and I actually find it quite distressing how close it was. The unions and other liberal organizations went to herculean efforts to turn out the vote, and Kloppenberg barely won. I don’t think the finances and motivation can be sustained at this level long enough to win. On top of this it came out during the campaign that prosser had let a child molester off the hook, this means 50% of the people in wisconsin hate government employees more than pedophiles.

  • There were a large number of seats held by republicans for years in the northeast west, and midwest that democrats took in 2006 and 2008. In 2010 republicans in theory should have taken those same seats back. In most cases they didn’t. The republicans actually defeated a bunch of long term southern democrats. In AZ, NM, IN, PN, MD, CT, and NY democrats have more seats now than they had in 2003 when there were more democrats in the house. On the other hand they have less seats in MS, AL, GA, AR, LA, SC, and TX than they have ever had. This has less to do with health care (it is a shitty bill, but you have to be able to read to know that, so we can assume southerners don’t know that) and more to do with southerners purging the party that elected the first black president.

  • This is an insanely shitty strategy. Democrats running in alot of places don’t want to be associated with the party at the best of times, and, brother, this ain’t the best of times. There probably won’t be a single house candidate who doesn’t outperform obama in his district.

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    Sadly you’re right. The consumer economy failed in the late seventies, so under reagan the middle class sold out the poor, so they could keep buying crap. Under clinton the lower middle class got sold out with NAFTA so the upper middle class could buy more cheap foreign made crap. Well, now the rich have to destroy the upper middle class to keep things going. All those professors, mid level government employees, and the rest of the NPR class who have been telling themselves for thirty years an unrestricted free market can somehow work for everyone are getting a rude awakening.

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    One thing the left needs to remember is that the democrats have been completely dependent on big donors. They have abandoned the elected pary organizations because they would actually have to talk to some actual democrats. I was a elected central commiteeman for years and I think maybe 1 in 10 candidates running for office [...]

  • I am starting to wonder what the best path for the left is:
    1. Take over the democratic party, which will take years and the country may be done by the time we win.
    2. Support the current center right democratic party in a desperate attempt to save some shred of a society.
    3. Help elect a palin or bachman or trump, and just let the son of a bitch burn, maybe we can build something decent in the ashes.

  • I hate everything the republicans are doing, but I am so tired of moderates and swing voters being suprised. I live in Wisconsin, and I am so tired of hearing average people say “I thought walker was just going to cut taxes, I didn’t he would cut spending on education, parks, etc.” Walker promised to do these things that why I voted for Barrett. These articles should actually be headlined “Stupid assholes voted only for good stuff candidate promised to do, not the bad stuff.” That my friends is why I don’t write newspaper headlines, and why voters keep running back and forth between the parties. What the average voter wants is a massive republican tax cut combined with a liberal spending surge. They are utterly convinced they can have it all, but that politicians are just hiding the magic fiscal formula for their own ends.

  • If democrats take control again with the DLC crowd again, they’ll just turn around and lose again without fixing anything, and our national tailspin will be worse than ever. I used to read the DLC’s magazine they literally propose a tax credit to solve every problem. We have to focus on purging this idiocy from the party. Progressives have time on our side, the demographic shift ensures progressive majorities in the future, se must spent the time running centerists out of the party or the democrat brand or more broadly liberalism won’t have any credibilty.

  • I would really like it if our first black president would figure out that the republican party, a party who has unabashedly pushed white sumpremacy since goldwater, aren’t going to like him, period, end of sentence. Obama might try to please people who actually vote for him.

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    Obama only listened to health care economists who believe that the worlds most expensive health care system is so expensive because there aren’t enough market mechanisms even though it is the most market oriented system on earth. If he had talked to anyone who wasn’t given a Phd from an ivy league school as a [...]

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